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[Webinar Notes] The Challenge Guy — Pedro Adao Shares His Challenge Model

by Christina Hooper.
Last Updated on February 5, 2021

I was lucky to get in on a FREE webinar with Pedro Adao where he shared some of his top challenge secrets.

The information in this article is my quick takeaways and notes from this free training. I HIGHLY encourage you to follow Pedro and learn from him if you think challenges can help your business.

The pitch at the end of this webinar:

If you saw this training and have more to share about it that I missed, please share it in the comments.

They explained this training as...

The Challenge Guy Pedro Adao , Shares Why His Challenge Model Has Become The #1 Marketing Strategy For Launching, Growing, Or Scaling Your Online Business.

Now Is The Time To For You To Learn The Super Simple, PROVEN, REPEATABLE Challenge Framework That Pedro Shared At Traffic & Conversions 2020 (The Biggest Marketing Event In The World) Which Made This All Possible So You Can Crush Your First Or Next Challenge

One Primary Goal for This Webinar

By the time we are done, you will be 100% convinced — beyond a shadow of a doubt — that your best shot at winning in 2021 is with challenges.

He believes that your life can absolutely change if you learn this one thing. Instead of spreading yourself across all these other things, put your focus on challenges and you will get ahead.

Pedro says he didn't invent challenges, but he did up the game. It has helped him experience more impact, fulfillment, and financial abundance than he could have imagined because of this Challenge Framework that showed us today.

Success Stories

Pedro shared some of his success stores with Tony Robbins, Digital Marketer, Grant Cardone, Roland Fraiser, Eric Worre, Pete Vargas, Dean Graziosi, and more.

The biggest takeaway from this section of the presentation that these people had access to THE marketing toolbox — THE top experts in their fields — ALL the resources they could want to do anything they want.

They implemented this challenge framework that he created and saw amazing success from it.

What is a Challenge?

"Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care."
— Theodore Roosevelt

  • Time Bound Experience from 5 to 90 days. Right now these are mostly online experiences. Less than 5 days is a masterclass or workshop — a challenge should be longer.
  • One Primary Outcome or Problem that your challenge is going to solve. They are looking to overcome a current problem or find the pleasure of a new reality — pain avoidance or pleasure seeking. Most people are more motivated to avoid pain. However, entrepreneurs are more driven by the pursuit of please.
  • Prospects are Committed to Take Action. When they sign up for a challenge, they are agreeing at the outset that they are going to take action. They are expecting to get to the result they are looking for. They expect to do things, to have homework, to be made uncomfortable, to have to work — because they want the result. "No application, no transformation."
  • Live Daily Actionable Training. You can't leave it at the concept or education level. You have to give them something each day that they can do to move forward and make progress towards to the desired outcome. What can they do to get to the outcome you promised. You can prerecord it, there is software that will help you do that and make it look like you're live — BUT that is more work. In 2021, the world is living on Zoom. Pedro encourages you to overcome that fear of being live and just do it.
  • Issue Daily Assignments. Give your audience daily wins. These micro wins help them build positive momentum and rebuild their self confidence. Rebuild their believe in themselves. Most people have tried and quit on themselves multiple times and they don't feel good about themselves. It's your responsibility to make sure they can find trust and belief in themselves. They show up and take small actions every day. "Action creates belief."

Why are Challenges So Effective?

A well-designed and well-executed challenge shows your ideal customers two important things.

Prove how much you care

By showing up for them live every day and helping them. Imagine doing a 30-day challenge and you are there for them, showing up for them, every day of that 30 days to help them. Even if they don't like you, they can't question your commitment to them, your commitment to serve them.

Deliver Results in Advance — 

You get paid money for the value you bring to the marketplace. "People will exchange dollars for your breakthrough." If you want to create wealth, you need to create value at scale. You are delivering results in advance.

Reverse Risk to the Buyer —

You can be yourself and let them get to know you. Share your expertise and show that they can trust you to help them and solve their problems. Be real about who you are. They get to spend time with you, to learn from you, before investing more with you.

The Marketing Science —

The top gurus tell you if you want to win online, you need to do a few key steps. Pedro says most of these steps aren't really working for people right now either.

A well-designed challenge accomplishes every marketing objective you could possibly want to accomplish AT THE SAME TIME.

Pedro Adao ‧ The Challenge King

Step #1. Build an Email List

use a lead magnet... something that you can give away for free to get their email. This is an ethical bribe to get their information and permission to contact them. From there, the strategy is to email someone to death until they buy from you.

Pedro says most of the lead magnets out there are garbage. You are putting money into ads to show people how little you care because you're giving them something worthless.

Pedro skipped this step. He's never spent money on advertising to a free lead magnet in the conventional way. His free challenges are the lead magnet.

Step #2. Acquire New Customers —

You create a TripWire offer or low ticket offer with a video sales page to get someone to buy their first thing from you. You put all this time and energy into long sales pages.

Pedro skipped this step. He's never sent people to a sales page like that with an offer like that. It's a waste of time and money. The paid challenges are a great tripwire offer.

Step #3. Consume the Stuff and Get Results —

Now you move into nagging them to use the thing they purchased so they get results from it. 

Pedro skipped this step too. Pedro says most people buy the thing for $7 or $17 and now you're in the bugging people business telling them to go look at the thing they bought. 

Step #4. Selling Them Something Bigger —

People are using webinars to sell people on something bigger. There has been training on doing webinars for over a decade — but the success rate of marketing is going down and not up.

Pedro skipped this step too. Webinars are hard to do. It's incredibly hard to take a 90-minute webinar and take someone that doesn't know you and teach them something valuable and get them to take the next step is crazy hard to do. He's never ran a webinar to get them to buy something.  The challenge does this for him.

Step #5. Create Customers Who Are Loyal and Buy From Us Over and Over Again —

Of course this is something we want. With challenges, you've built rapport with your audience. They want to hear from you. You can reach out to your audience on a regular basis and send the hottest traffic to your sales pages and offers.

You can't have excuses and results — you have to pick one.

Pedro Adao ‧ The Challenge King

See the Path to Crushing 2021

Most entrepreneurs are failing on the struggle-bus because they are modeling what they see successful people do. They are trying to do too much for too many people.

Successful people are doing a lot of things, but they didn't start there. They started by doing one thing for one person and doing it really well.

That won't work for most of us because we don't have their fame. We don't have their audience. We have to start somewhere.

There is no Technology Holding You Back

  • You need a Facebook Group — Free.
  • You need a smartphone with a camera — you can go into Facebook and type one sentence — "Who wants to join me for [Thing] in 5 minutes?" and click the [Go Live] button. "Your financial future depends on you hitting that button."

Pedro's 8-Figure Pro Tips

  • Decide to be the #1 player in your niche — something you are so passionate about that you can love what you do.
  • Cut through the noise by carving a niche so tight only you fit in it. There are people that you are uniquely gifted and qualified to serve. You can do things that the big people in your niche can't do. They can have your cell phone number and be more relatable.
  • Crush challenges quarterly / monthly.

  • This is So great! I wish I’d have known about you before spending so much time in the ridiculously long, uber-pitchy live sessions! Your recap & notes have all the value with none of the annoyance! Well done.

    • Thanks! He is very passionate and a bit long-winded isn’t he? But I LOVE the concept of running challenges. I actually signed up for his Crush it with Challenges program that starts tomorrow. I think I want to use a challenge to kick off the launch of my new venture… ETA (Entrepreneurs Taking Action) — Accountability, Technical Support, and Coaching to help you Get S*** Done.

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