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Most of us are working hard to build a life for ourselves and one of the fastest ways to do that is learn from those that are a few steps ahead of us. This show is all about finding those people and picking their brains to get the details.

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Latest Episodes

Published On June 22, 2022

Julie Jones helps teach you to live your best life now by inspiring entrepreneurs & individuals to take action in pursuit of their passions!

Published On June 17, 2022

Simon Severino makes a bold claim that he can double a business owner’s revenue in 90 days.

Published On June 17, 2022

Elizabeth has given control back to business owners by using an interview-style approach; business owners can share their zone of genius and business ideas without worrying about the wording.

Published On June 15, 2022

Colleen believes that if you are operating from our Zone of Excellence rather than our Zone of Genius you are leaving money on the table, are you?

Published On June 14, 2022

Carl practiced law for 30+ years and walked away from it in May 2021 and founded No Surrender. He made it his mission to help entrepreneurs be more physically active.

Published On June 2, 2022

Kim Doyal decided to “JustShowUP” and started turning everything into content. She captured moments that most would overlook and shared them. Let’s learn how she did it.

Published On June 1, 2022

Joe discusses how you can love the work you do and do it without burning yourself out. He also tells us how he helps business owners reclaim their valuable time and live the life they want.

Published On May 27, 2022

David talks about his amazing hot streak and what the sales were like at the end of it, and his take on what he thinks the future holds for cold calling.

Published On May 26, 2022

Christina and Destini talk about her thoughts on how to get someone to engage with your brand and how she feels about having a personal brand.

Published On May 25, 2022

Sonia helps her clients sleep better at night and spend more quality time with their loved ones.

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