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T&C 2020: The Ecommerce Super System (Copy The Same Blueprint I’ve Used To Generate Over $103M in the last 4 Years!)

by Christina Hooper.
Last Updated on May 8, 2022

This article is part of a series breaking down the top takeaways from the key speakers at T&C 2020.

What Was This Session All About?

eCommerce is more significant than ever, and if you’re like most of us, you want a piece of the pie. But it’s hard to know where to start or even where to keep going. 

Ezra Firestone is one successful entrepreneur who has been highly successful in running an online business. He discussed the types of ads he invested in, how much he invested in ads, and his process and strategies. 

But, before we dive into what Ezra had to tell us, let’s take a look at who he is.

Who is Ezra Firestone?

  • CEO of Boom! By Cindy Joseph
  • Shopify and Entrepreneur Magazine have recognized him as a leading eCommerce expert. 
  • He has founded multiple brands with millions in earnings. 
  • He leads a team of 105 employees while traveling to share his knowledge with the world.

What We Learned

Big Problems We Face and What to Do About Them 

  • Scaling Ads Profitably
  • Money/Funding
  • Hiring.Sourcing/Training
  • Diversification
  • Growth Plateaus
  • Life/Work Balance and Overwhelm 

So what do we do?

This is what Ezra learned from $27,700,000 in spending from $98,000,000 in revenue from one offer. He spent $22 million on Facebook and generated over $1 billion in impressions. 

The game is won or lost on the backend of the business. 

Go All In On  Expansion. 

You must have more than one thing. You need at least one upsell. You’ve got to be able to get people to buy from you repeatedly. 

Go all-in on Email

The average person gets 150-200 emails a day. They do not see most of the emails they receive. So, send emails 3-4 times the amount you currently are sending. 

Ezra’s team sends content emails. Once a month, you should send emails related to personal experiences, topics people are interested in, what they’re talking about, etc. Then, once every 4-6 weeks, you should be selling products. 

Buttons and GIF animations also get high click rates, so Ezra’s team uses many of those. 

Run a Sales Campaign

Run a sale campaign every 4-6 weeks. Introduce a new product, discount an old one, or do some sort of sales promotion. 

Go All-In on User-Generated Content

Ezra’s team goes to their past customers and says, “Hey, listen. We’ll give you $10 if you send us a video or selfie showing our products, and talking about why you love them.”

Then they use those videos and pictures on their landing pages, in their emails, and their advertisements. They’re the best assets they have. 

Product vs. Story

Most people only talk about their product, what it is and why people need it. They don’t talk about the story, which consists of who and why. Who are you selling to, and why are they interested? 

Mobile vs. Desktop

Most of your traffic will be mobile, so you need to make sure the mobile user experience is optimized and that your pages load fast on mobile. Make sure you don’t have as much content on mobile as you do on desktop. Just make sure you have a mobile-responsive and mobile-optimized website. 

There is a Perfect “Top-Line” to Spend Ratio

Ezra believes 15-30% of the top-line should be reinvested in amplification. You are advertising it the fuel that drives your business. You have to set your budget and spend it. 

Halo Effect

Most businesses don’t make it to seven figures until years 3-5 is the halo effect. Every year you build assets. You have customers, emails, etc., that build on other things. Consistent investment is critical. 

You Get What You Put In

Most million-dollar companies make enormous profits because they have a premium product or a truly great product. The product’s job is to live up to the promise you are making. 

Main Dominos for 2021

Domino 1: Product

Sixty-six percent of Ezra’s sales come from his top product, and 33% of his sales come from upsells. You need to continually be launching and promoting your current product and new products. Ezra uses a product-launch sales product, using ads and emails to get people to opt-in,  thank you pages, give early-bird specials, and has had a launch site. He builds anticipation for events. 

Hacks for Re-Releasing Products 

  • Reformulations
  • New components 
  • New sizes
  • Back in stock emails
  • Bundles/Kits
  • Make new products

Domino 2: Top-Line Video Ads

There are more people online than ever. We need videos to perform well. Ezra’s favorite video is Love-Demo-Love or the “testimonial sandwich.” It consists of a face-to-camera testimonial, product promotion, and then another face-to-camera testimonial. 

Ezra looks at his process in an inverted period of three elements.


  • Drive awareness by targeting “cold audiences” that are unaware of the brand products through paid digital advertisements and search engine optimization
  • Target new customers across social channels through top-of-funnel strategy campaigns that leverage branded content with pro-age solid messaging. 
  • Focus on Facebook given alignment with BOOM! Consumer demographics
  • Educate potential customers with impactful content in the format of pre-sell education articles or videos followed by product demonstration, and then a testimonial, such as multi-tiered customer journey drives increased conversion 


  • Retarget customers that have viewed advertisements, visited the site, clicked on product pages or abandoned carts but have not purchased, or “warm audiences.”
  • Utilize email campaigns (if email captured) with the welcome flow and content drip campaign
  • Incentivize purchase with initial discounts once a customer clicks on the product page and employ abandoned cart flow to drive conversion
  • Increase average order value before checkout with upsell opportunities
  • Provide a personalized customer journey with leading site navigation, customer service, and education 


  • Utilize post-purchase email flows, including shipping information, education, and requests for customer feedback and user-generated user-generated user-generated user-generated content
  • Engage “hot audiences” with regular emails and advertising campaigns focused on content, pre-sale offerings, and other BOOM club benefits.
  • Implement dynamic cross-selling and upselling algorithms to increase sales among returning customers and to keep BOOM! Top of mind
  • Drive “brand engagement” with educational content, the BOOM! Blog and recently introduced BOOM! Ambassador program
  • Employ win-back campaigns for lapsed customers. 

Building Blocks of Top-Performing Ads

Image Ad Type 1 (Top to Bottom)

  • Question
  • Answer
  • Content CTA
  • PPCOB Ad (Person, Product, Color, Overlay, Border)
  • Mobile (Square) Canvas (Mobile 1:1 ratio)
  • Controversial question 

Image Ad Type 2 (Top to Bottom)

  • Question
  • Content CTA
  • Ambassador Image of Product on Mobile Square Canvas (Mobile 1:1 ratio)
  • Content CTA

Video Ad 1 (Top to Bottom)

  • Social Proof (5 stars)
  • Social Proof talking about how people love the product
  • Social proof with your text above the video as a headline
  • Mobile Square Canvas (Mobile 1:1 ratio)
  • Curiosity Builder

Video Ad 2 (Top to Bottom)

  • Social Proof with Customer Testimonial
  • Social Proof of 5 stars
  • Social Proof of Ownership Benefits Statement 
  • Social Proof showing people who love the product
  • Content CTA
  • Mobile Square Canvas (Mobile 1:1)
  • Benefit Statement

Video Ad 2 (Top to Bottom)

  • Social Proof: Customer testimonial of product used by intended type of person, in the intended environment, showing how the product works, face-to-camera
  • Social proof: Five stars
  • Social Proof: Customer testimonial. We let the customer say we’re fantastic before we say we’re fantastic. 
  • Ownership Benefit Statement
  • Mobile Square Canvas (Mobile 1:1)
  • Ownership Benefit Copy

Video Ad 3 ( Top to Bottom)

  • Benefit CTA
  • Affirmation Statement
  • Controversial Statement
  • Content CTA
  • Controversial Statement

Video Ad 4 (Top to Bottom)

  • Value Claim
  • Benefit Statement
  • Affirmation Statement
  • Content CTA
  • Question CTA

Domino 3: Pre-Sells

Ezra drives all of the content from an image ad or a video ad through a content article relative to the life experience, the problem of their customers, and the problem that the product solves. 

You need pre-sale articles to work. Once your video ads work, you need to start writing them. Sandwich pre-sales between your video ad and your product page, email them to your list, put them in your abandoned cart and post-purchase automation sequences, use them during your sales, or use other great ways to promote. 

Ezra puts different articles out there, and the ones that perform he turns into pre-sale articles. He uses product-specific articles about top-line awareness products, auto-responders, sales events, direct to list as content, and retargeting.

Domino 4: The Smart Social System

He calls this “The Engage and Filter Method,” where he creates content (articles, videos, etc.) and amplifies the content on Facebook and Instagram to anyone who has ever seen him before and too cold audiences. He filters these people out and runs sales ads on them. He also does social contests, giving people more opportunities. 

So, this system includes engaging content, social contests, and email lead generation.

Final Thoughts

Don’t quit too soon. Most people don’t give themselves enough time. Give yourself five years instead of one year. Don’t worry about making millions of dollars; if you love what you do, you are successful.

Follow Ezra on Instagram @ezrafirestone

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