055 — Atiba de Souza Helps Entrepreneurs Become Thought Leaders

In this episode, Christina talks with Atibe de Souza about how to use video marketing to help expert entrepreneurs become thought leaders in their industry so they can close more customers faster, easier, and better than ever before.

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hey busy business people I am here today with another entrepreneur taking action atiba de Souza atiba helps expert entrepreneurs become thought leaders by making video marketing easy fast and fun and I'm getting the scoop today on how he does it


hey okay how are you oh I'm doing absolutely fantastic especially when I get to be in a room with you again like come on that's awesome oh thank you thank you thank you now you know she says that but the truth of the matter is y'all have all listened to her so you know she's pretty darn special her and we're lucky to be in the room with her I won't embarrass her today with what we usually do when we're physically in the room with her but yeah find some of my social media and just look for the blue here you'll yeah I think that kind that kind of all over the place if there's a good reason to go visit ativa social and check out lots of cool stuff that he's got going on over there okay so diving into actual things about you instead of me what are like some of the biggest challenges and blockers when it comes to like experts trying to do more with video well we start with the one that people are going to say the most I don't know what to talk about that's usually the first excuse that you're probably thinking in your head when you think of video I don't know what to talk about now that's typically what you say because you're actually covering up the other excuse which is either I don't like how I sound or I don't want to look at myself on video okay those are usually the big three every now and again someone will come up with this this one which sneaks in if they say well I know what to talk about but I don't know the tech technology needed I don't cameras and Lighting and Sound and all this other stuff like I don't know that stuff but even if that's the one you're thinking of you probably don't like the way you look or sound on video I know Christina and I just were having this conversation I feel like I look real yellow today yeah just always always feel like there's something wrong with the way you look or something I get it yeah I'm always I'm always overthinking that like always always I feel like we've put more thought into what's behind us since Cove had started then probably any other time in our lives because we're on camera a lot more we're on camera for every meeting and we put more effort into what our backgrounds look like I've moved my desk around probably six seven times in the last year looking at like different background walls and then it's like do I want the window behind me or do I want to be able to look out the window do I want you know to be able to put a green screen up behind me or like I even had if I was turned the other way I had this curtain thing over here that I could pull that like I've got a curtain rod in my ceiling across like halfway across my room so that I could pull a curtain over behind me and control my background a lot more like we overthink this like way too much yeah we do we do and and we all do right but here's the reality your audience doesn't actually care because they get it their background's a mess too and I'm not saying to be janky don't don't get me wrong right like don't go shooting video in the bathroom while you're using it like that's don't do that too much of that that happens there is and it needs to stop but the reality though is your audience wants to connect with you and that's the thing that that we really try to help people understand is you're an expert in your field and you're an expert in your field because you've become really good at delivering whatever it is that you deliver because there's something that you've figured out that you can do that helps your customer be happier with what you do than anybody else in the world that's what makes you an expert right so you have that expertise and people want to hear about it and they want to hear from you about it genuinely from you how you really feel how you who you really are because they want to know that you care about them not just their wallet yeah now what are some tips that you have for overcoming some of those things because I mean we talked about what technology was one of them so like what's a tip for overcoming the technology hurdle um very simple you have it in your pocket or your purse okay yeah you have it in your pocket or your purse these things have amazing cameras on them absolutely absolutely amazing cameras okay so you can use these things to create great video oh but what about the sound they also have really good microphones you know there was a time when we used to put them to our air and talk on them so and people on the other end could hear us yeah so they've got really great microphones on them as well okay um actually let me see if I have it around here hold on the next thing that that you would mean I don't I don't have it around here unfortunately if you can't hold your phone or get a little phone holder can't be do it I just came back from a trip y'all yep Christina's got one yeah and I just got one that's like adjustable to different heights and so when I'm just kind of sitting at my desk and doing it I'll just leave it short and just pop it out and set it on my desk right here and just kind of film then I'm in my same kind of background and things like that thought about getting one of those like when you're walking around and having like the kind of swivel thing so it doesn't bounce too bad but honestly and I mean like I've talked to a bunch of people like people that run video ads and things like that and they said those ones where you're just like walking and you're outside and the phone's being all bouncy and whatever they're so authentic that like they perform better for video ads works better for video ads it probably works better for organic as well so absolutely and the thing about is you don't need all the fancy stuff okay you don't and I know it feels like you do because sure we've all seen cameras that's heck I was on one yesterday um up in in Ohio and I'm looking around and it was a trailer and I'm thinking they've got like 400 000 worth of equipment in here and we think oh my gosh we need no you really don't okay A little tripod like like Christina's or mine if I can find it it's like 20 bucks 20 bucks you don't need to spend a lot of money okay if you decide to get super super fancy with your phone because maybe you've got some background noise and stuff guess what Audio Technica makes a great little lapel mic that Clips Into Your Hooks into your phone for 20 bucks on Amazon as well 40 bucks that's all you need and if you don't have 40 bucks guess what hold a darn phone and just talk to it it's okay okay so if technology is your thing don't even worry about technology in terms of the video or the audio and then you say oh my gosh but what about lighting they see lighting is so important it is and I am sitting here with lights on so I don't want to be a hypocrite and tell you the lighting you don't have to worry about your lighting but guess what when I started I I tried I use that thing called s-u-n The Good Old Sun sure I couldn't record video at midnight okay I had to give up something all right I did like a little ring lot thing that is I was just a little clamp on my desk and it's got like white light yellow light a mix of the two we'll see that's full yellow white blend and then it's just got like some basic dimmer settings so that I can look you know completely transparent a little bit like Casper or I can [Laughter] look a little bit more normal and I mean like this is how much like this is like a tiny little ring light yeah and like look at how much of a difference this little thing is making just it doesn't take much like I was the same way like I was like I really was afraid of the technology piece and like not having the best background not having the right light and not having so it's like I mean 20 bucks little ring light I've got like a basic Logitech webcam that flipping everybody has nowadays and then I don't even have like the fanciest of microphones this is like mayonno or some brand nobody's ever heard of that's mounted on a little a little thing but I was like it worked I just couldn't bring myself to get the big expensive one like my audio is fine I got the little thingy arm thing the whole thing was like 30 bucks yeah and it's like a little microphone with the little thingy thing so that I can get it out of my way when I don't want it I mean it's I haven't gotten fancier than that yet and then my tripod and my phone so some social media platforms like the portrait angle better or I'm just talking so my phone is fine yes I fall into it more casual versus up here so and that's that's Advanced I didn't start with any of that yeah and that's the key that's Advanced folks mm-hmm you got it already just turn that sucker on so technology is your issue we just took care of the technology issue okay you don't know what to talk about people would love to say this one as well I don't know what to talk about let me just help you with this you've been in business and you're an expert that means that at some point people have asked you questions I guarantee it there's just it's impossible that you've not been asked questions just sit around take 15 minutes get a piece of paper or a remarkable two if you're Christina

just jot down questions that people have asked you over time just write them down any random order just you know I had this customer to ask this question great write it down then get the camera and turn it on turn it on

turn it on okay now in this moment after you get over this and before you get into the well what am I going to look like and sound like some people have a little fear that pops up and that one is always a really really fun one to deal with no sarcasm there either and that is I've never talked into a camera before and you get this this nervousness about I'm looking at our Red Dot and talking to a Red Dot okay yeah I get that so here here's how you overcome this one you already come come close come close come close I'll tell you how you overcome this one get your spouse get a friend or get a co-worker to sit on the other side of your phone and ask you the question and then just answer it look at them and just answer it and so then it becomes a conversation we just happen to have a phone between us that's recording it but it's just a conversation between two friends okay I recorded my first videos in 2007. 2007 and to this day when I get on camera if I'm not with someone like Christina right now if I'm just recording video I still talk to someone they're fictitious but I still imagine there's someone behind the camera asking me a question to this day I've been testing something after you told me that to see how well it works and it's kind of sort of working so far I recorded myself asking myself questions

there you go play in the question and then I'm answering it back and then I'm playing and then I'm answering I'm I'm still kind of like this is ridiculous but I'm testing it out and so far it's been it's keeping me laughing while I'm doing it too which is laughs I think but and that's also super important because the thing that that does for you there is it keeps you authentic right it's keeping me laughing because that's who you are everybody who knows because you're going to be laughing and having it you're and if you're not then we're going to wonder what's wrong with blue [Laughter] what's going on that's what happens when you build your business up as an expert and a thought leader though you get to choose who you hang out with all day long so I'm happy and laughing because I'm having fun hanging out with people that I want to spend time with all day long that includes like clients that includes who are on network with that includes you know every my employees my staff like there's not usually anybody in my day that I'm not having fun with you know and that's that guys is one of the side benefits that people Miss to creating video it is a huge side benefit that people Miss because your potential clients and get this your potential employees consume your content and before they ever meet you they know who you are and they know that they want to be around you they know that you're the type of person that they want to be associated with and that they're going to feel comfortable with I can tell I I interview people all the time and they'll say oh yes I watch this video and man you made such a great Point here or you made me laugh at this point I'm just thinking oh and like I really want I hear this all the time I really want to work with you because I really feel connected to you because of your videos it's a huge huge High benefit of creating videos right be yourself and employees like they love seeing that kind of stuff yeah be yourself have your blue here wear your Superman hats be your self be real and so that gets to the back end of where people get really frustrated or frustrated is the wrong word scared it's a better word with video I don't like how I sound and I don't like how I look okay yeah so let's deal with that comparison thing too right I mean it's like you're looking at all these other people that have like the crazy mood lighting and the you know like they've managed to get them light in the background is like dark and blurry and then they have like the RGB or whatever color like things going around all over the place it's like dude like that so I can't do that and like you work up to that I mean me and you both have our like personal branding and strategic component things now and we both speak on how important it is to be authentic to be yourself to be fun and be weird I'm doing it more from like a written word perspective like how can we write better blogs and websites and things like that and you're doing it more from the video perspective but that just goes to show that you really have to be holistically you know you're authentic like I get told at least a couple times a week that like oh I've thought about dyeing my hair for years but I was concerned I wouldn't be taking professionally or yeah I get taken more professionally because I they remember me when I walk in the room I think if I lost my blue hair nobody like I could just show up I could change my name and like hide the blue hair nobody would know who I was well and that's the that's the the beauty of being yourself right is they get used to you and who you really are okay and what you really bring and what your quirks are people know me because of the Superman hats right whether it's this one or I'm gonna make y'all laugh now or I bust out this

right but you know when you see a Superman hat it's me yeah right but it also gives you permission you have the permission to be you and that's that's the key you have the permission to be you but in those early days I get it you may not even know what that means because it took me a long time to even realize this was part of the me that I needed to to put out on camera right I was oh no I got to take the hat off and I gotta look professional I Gotta Wear a button down I am wearing a button down today coincidentally but um you know had those thoughts and let me tell you how you get over yourself early you all ready for this here's how you get over yourself early

get your question that you're going to answer put the phone up hit record hi blah blah blah blah blah blah whatever it is you have to say do your call to action at the end and if you want to reach me reach me all blah blah blah blah great boom there's a video hit stop the moment you hit stop go to your apps and open the YouTube app actually I think it's a YouTube studio app either way press a little button the plus sign button and upload the video right away that's what I had to do I to this day I don't re-watch my videos I don't really listen to any of my videos to this day time okay now I know the points that I'm making and so like I have a situation today where I was forced to re-watch a video because somebody took one of my videos on this submitted my staff and they wrote a social post and I read the post and I'm like

my honest question to them was where'd you get this material and they said from the video I'm like I can't believe I said that

and I had to go re-watch the video and realize I didn't say that

which is a whole nother issue there's a whole nother issue right but my point is

I even to to this day I don't re-watch my own videos or listen to them because I know if I do I'm gonna second guessing I'm going to say yeah no that wasn't good let's redo that and hit delete and I'll redo it and hit the league don't do it just uploaded trust me I started doing that after you told me that and it makes it a lot easier it's like every little bit that I've learned to do from videograds has been from a TiVo like if you see me out doing videos because he's encouraging me to go do more with video and I'm like okay he's like checking in with me making sure I'm doing it and mentoring me on it so it's yeah everything I'm talking about came from him originally a little bit of effort into what I'm gonna say though I'm like okay this is what I want to talk about these are the key points that I want to hit but mostly because like that's a pet peeve for me I hate watching videos where somebody just proselytizes for like ever I like it to be short sweet condensed and then tell me what the action is so me personally I do kind of have a gist like not a script per se yeah but I'll have like the bullet point some key points and like you might see me look away and then look back like I'm not too concerned about looking at the camera the entire flipping time because nobody nobody stares at the camera religiously if you're in a conversation with me I am not making eye contact with you the entire flipping time I will look away I will touch things you know so it's like yeah I don't worry about that so I'll have my notes kind of off to the side and then I'll you know I mean same thing over here I've got them over here right now just because while I know a Tiba really well and I know what he's amazing at I want to make sure that like I don't have a blonde moment and just be what was I trying to say and we just go way off in left field so by the way you have blonde moments you know you may have a blue moment but you definitely won't have a Blog that would be like the perfect kind of quirky now I was actually blonde as a child it's brown now but as a child I had like white blonde hair really well I I like to see some of those pictures but we could talk about that offline oh those are like way back in the day pictures with like the the little dresses from 40 years ago yeah yeah you know the other thing that I'll say to everyone if I could here is start yeah start okay um it's a little bit scary and I heard this a lot of years ago and I've tested it and seen it it takes about 40 videos before you actually find your voice so even when like Christina said just now you have an idea of the type of video you like maybe you are the one who likes to get on and just want to ramble and that's who you are there are people who want to listen to you and that's okay maybe you want to be more structured um even more structured than Christina said that's okay too because they're people who want to listen to you right no way is right or wrong and you can't really compare yourself but even within understanding that hey I might want to be more structured it still takes time for you to actually develop your voice okay yeah and that's something that you have to also give yourself leeway with and it's okay to change I'm thousands of videos in across multiple different channels and I still change because you've realized you know I could be a little bit more me if I do it this way when we grow and we evolve as people yes I mean even um I had the opportunity I'm a story brand certified God and business Made Simple certified coach so I've had the opportunity to talk to Donna Miller for a few things and I got picked for one of his like speed coaching sessions and I could have like one question you would coach me on it so I ended up asking like how do you find your voice how do you find your personality I was talking about written content not video but it's I think it's applicable still and he said what he ended up doing was there was this book that he liked to read that he really loved how that author sounded he liked how it was written and so when he was writing his books which are very well known have sold millions of copies at this point he would go and read a couple chapters from that and then work on writing him so every time he sat down to write he was reading a couple chapters he was emulating that other voice until he got comfortable enough with the process that like his newest one um Hero on a mission is mostly his voice he didn't use that tactic for that one but he was using it before that so I was like Wow who can I go use who can I emulate and it's like a lot of the people that you see are so high energy and I know that was one thing I've heard and you've probably heard this a lot too I know that it's like I am not a high energy bubbly like kind of person like I'm Not Gonna Come Dancing out on the stage with like Fanfare and like I just interviewed a guy from my podcast a couple days ago and he literally had confetti gun like virtual confetti gun and played music on cue and stuff he's coming out onto the stage for the podcast and it was like dude I mean it was cool I laughed it was fantastic but like that's not me right I can't do that so it's like imposter syndrome if you don't have if you're not that kind of energy so I found people that I liked that had an energy and they were a little quirky a little weird but not like way out in left field weird like Molly Mahoney's one that I love how she presents I love She's authentic she's human she's quirky she's weird and I love it it's fantastic yeah so it's like she's My Views at the moment while I'm making videos and that's a great point though you know and I'm glad that Donald Miller said that he did that with written stuff because I've always found that it was harder to do it written than video but you have so many examples so let me give you give y'all real life story of what's going on really really right now okay um I've not been on tick tock Christina so one Christina gives me credit and said hello he asked me so much with video we help each other with a lot of stuff yeah we push each other and it's good to have those types of people in your life so let's just take that pause on the side for a moment if you're in business you don't have those types of people in your life who are pushing you to get better then that's something that you need to fix too that was a PSA go back to directly scheduled program now right we'd be going back like when we were watching PBS when we were kids okay um but anyway you know so so Tick Tock is not a platform that I've used and Christina's been I mean man you gotta get on Tick Tock you got to do this and she sends me stuff and she's like all you got to do is create this little video and I'm just like yeah I don't really want to no don't like that but I understand the point that she's making and that yeah I've got to get on Tick Tock and I've got to find you know where I fit if you will and so we've done this exercise within our company I've got one of my social media managers and I said to her I said okay let's look at Tick Tock and let's consider what what the content is we're going to put on Tick Tock let's find some hashtags okay and we defined um we did some research in camera with about 30 hashtags and we narrowed it down to five and I said hey we're going to take these five hashtags and I want you to go find me five different and popular content creators and each one of these five hashtags so now I've got 25 different content creators who are creating content around hashtags that I also would create content around all video content right and we're gonna go watch them and we're going to watch them for inspiration as I try to figure out how I can be my authentic self on Tick Tock because I have a perception of what's needed on tick tock and I'm not going to shake my butt and dance and wiggle and jiggle it's not what I'm I'm just not going to do it I haven't done any of that either like I'm the same way I just I can't I mean maybe one of these days I'll get a little bit relaxed enough on video to be able to pull it off but yeah tick tocks definitely Tony Robbins is on there now yeah and so it's about I've had my own little hashtag that I'm using on stuff now and I mean it's gotten oh it was a lot of just views on my little tiny hashtag already so it's a great Point find your Muse on on in that platform and understand that what we're not saying to copy anyone else's this is not about copying this is not about plagiarism if we want to take it into true written terminology but this is about finding someone who you like and then taking the the essence of what they do and translating it cross walking it into how you can present it right not producing their content or reproducing their content but finding your own voice within that space yeah I mean my own little hashtag that I created superpowers into sales 6883 views cool and I mean I don't have like a big Channel yet or anything I've just been goofing off I've been posting like I've tried some podcast Snippets like hey repurpose content I know you help people do a lot of repurposing with their content I've tried some old Snippets of that that have worked really well I'm trying a tick tock ad for the first time ever and it's already gotten over a thousand views tonight figure out what's going on with that I don't know yeah I mean like I've only got 414 followers and I've only been oh goofing off with this platform for when did I do this first video oh there's a there there's oh there's one that I forgot to mention earlier and this usually happens after you publish your video this is usually what stops people from the consistency that it takes to continue publishing the video because you published your first video on a day where your mama wasn't available and you forgot to text her the link so she didn't watch it and nobody else watched it but then one view came in but you don't know who it was and you're thinking oh my gosh one View but you persevere through and maybe you publish a little bit more and we get to this place where we start to measure the size of our audience we start to measure the views the likes the comments no I'll take comments off but definitely diffusing the likes okay and we start to say you know I'm not getting any Roi am I getting the bang for the buck who's going to watch these videos that I am producing and that's one of the biggest Killers to why people stop and so friends let me let me submit this to you if I could okay here's reality his reality if you publish a video tomorrow and we get you a million views on that video it's the greatest it goes viral you get a million views and then over the next 12 months those million views turn into absolutely nothing in your bank account versus you publish videos and you're going to publish over time maybe it takes you six months of publishing videos and maybe you you have very small audience fine well one of those people that you're talking to authentically that you're answering questions because these are questions that people are really asking okay so now we get into a little bit of strategy here you're answering these questions and people are finding value even if it's just a few people in the answers that you're giving and one of those people decides to pick up the phone and call you or submit a form on your website or if you're in Christina's World complete your quiz funnel

right reach out to you on LinkedIn and that turns into a sale tell me what's worth more

yeah what's worth it we're talking about thought leadership with expert entrepreneurs too you're not trying to sell 27 trinkets you're trying to sell you know five to fifteen thousand dollar VIP days you're trying to sell you know a five to tenk a month program you're trying to sell a 20K year Mastermind like you're not selling trinkets you're selling your time which is expensive and limited you're selling your team's resources that's built on your expertise the things that you've learned and honed over years like you're not selling cheap things people may hang out in your space for years trying to be a better customer for you like I've had people that were literally in my space for like two years because they got my pricing and they're like goals right they want to hit that point where they can because they know it's worth it and they're not going to ask me to come down and be cheaper because they know this is reasonable this makes sense and they work on it so I mean and I know we have a friend that's been doing video and it took him four years before he really kind of dominated it and got it nailed down which I know sounds scary and intimidating but I mean it's you're putting content out that's used in a bunch of different ways I said I know we've talked on repurposing and you actually help people repurpose but strategically where you're filming longer videos and chopping it up versus the like the type of repurposing I'm not a real big fan of where people are just like let's go find one minute Snippets out of the video and it's like they they end When the Thought doesn't make sense and it's just to get that one minute snippet out it's like you do it the right way which is really cool thank you yeah you see that a lot that you're irritates me so bad when it's like I'm watching a video I'm like this is good this is good it's like

where's the rest of it so and that's one of the the most interesting things that that happens unfortunately so let's let's not you've published your videos okay and now you want to get the biggest bang for the buck and that's what we're talking about with repurposing and and this is the key guys because if you really wanted to become the thought leader that your industry needs you to become right so I I need you to hear that it's not about being selfish because you want to be a thought leader it's because it's needed in your industry because your customers need you to be a thought leader that's the reason to do it okay in order to do that it isn't just once you get past okay I shot the video and my phone's upside down let me do that right

right and that happened since I've shot listen I can't tell you how many times I've shot video and there was no sound my microphone was off listen you're gonna screw up it's okay but my point here is you shot the video you put it up you're happy and you move on you go to the next one but putting up in just one place isn't enough anymore you have to repurpose that content now I am not putting down any agency out there so don't share that in this way however if you create content and send it to someone else who does not understand your industry who does not understand your voice who does not understand your brand who does not understand most importantly your customer and ask them to repurpose your content you're going to get back something that could be good and it could be subpar okay only beyond that it's some of your superpower too right like thought leadership has to happen slightly differently you're not just putting out like a ton of videos for the sake of putting out videos you're doing it to position yourself as an authority if you chop out the wrong segment of a video or you put it up on the wrong platform and somebody who's evaluating you for a stage like a big stage like a you know career making stage is looking at that they're gonna be like what the heck you know but then you also have a deep background in SEO so you're looking at okay how can we look at the video from the angle of getting you in front of the right people as well as you know making you look like the thought leader that you are as well as getting you ranked well on search and on YouTube and things like that there's so many different components to each of these videos like look at just this interview and how many questions we've asked how many topics we've dived off on and like if you cut each of those into a standalone piece versus like Hey listen to Achieva Talk video marketing listen to ativa talk about how video marketing makes you more of a thought leader listen to how a TV talks to you about how to do your technology for your video and those are all Standalone pieces yes like I'm looking at it from like the content perspective and like what all I can do is writing but like I know you're sitting over here looking at what all the videos

like there's so much content in all of that there's emails there's social posts there's blog articles there's videos on YouTube there's Instagram reels there's Tick Tock videos there's Facebook you know stories and things called stories instead of reals Facebook posts LinkedIn posts like and Technology like restream where you can go live without going live she can like go live recorded content put it out it it's crazy when you have a good partner like a diva that can help you actually work out what's the best strategy for where the video goes right I've been watching him for years now and like that that advice is solid I'm fangirling a bit I'm sorry I had to get on my little soapbox and fangirl for a minute okay thank you but you know that the keys there though guys is you gotta start you gotta start right what we do is we help you with strategy figuring out what you should talk about when you should talk about it and then making sure that we take all of that and we repurpose it well to make you look good to make you the thought leader that your industry needs you to be

yeah okay and we can't do that we can't help you no one can help you whether it's me or anyone else because I'm not at all saying I'm the greatest in the world we do a good job thank you Christina for fangirling but you know hey we're not the greatest either but the thing is no one can help if you don't get started

and that is him absolute absolute key you have to get started pull out the phone and get started do your first 10 videos let's talk do your first time videos and let's talk and the thing that we're gonna we're gonna talk about and I'm sharing this with you because if you're going to talk to me this is what we're going to talk about and I'm sharing this with you because if you decide not to talk to me and you decide to talk to someone else this is what they should talk to you about as well number one who is your audience

who's your audience what are they going through what are they where are they not what are they where are they when you meet them and what's the transition that happens what's that after state that they're going for why are they looking for you so so much why why is what you do for them so valuable okay so what is the pain the problem the issue that they're solving up front and then what is the joy that they're looking for in the back end it's super important that they understand that it's super important that they ask you that and you can communicate that with them we help you if you don't even know have those answers we help you figure those things out because when we're creating video for you it's all about a journey that the customer is on and we're trying to figure out where they are knowing where we want to get them to and how we help them get there how we step them through the process

oh wow you're showing up and answering their questions and that's what makes you a real thought leader

it isn't just that you put out great content and you sound really smart is that you're willing to answer the questions that one everybody else is willing to answer but then two that no one else is willing to answer

and you're willing to be honest with it that's why we talk so long about being transparent and just being your authentic self because when you have to deal as you go through this journey with with harder topics

if you aren't your authentic self your audience will feel that

and that's not where you want to be at all okay so we start off talking about your audience once we understand your audience it informs your content strategy now we know the content that you need to cover on video and we can create strategy around that and yes people want to talk about video SEO it's a big thing and Christina thank you for mentioning it even it's a big thing SEO it's a big thing everyone wants to talk about it but guess what SEO is crap if you don't do the first two yeah it's absolute crap and I'm telling you this I've been in the SEO industry for 25 years

I know the technical ins and outs and do's and don'ts but it's crap if you don't do the first two and that's written or video that's one of the reasons why and and Christine and I love each other so much because we understand that process that we're going to help you reach your customer understand their pain points and the transition that they need to take whether it's written or video however we're communicating that's super super important super important before we get into talking about hey how can we get this video to rank or to go back to what we talked about earlier how can we get more views on this video and we don't care about Morpheus we care about the right views yeah we care about proving that the people who are viewing it actually have the pain point and the problem that we set and what the solution that you offer

yeah well I think it's a great segue to wrap up the episode if somebody's trying to get their first 10 videos or they're trying to like they've been doing video but they know they're not doing it right or consistently or whatever the I'm not doing what I should be doing with video excuses and they want to get some help where do they go okay so you have two options the first one is reach out to me directly listen I want to talk to you let me let me just be be straight up let's have a conversation let's talk okay and you can reach me on LinkedIn um ativa de Souza on LinkedIn I think there's only one other and that's my son so okay if you see a much younger better looking version of this without a Superman hat that's my son

the one with the Superman hat that's me right uh but yeah no send me seriously send me a DM on LinkedIn let's chat like if if you're facing some of those fears that we talked about up front let's talk about that because I know it's real and I know what you're facing and and what you need more than anything else in my humble opinion is a hand a handout that you can take to say hey let me show you the way let me guide you through this to get you going okay so reach out to me directly let's talk now if that's a little too intimidating and I understand it it can be I can you're sending a direct message to a stranger on a platform and you don't know what's going to happen I get it if that's too intimidating go to my website client attractionpros.com

okay go to my website clientattractionpros.com check us out check out my YouTube channels but most importantly most importantly I've got a free gift on there once you get there scroll to the bottom of the page I got a free gift on there just for you go ahead get that that will help you get started

and then after you get started a little bit reach out to me and oh by the way if you like my website Christine Christina [Laughter] Shameless plug nah that was awesome yeah guys I highly encourage you to reach out I mean ativa can help you break down where to get started he helped me get started um so I think it's you know you never know what you're gonna get when you reach out to somebody and ask for advice but it's always helpful whatever advice you get is always going to move you forward further than if you didn't have that conversation so I highly recommend reaching out and thank you so much for coming on today there's been so much good information here and I hope people are doing their videos when you get done with this or reaching out to you because it is so important you're welcome and and y'all make sure to hit Christina up because you know you've heard her say how long we've known each other the first time she's had me on herself so I was trying to get my show good enough for you that's why I waited so long would you be one of my first people because that'd be sad if this was good let him know that you want me back I want to come back well I have to get you back after you get off that stage at TNC so you can share with my audience that experience oh absolutely absolutely no seriously it was a pleasure um all folks aside all crying aside uh silent Christina before we started Taping that you know I used to be a thespian so that's where the crying came from if it didn't look believable then you know why I'm no longer a thespian


for coming on and entrepreneurs this is your call to take action head over to ETA today.zone to learn from other amazing experts like ativa still their nuggets of wisdom and build a business that enables your lifestyle instead of taking over your life until next time goes bye bye


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