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T&C 2020: 35,000 in a Community and 3.5M Dollars in Revenue Later: The Secrets of How to Build Communities That Sell

by Christina Hooper.
Last Updated on May 8, 2022

This article is part of a series breaking down the top takeaways from the key speakers at T&C 2020.

What Was This Session All About?

Are you a Facebook fan? Do you have a Facebook group or want to create one that generates revenue? Rachel Miller has done it, and she has the formula to help you do it, too.

At T&C 2020, Rachel gave a presentation revealing her system for making millions in revenue through her Facebook group. From the invitations you send to how to keep people hooked, she’s got an answer for all of it. 

But, before we dive into what she said, let’s take a look at who she is.

Who is Rachel Miller?

  • CEO and Founder of Moolah Marketer
  • Named the “Facebook Guru” by DigitalMarketer
  • She has helped 34 of her students to reach over 10 million people on Facebook
  • She has 48,000 people in a community and 4.2 million in revenue
  • You can download her slides from this presentation at

What We Learned

A Story About A Football Teammate

She was a schoolteacher in a small town and called one of her students a moron because he was too devoted to his football team. He wanted a tattoo after his team won a game, and his parents told him no. So, he branded himself with a cattle prod because he was so connected to his community. His team was so connected because they wanted to have their jersey number on their bodies for the rest of their lives. That’s the kind of connection you want. 

The Loneliness Epidemic 

The loneliness epidemic started before COVID-19. People are lonely and want a sense of community. 

Rachel hit her numbers in followers and hit her numbers in revenue because people don’t want to be alone. Therefore, anyone can make a Facebook group and drive revenue. 

Your Pyramid Starts with Trust

It starts with trusting your audience. Every community needs the elements of trust, people, and sales. If you have one or two without the other, you don’t have a solid community and audience. Your business won’t last without them. That business has many layers. 

How? Rule of Seven

Engage with your audience seven times. Then, after that, you need people to have a community. By just having people there doesn’t mean you are making an impact yet. 

Sales mean impact. People see a transformation when they invest their time and money. People do this when they see a result in their lives. And their investment creates an impact on your life. 

“The first follower is what transforms someone from a lone nut into a leader” -Derek Sivers.

So, your first people are your most influential people. 

Four Levels 

1. Leads

This is when people join your group and give you their emails. People answer questions when they join your group. Then, their requests go in, and you can approve their request. But, in the questions, you can get their email address. 78% of Rachel’s audience give her their emails. 

2. Engage

You can engage with roll calls, matchmaking, threads, and real-life meetups. You want the type of audience that comes in and brings their friends in. 

3. Connect

This happens when you see two different people talking. You want to connect them to you and each other. Friends see friends connect to you and each other. Roll calls, matchmaking threads, and real-life meetups help you connect. You need other people than you to talk about your product because people know that you’re going to talk it up. After all, you’re selling it. This doesn’t have to happen with people who are already friends. You can create connections. 

Welcome new members to your group. This tactic makes them feel welcome, and it increases the chances of them converting. 

Welcome Questions

  • “Raise your hand if…” posts 
  • “Are you a…” 
  1. Introduce

Talk about their favorite topic with the announcement posts. The easiest way to get people to talk is to get them to talk about themselves. 

Create Tag Chains

You want your group members to be friends with each other. So, you can ask open-ended question replies or ask them to find/friend each other. Talk about their success to another member so that they can connect. 

Engagement Goals (For Groups)

You want micro-reactions, three-liners, and tags. You can use PostDeck to help you create questions. 

You want them to create a stack of engagement. These give signals to Facebook and signals to each other that they’re essential. The more signals that people give to each other, the more they connect. The more reactions someone has, the more they trust each other. 

  • Share over messenger
  • Long commitment or with a tag
  • Share of the content
  • Saving the content
  • Fast comment
  • Likes or micro-engagements
  • Time on page/Scroll stop

You can do this even if you’re the only person in your area that is interested. People have done it in isolated areas.

4. Commitment

People do this when they trust themselves and trust other people. 

Commitment comes when they believe there is a solution, the solution works, and they can make a difference. Celebrate the wins of what your people do, even the tiny things. 

Ways to Celebrate (And Organize)  Wins

  • Hashtags
  • Topics

You want to have the entire group. The whole group comes when you have traffic. Without traffic, your group can’t grow. 

Traffic: How Do We Grow Our Groups?

Facebook will grow our groups for us. 


These can be sent by you, by your people, and by your page (if your page is connected to your group). When they’re invited, they see the questions, including the one with the email.

 Invites to a group can make a person feel special unless they’re not the ideal person. So, don’t invite everyone. 


Ads are dependable traffic. Ads can go to a landing page advertising your group. You can create custom audiences for people, too. 

You know it works when Facebook sends you people. Facebook will refer other pages to you. Then, you don’t have to worry about growing as fast anymore because Facebook drives you. 

Don’t accept everyone to your group. If you accept everyone, Facebook will think you don’t have a specific type of person. 

The Steps of Selling

  1. Start with your page. Collect audiences. Invite the active. 
  2. Grow your group. Collect leads with welcome questions. 
  3. Stack engagements. Get people talking and tagging with photos, videos, and conversations. 
  4. Show the wins, and collect the wins. Show and collect them, big or small. When they see this, people believe it’s possible, and they want to sell it. 
  5. Sell. Believe in the solution and themselves. 

You can sell in five places.

  • Cover
  • About Description
  • Events
  • Announcements
  • Topics

You can’t sell if there’s no one there. You need the whole pyramid. When your group is transforming, you’re making the world a better place. 

What Do You Think?

If you have watched this session or are familiar with Rachel’s work, I want to know what you think. Leave a comment or share a story below.

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