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Most of us are working hard to build a life for ourselves and one of the fastest ways to do that is learn from those that are a few steps ahead of us. This show is all about finding those people and picking their brains to get the details.

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Latest Episodes

Published On May 5, 2022

No coding, no problem; this expert techie used need identification to create niche services that help people choose software just right for their business.

Published On May 4, 2022

Learn how you can start making digital media products for your business, and how it’s not as hard as you thought.

Published On May 4, 2022

Steven Werner is the founder of Monetize Your Tribe, he’s a renowned webinar and presentation expert, and he’s on the show today.

Published On May 3, 2022

Ryan Braves went from owning four businesses and having a successful life to losing it all after making some common business mistakes.

Published On May 2, 2022

Darius Ross used the lessons he learned growing up in the strife, struggles, and urban warfare of Chicago’s inner city to build a business empire.

Published On May 2, 2022

Imagine only working a 25 to 30-hour workweek, but being paid full time. This is the reality for the employees of my guest, Katelyn Magnuson.

Published On April 28, 2022

Tony got a business running in 4 months. He talks about how & why he did it. Tony and Christina talk about the pains of entrepreneurship.

Published On April 14, 2022

Stephanie Dalfonzo, author of Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom, & long-time practitioner of integrative hypnosis is on the show today.

Published On April 6, 2022

Imagine selling everything you owned to travel the world. Julia did, and it changed her outlook on life.

Published On April 6, 2022

Christina interviewed AJ Saunders. AJ took a blog with a low readership and increased its pageviews by 400% with a few simple optimizations.

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