058 — Rachel is on a Mission to Ignite Resilience, Connection, Engagement & Compassion in Teams

In this episode, Christina chats with Rachel Drickenmiller about her mission ti help organizations, leaders, and teams, ignite resilience, connection, engagement, and compassion.

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hey busy business people I am here today with another entrepreneur taking action Rachel druckenmiller Rachel is on a mission to ignite resilience connection engagement and compassion in organizations leaders and teams and I'm getting some advice from her on how you can unmute and grow your business so stay tuned [Music] all right Rachel thank you so much for coming on today I know you get to speak for lots of people and motivate lots of big teams so thank you and welcome thank you for having me I love having conversations with other entrepreneurs there's just something magical about kind of being you know in that space and in that community I know you come from like you know parents like both your parents are entrepreneurs right so like how did that influence you and lead you into building your own business I think I think first and foremost I had the gift an unusual gift that a lot of people don't have which is that I never saw my parents hate work so I grew up with this perhaps delusional expectation that work should be something that people enjoy and I just didn't have the expectation that work should be something you slog through until you're 65 and then you start living your life like that just was not my model growing up and so I had every expectation that work should be enjoyable that work should be purposeful that it should be meaningful and that it should not be something that I dread and so that was a gift my dad as long as I've been alive has never worked for somebody else he's worked for himself for over 40 years and then my mom launched her he's a Management Consultant and then my mom launched her own business as a financial planner almost 25 years ago and at a space where very few women right are financial advisors I think it's less than 12 percent of all financial advisors even now or women and not only does she do that work but she does it on her own you know so that was my model of it is possible to basically make up what you do and then just find people to pay you for it it's not an entrepreneur is uh that is a really great way to look at that I know that's like one of the things that we do when I'm advising businesses is you know we take away all the products and services that they sell and it's like what do you actually like doing who do you like working with and now let's invent what you're going to do to help them so I think yeah that is fantastic I love that I don't think I've ever heard anybody put it that way I love that it's amazing [Laughter] oh man so I know one of the other things that entrepreneurs really struggle with is getting motivated right I know you shared something with me before we hit record that was like how to find your motivational type or something it was like a quiz thing like would you mind telling us a little bit more about that yeah there's an author um Gretchen Rubin who's written the book called The Happiness Project and she came up with this quiz called the four Tendencies and essentially the the question at the core of that quiz is how do I get myself and others like to to do what I want basically you know and so there's these four tendencies that she outlines and the four types is essentially like our response to expectations and the one type is the upholder and there's somebody who responds to outer and inner expectations so it's like okay I want to make sure I please myself and I want to make sure I meet the expectations of others then there's a questioner and so they'll question everything until it makes sense to them and then and then they'll do it so a lot of their expectations are internal and then there's the obliger who's like okay I'm gonna meet I'm gonna meet the external expectations but it's hard for me to impose something on myself and actually stick to it and then there's the rebel who's it says expectations I don't want to meet any of them whether they're internal or external I don't want them and I think a lot of entrepreneurs are probably wired to be Rebels which is why they don't work for somebody else so just knowing that about yourself is helpful so for instance if you're somebody who doesn't meet external or even internal expectations well this is where like a coach comes in and can be really helpful so I have you know I have a business coach that I hired a year and a half ago and he's been really helpful in in just positively impacting my business and helping me with the internal and external stuff you know he he really gets at what's going on inside of me personally and then helping me get clarity around how do I set up structures and systems and play books and all that kind of pricing models and stuff that I you know don't really like doing that's not like the fun part of Entrepreneurship to me figuring out how do I charge for this and well you know but having that person for me is a source of accountability and I know that I need that because it's easy for me to just say oh the client needs this thing done I'll get that thing done but I want to be working on my book and when's the last time I picked that up like two months ago you know so having accountability I know that I need that externally because I can override my internal needs to meet external expectations so just so there's a quiz you can go online and you can we can put it in the show Notes too of just the four Tendencies quiz we can just Google for Tendencies quiz and find out what your type is to have a better understanding of how you respond to and handle expectations and communicate that to team members too I think that's really neat I know getting motivated is something that so many people struggle with and it's you know there was one thing it's like a dieting thing like brightline eating or something weird but she had this one little quote that just kind of stuck with me she's like you don't have to be motivated necessarily you just have to be committed because if you stay committed then eventually the motivation will come right like it's hard to be motivated when you're doing something you don't want to do when you're doing something new when you're getting outside your comfort zone and then you're trying to commit to that day after day after day it's not going to be very motivational you know unless you do something and you experience like this immediate quick win you know that's part of why people struggle with like diets and stuff yeah you know it's a big change rather to make a big change and it's not fun no until it is you know the first time you get on that scale and you're like the lowest you've been in two years or you know and then it's like Yay score yes but uh yeah that one stuck with me I don't know why it just it's like being motivated is always a really hard thing to do especially as entrepreneurs right we stay busy sure we're constantly constantly busy and it's like whenever we end up with like free time like we build up our systems and our processes and we have free time and then we go find something new to do yeah like let me I'm bored right like the the right sort of the life of an entrepreneur is like we get bored easily right it's like I want to do something else I want to create and it's like squirrel right like squirrel squirrel squirrel shiny penny syndrome and we can exhaust ourselves by doing that I for sure fall into that camp which is why again coaching is helpful because it's like okay yep we'll deal with that but what do we need to deal with right now like well yeah we'll get to that okay but right now here's the priority so sometimes having somebody else when we can't focus ourselves having somebody else Focus us can be really helpful and and really and really powerful for sure yeah absolutely I know it's just it's so easy to get distracted by stuff and that leads to burnout and it leads to just frustration and just feeling like you have to take everything on you know yourself like what I know you like you teach you advocate for people to speak up and like unmute which is something that really really really speaks to me in part of why I wanted to have you come on today because it was like I was sharing with you before the call that that's part that changed my life literally pressing unmute on Zoom calls changed my life because I was going to like digital marketer coaching calls and you know they have these accountability things and I wasn't doing my homework until I wasn't going to the call because I didn't want to be called out by teacher and uh I was like I'm just gonna I'm just gonna go I'm paying for it I'm gonna see if it's worth it I'm just gonna go and I did and I turned my camera on and I unmuted yeah literally and participated in the conversation and it has changed my life I mean that was a year and a half now probably two years ago and the friends I've made just from doing that and then speaking up you know it's like can you speak to that a little bit just the power of speaking up and like why you should do it yeah of advocating for yourself I mean as somebody so candidly you know I feel like somebody might see we see people in different spots in their life and we're like oh you've always been that way right and we make an assumption and you know I've always been somebody who's spoken up for things when I'm um like I haven't done it relationally but I've done it like in school I was somebody who in you know my sophomore year I was like our summer reading program sucks and and everyone hates reading and that defeats the purpose and I wrote a proposal when I was 15 to the heads of the English and history departments and told them how I thought we should change the program to make it so that it didn't defeat the purpose of what I'm sure they were intending which was you know getting people to like reading and I saw at 15 that I could use my voice to advocate for something and they actually changed the program they changed the structure of it they changed from one voice of a 15 year old wow so I saw things like that I was like oh I can have an impact I can influence things um but then I didn't speak up when I felt like my feelings were hurt or I felt left out or I felt excluded which happened a lot and that took a while a long time for me to be able to communicate that I was you know if I was hurt by somebody or you know if I had a need that I wasn't expressing so for me burning out five years ago and getting mono was something that shifted things in me because I made me realize in a really strong way that I could not keep doing everything by myself I had always been this person that I wanted everyone to think I could handle it and I wanted everyone to be impressed by me and I wanted everyone to think I had it together and that I was competent I knew what I was doing and that I had all the best answers and then I had all the best ideas and I just heaped this pressure on myself over and over and over again until I got to the point where I just could not handle the weight of that pressure or expectation that I had put on myself nobody had put all that on me I put that on myself we have to acknowledge that as entrepreneurs what are you putting on yourself honest be honest with yourself what are you putting on yourself and what are other people putting on you and I started to ask for help I started to open up I started to share when I was struggling and it totally shifted my speaking um the nature of what I did as a speaker because I was finally willing to be vulnerable in a way that I previously would have been like mortified to share the inner workings that I didn't want anyone to actually see or know about but that was the thing that actually helped me you know move forward as a speaker because people found it to be relatable you know imagine that the very thing I was trying to not connect over was the very thing that actually people were going to connect with me the most you know so I think being willing to ask for help being willing it took me a year of well it took me let's see I launched my business September of 2019. it took me until going through the pandemic going through a a car accident where I was hit by a truck and fractured my back in May of 2020. it took me until February of 2021 to hire support a year and a half after starting my business in the midst of all that craziness and I'm like why did I wait so long like why you know so it's like we wait it's like oh it's not the perfect time I don't know if I have the money to do what it does to free up your mental capacity to hire somebody that can take on stuff that you should not be doing is tremendous it's you know it's a game changer to have somebody doing the things that you don't want to do and frankly should not be doing like and trust them if you're going to give them a process let them come up with a new way to make the process even better if that's not your skill set if you're not an operational person give it to them and say hey you know what whatever I've done to this is probably more complicated than needs to be I trust you to simplify it if we can get the same outcome like that's what I do with Melissa as my assistant and I I trust her I mean I go away on vacation I check out I don't check my emails when I'm on vacation I say if it's a fire drill absolute emergency you have my phone number the past two years on vacation I've not gotten a call no because I said the expectation all right I find you know what I find astounding too is that once you hire someone you still have just you're still just as busy most of the time and it's like how was I doing everything I'm currently doing plus everything that I delegated to them and then you have your next person and it's still kind of the same and for me it was like person number three is where I actually started getting bored again where it's like okay I have time I can go do other things now and it's like what was I doing that was like four people in it like I don't know how I was getting it done I really don't know it was that was a fascinating thing to me but it was amazing as I started hiring people and letting them really trusting them too that was a huge difference like once I started trusting them to meet with clients without me to have conversations with clients without me and then I was like the first time I didn't go to a meeting I was just kind of sitting here and like I know he's meeting with the client right now I hope it's going good yeah and then it was like a client I know really well um so I messaged him when it was over and I was like so how do you do so

yeah it's like that kind of stuff is just fun to me it's just fascinating like why we put that off for so long exactly what you said like why do we put that off for so long and then being honest it's like I don't know about you but you know when people ask me for advice and they don't tell me the whole story and I I can't give them the best advice and it's so frustrating for me yeah but then I found out I was doing the same thing when I was asking other people for advice and I wasn't willing to be vulnerable I wasn't willing to share like okay but maybe I'm in this situation because of a few bad decisions that I met or might not have made

don't judge me I know it's like we're so afraid to be judged or I think especially when we're with our peers right that makes it even more challenging because it's like I'm around people that I want to you know respect me that I want to get along with and I think I'm in like this unique perspective where I work with people to build up their personal Brands right we help them like we help them write their books we help them do more with like blog and social and that kind of thing and so I'm getting to get behind the scenes because it's like what is your big mission what is it you're like setting out to do in the world and we get to talk and we get some of their story and things like that and I get that vulnerability yeah and it was like these people that are I admire the heck out of them that I would have never thought that they ever had trouble like they seem like a business genius from day one right they just had it they knew what they were doing they were rocking it nothing ever could have possibly gone wrong then or now and then I get to see that from them and it's like oh so this is normal yeah I'm normal I'm not crazy I'm not bad at this

yes that is just fascinating to me just utterly fascinating it's true it's like everyone struggles people are just better at hiding it you know well I mean some people think it through it a little bit easier or they they managed to they're they've already like discovered this trick of being vulnerable and asking for advice and getting the good advice instead of the bad advice because you didn't tell someone the whole story and so they get through it faster I think it's probably the biggest difference between like some of our mentors and things that we look at it's like oh man you know I want to be you when I grow up like I'm almost 40 years old and I still tell people a lot like I want to be here when I grow up and some of them are younger than me you know and it's like just I don't know it's fascinating to me that it's like they've already figured some of this stuff out it's not necessarily that they're you know that much better at business or they're more experienced right but maybe not necessarily that much better they just they figured all this crazy stuff out about hiring people and taking time off and asking for the right advice and being vulnerable and finding the good people to talk to and I know we uh you even mentioned that you had hired a bad coach yeah like you've got a good one right now that's moving you in the right direction but you've done the bad coach thing too so I mean like what was that like well I knew I needed a coach like I was sort of scrambling this was in um let's see the late summer of 2020. so it's about a year after I launched my business and I was like there's certain things I just don't know I haven't read any sales training you know what I mean like I came I was the director of well-being at a benefits consulting firm and I made that job up too and uh I was an intro I was an intrapreneur before I was an entrepreneur and I I knew I wanted to hire somebody to help me to grow my business in ways that I didn't know I didn't know right like there's that conscious unconscious incompetence right there's stuff I'm like there's things that I kind of like know that I don't know or conscious incompetence things I know I don't know but I don't know what those things are and so I want someone to work with me to help me kind of figure those things out and so I hired her and the way that it worked was like it was a three-month contract and so you had to hire her for three months and then you had to pay that up front and you couldn't there were no refunds which at first I was like okay and so we would meet every week and what it started to feel like very quickly for me like she taught me some helpful things about a sales process like modifying things in my sales process and I created a document that I use that for and then she ended up using my documents so it's like who's who's coaching who here this is weird um that helped modify and improve my sales process so I got to yes or no more quickly with clients which was basically I would have the discovery call with them and then I'd put the proposal together and then we would schedule on the discoveries call we would schedule the proposal walkthrough call and so I wouldn't send it to them ahead of time which like they probably wanted but I would on the spot I would say you know take 15 minutes I'd walk through the proposal I'd walk through the explanation and say Here's how we arrived at this number such and such and then I would send it to them as a follow-up and just find out what their timeline was for decision making so that way I got to see their like response it was good for me to practice saying the numbers on the phone in real time which for most of us is grossly uncomfortable and now because my schedule is like busier than it was two years ago I do a modified version of that where I record a loom video and I walk through the proposal in a loom video that's like five minutes so that they have full context and that way they it's like saves me a phone call um I do feel like I got to yes or no more quickly when I just did it in real time but anyway so she did help me have some insight around certain things like that but I got to tell you within a couple calls she said I've never had a client that's had such organic growth in their business of people just coming to them without them like reaching out like I've never worked with thinking to myself so why am I hiring like why did I hire you if like I'm already doing more than any client you've ever worked with like I started to think to myself and I started to dread the calls I'd be like Ugh this call like I have to I have to like give her an update I felt like I was you know it was just like an update meeting like a status report meeting is what it felt like and I was like this is not coaching so I got to the point where I was so hard right where I had to break up and I just reached out I said appreciate these things about what you've done we had a phone call I said but I just am not really I finding value and having these conversations and I feel like it's just me giving you an update and so I ate the cost of the final four to six weeks which at the time sucked because I was basically just in my second year of business I didn't have like a ton of extra money to just like let you know let it be eaten but I didn't want to waste both money and time so that decision I time I made the decision to stop with the coaching and then I got my time back then I got an hour back a week in addition to the mental and emotional expense that I was you know putting forth dreading those conversations and so I fired her basically and ended it amicably and we you know it was it was very it was uncomfortable but I think honesty is always best just being honest and kind I don't think we'll ever regret being honest and kind and then it was you know a few months later I was talking to a friend and I and she she actually just said I need to introduce you to somebody that's two my favorite people you need to know each other you need to connect and I had a call with this guy's name's Chris I had a call with him and we had a great conversation and I wasn't hiring to cook we were just getting to know each other and he asked me some questions and send me a responses to these questions I sent him the responses over and and he was just really helpful you know that was his approach as to being really helpful and he said um and uh and I asked him I said would you like coach somebody like me like do you do this and he's like yeah that's like what I do and so then we started working together and so now every other month every month we have two calls and then I send them stuff in between the calls and I say hey this opportunity came through how should I approach it you know um and you know by by doing that I'm getting I'm sort of saving myself that emotional energy and freeing that up by letting him think about it and give it back to me you know so that I'm not spending my time you know focusing on things that are not the best use of my time and I go to a coach and ask him so it's been really powerful it took some time you know to find a person who was the right fit almost two years but it was totally totally worth it and such a great decision to have made I mean that's important I think when you're hiring a coach like it has to be somebody that you fit with emotionally that you fit with personally and that you fit with you know from a career perspective like I said like you know the first one she had you know had never worked with a client like you it's gonna be really hard for them to help someone that they've never worked with before like that style that goal or whatever and then personality is so huge yeah I mean you have to like working together and I think that's really important but I love what you did because I feel like sunk cost bias is something that causes us to put a lot of time energy money effort into things that we've already purchased and you're like yeah this is painful but we're just not going to invest money emotional energy and time into this like if we can let the money go and get back the time the emotional energy and I feel like that is so important so I'm hoping our listeners really picked up on that like go back again and again and again and again until that sinks in because I feel like that is so important we do this with like everything we do it with tools we do it with networking programs we do it with courses we do it with like all kinds of stuff that we invest into and we're like yes I'm gonna like get value from this it's like you don't you can get value from the fact that you didn't get value from it right to know hey that didn't work for me like okay what I learned what I learned is that I don't or even like I was asking her to help me I know what it was I was asking her to help me like figure out how to make certain systems more efficient and then I realized I don't want to make systems more efficient I want to hire somebody to make systems more efficient so like I did get clarity from working with her and then two months later I hired an assistant you know so it wasn't a waste I look at the experience and I'm like it wasn't a waste it was more than I wanted to pay for what I got but at the same time it was just part of the process and I think that's part of Entrepreneurship is just recognizing that I know we hear this a lot it's cliche but that it's it's it's not a failure if you choose to learn something from it and so I could be like oh man I just wasted a several thousand dollars on that no you didn't that was part of your process to getting Clarity to the coach you ultimately ended up with and to the assistant that has really helped you to transform your business you know so it wasn't a waste and I think we'll have less resentment and bitterness if we can look at a hard thing and say look there's a podcast I listen to I recommend anybody here at listen to that my coach turned me on to called The Daily stoic um with Ryan holiday and he's written books like ego is the enemy and Stillness is the key and the obstacle is the way and he talks about a lot of the work of of the stoics right of people like Marcus Aurelius and some of these you know philosophers and a lot of what one of the things they talk about is like you know sort of like loving the hard things loving the things that didn't go well not just the things that that did because the things that didn't go well ultimately be a building block or be something that gets you closer to getting Clarity on what does work or what you do want or to have greater appreciation for what you what you do have you know so that would be another one I'd encourage folks to check out if they're looking to create it's a daily podcast and sometimes episodes are like six minutes and it's just a good mindset reset for the day to um to not get caught up in the emotion of something but to just have more of this Willing Acceptance and having a more grounded perspective approaching the day

I think thing that I see that might be kind of the flip side of that sometimes which I mean absolutely 100 agree with everything you said but I've also met entrepreneurs that take it like sorry that take it like way way too far and now they're like investing in all kinds of things and using the excuse that they learn something from it to justify a bad investment because it's like we don't always like I think a you have to one of the things you said was you have to intentionally choose what you're going to learn from it you have to like look and you know introspectively be like what was it I actually got from this experience some people don't do that and they're like yeah I bought into it but um it didn't really work out you know you learn from that now I know that that doesn't work and it's like okay but that's that's not good enough to keep justifying ongoing bad Investments you'd be more Discerning what I'm hearing you say at the root of that is really like be Discerning like my discernment I don't know it's the most technical or scientific thing one of the things I use for discernment is I notice what I feel pulled into so I noticed from like an emotional even a physicality like when I signed up for a professional speaking program four years ago I was sitting in a room and I literally felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest and I felt compelled like you have to sign up for this it wasn't it wasn't just like a fomo thing it was a this is going to be a catalyst for you and it was that training was the Catalyst that made me realize I wanted to leave my job the group is called heroic public speaking and you know six months after enrolling in the program I told my boss I was leaving and three months later I left and I've now coming up on my coming up on my third you know year anniversary of of running my own business but there have been other things where I've been on the fence like there's another thing another Mastermind that I was talking to a friend about that she's got tremendous value out of and I had one phone call with their team and I just I left feeling like I don't know if there's anything that I feel like you know people say if it's not a it's not a heck yes it's a no and recognizing that sometimes procrastination or hesitation can be a form of wisdom so if like you're holding back on something you're not moving forward is it really like capital r resistance like Stephen pressfield talks about in the war of Art or is it really that there's this inner wisdom that's saying this isn't for you or this isn't for you right now and being able to discern that like is this for me first of all and is this for me right now and is this the most important thing for me right now or is there something else so those are some questions that I think people could even just Journal about or reflect on or think about to get more clarity and to better discern what steps they should take um going forward

well and I think part of it too is like does it serve your goal because I mean when you were talking about it you're like hey I knew I needed a coach so you hired one coach and you knew kind of you learned what you were looking for so you look back on the experience and you're like okay I still know I need a coach but I don't want to feel like I'm doing check-ins I don't want to be coaching the coach like this is my expectation for so you ended up taking that you're like this is what I need coming out of it with okay this is also what I don't need and then walking into that with the next relationship with your coach so you were on a path to finding the right coach and I think that's cool but we run into people that are constantly buying courses constantly buying into challenges and doing paid webinars and going to all these trainings and all these different things they're not getting any value out of them because it's just serial purchases they're not spending the time to actually go through the stuff to actually figure out if it makes sense to actually learn anything from it there's like yeah I bought this course like it was only two thousand dollars you know the fact I haven't watched it yet taught me something that's like well just knowing that about yourself like I don't do well with self-guided stuff I do not I will not put the time on my schedule to do it it's not saying that I'm lazy I just know that about myself but if something is live so like for instance I've signed up for like a LinkedIn boot camp right that I've been in for I don't know maybe just over a year and a half and there's courses that are recorded and I know they're great but I haven't watched them but what I do like are the weekly calls where we get together for an hour and we get to ask questions in real time that are relevant or find out the latest updates or that kind of stuff I make time for that in my calendar something like that's an hour I know I'm gonna do it well I eventually pull out and do pieces of the online course that's recorded yeah but I don't have any sense of urgency around that but I don't want to miss the real-time stuff that's most relevant to me so just knowing that about yourself like I don't do really well with with courses that are pre-recorded some people love that some people are like I will absolutely do it I know I'll commit to it I'll put it in my schedule to you know go in and watch those videos for 10 minutes or whatever and I know that right now that's not the best way for me to learn and so knowing that about yourself can help you make better decisions about what you sign up for and so for me I just know that if something is live and in real time I will get more out of it than if it is recorded like helpful yep I'm the same way especially if it's like a library of resources like when I first signed on with digital marketer you get like this huge library of just hundreds of workshops and courses and certifications and trainings and it's over like I'm not gonna go through all that I looked at and start with and I'm like oh that one might be cool and that one might be cool and that one might be but it just doesn't work until I'm like in a call and somebody says oh you should watch this training specifically because they tell you exactly how to solve that problem and I'm like oh okay I'll go watch that one now and I'll watch it like three or four x speed but I'll go and that's a great Point too right like recognizing look when I listen to podcasts they're always at 1.2 or 1.5 like you know I it doesn't have to be a 20 minute podcast it can be a 13 Minute Podcast

yeah oh I've even got a Chrome extension so that I can Speed videos up even faster than what it'll allow you to do in the thing so like there's some people that when they're talking like Donald Miller I can put him at like five five x five and a half X because he just talks so slow normally that it's just that extension just so anybody is including me uh I think it's just like video speed

video speed for Chrome it'll like put it in there and it just let you hit like the plus or minus buttons on your keyboard and you can just be like until it gets to work

so it's like most people I can listen to it at least 2x there's only been a few people I can't make it up to you know two or three on but it's like it that helps me a lot because it makes you pay attention because you're just like yeah what are they saying and you just you have to focus to keep up with it at that speed so I'm invested and it's over with sooner so it works for me but that's the only way I can do the pen recorded stuff and it's like I got a little ruined on that after a little while because then I would go to live things and I'm like I need to speed you up this is like painful I know people are like usually telling me to slow down because you talk pretty fast but um

oh I went through the like some of the dollar Miller training like story brand stuff like that when I was becoming a story brand certified guide and I had to like watch some of the recordings and things and I was like I went through all of those and then we had the live things with Donald war and I it was so painful because I was like I've had you at like 5x for like two days and now I'm like oh please like I'm trying really hard not to fall asleep and be like that one student in class it's just like

a bad student but but it's a struggle yeah yeah he's a Greek I don't mean to pick honestly Donna Miller's like he's a great guy brilliant yeah and like he's absolutely fabulous in person has given me some amazing advice but yeah oh man when you struggle to pay attention to people when they're talking

will put you through your pace I know we're kind of coming up on our time here and I want to give you a chance to kind of tell people like what do you do how do they get in touch with you like what's your what's your place so I love working with organizations and associations as a keynote speaker I'm often brought in someone will say we need someone to energize engage and connect and be interactive and we really mean interactive not just you know what I mean like there's there's we've all been to experiences and it's not hokey and it's not kitschy and it's not cheesy you know like we've all been through that too um genuinely meaningful and valuable interactive experiences that are actionable I'm really big on three things when I speak and train um storytelling so back to Donald Miller like everyone connects to story I don't care who you are everyone connects to story so compelling storytelling um evidence-based insights because the the part of me that's really logical and rational wants to want and questions things wants proof and so and I often work in spaces with really technical people like in accounting or engineering or with software engineering or I.T consulting or finance and banking like these are very left-brained people that need that kind of evidence and so I get that so I integrate that in but not in a way that feels like you know let me click through another chart and data point I do it in a way that's accessible and then actionable insights so that people walk away they have an experience in the session they walk away and they're like oh my gosh I can use that right away that's the goal I mean if you go to these sessions and you walk away feeling temporarily inspired and then a day later you're like well now what now what do I do with any of that I like to be somebody that people walk away from experience with me and they say oh my gosh I have the now what and I feel really inspired and I've had people walk away from experiences and change jobs or ask for the support they need or have conversations with a significant other or book a vacation or go for a promotion like people leave these experiences and they do something and then they tell me about it and so that is really what gets me going so I do a lot you know in corporate across a variety of Industries I mean I've really worked in everything from Healthcare to education to um to training and you know it and um and finance I mean kind of across the board to manufacturing like you know what's kind of kind of runs runs the gamut and um I also do leadership training and facilitation so again for groups that are looking how do we build engagement how do we Foster more intentional and thoughtful leadership how do we build more resilience all of these things are at the core how do we connect more effectively to ourselves and each other that's like really at the core of of what what I'm doing and so you know whether that's with a group of leaders or women leaders or emerging leaders um I just I love doing I love doing this work and seeing the transformational impact of it and uh so yeah so that's that's how I do it keynote speaking Workshop facilitation and Leadership training around some of those topics

well that is absolutely awesome and so what can people find you quickest easiest way is LinkedIn I'm on there a lot posting things that I hope will be thought provoking and inspiring um and sometimes sometimes singing to people as you know um and then on my website is unmutedlife.com and then I'm on the same on Instagram that my handle is at unmuted life so those are some places to to go to get started and I know both of us we love hearing messages from people like so if someone you know listen to this conversation send us a message we don't think it's weird people are saying this is weird I don't want you to think I'm strange no we'd love to know that you were impacted by something so email us or message us or tell us you know if you found value absolutely

absolutely I think it's one of the like craziest hacks that I've ever learned to meet people that I never thought I would be able to meet is just literally send them a message like if you read someone's book send them a message and tell them what you thought about it if you you know reach out to him on social media and tag them in a post in fact this is absolutely amazing or you know even replying back to emails because you know everybody's got we all send you know bulk emails out to everybody on our list we all do it and start replying to those you will have some of the most crazy inspiring conversations that you've ever had just replying to somebody and being like this is really interesting what made you decide to even like think about talking about this or whatever and just ask a question and it is a truly interesting conversations that happen so even the people that you think you wouldn't ever get the time of day with will answer you if you're like hey I listened to your thing and it was amazing and it helped me and I did this or I read your book and it was amazing and it helped me and I did this yeah yeah it's been I love that that's motivating me to do something that I've I've pondered doing for the past three months and I just haven't like taken a step to do it there's somebody there's an author that I really use work I really love I love Dan pink stuff and he's local to me relatively he's in DC I'm in Baltimore and so I've read his book The Power of regret earlier this year and I've read some of his other books too and I'm just gonna I've I've thought about just sending him a video letting him know what I thought about the stuff and he loves getting T-shirts from universities or colleges and my alma mater has a very weird mascot called the green terror and um it's like a monster that's very scary creepy looking but uh and so I thought about like I'll just record a video so that's my commitment my commitment so everyone listening make a commitment as a result of listening to this don't just listen to this and walk away and do nothing my commitment is I'm gonna send that video to him and say hey be on my LinkedIn live show because I want to talk to you about you know I think you're fascinating and I think you have something to share about unmuting ourselves that's my show every other Monday too I have a show called I mute yourself on LinkedIn live um every other Monday so if someone follows me on LinkedIn they'll find out about that yeah all right awesome I love that that's fantastic I will I'll let you know laughs

oh well thank you so much for coming on today this evening I enjoyed it I think it'll be helpful again we again trying to be actionable so that people can walk away and actually do something so definitely let us know if you do something as a result of listening to this conversation thanks

absolutely thank you guys until next time make sure you go out there and build a business that enables your lifestyle instead of taking over your life bye guys [Music] thank you

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