Zoom Meetings Review: Video Conferencing for B2B Service Firms

by Christina Hooper.
Last Updated on May 8, 2022

Remote working was already on the rise before COVID changed everyone’s definition of normal. 

Not too long ago, video conferencing was a luxury for only very large companies and executives. Today, businesses of all sizes are investing in virtual meeting solutions that enable them to meet with employees, colleagues, and customers.

Now, more than ever before, companies are embracing new technologies to help them continue their daily workflows with minimal disruption & keep things running smoothly. 

Digital meetings have become crucial for B2B service providers to make telecommuting more human and help keep workers connected.

You’ve probably already started researching software options and maybe even tried a few yourself. 

Zoom is one of the best communications tools available on the market today. It offers a consistent user experience and has excellent tools that work reliably. 

We’ve been using Zoom for several years in our own business, so we built this guide to help you quickly decide if Zoom is the right fit for your needs.

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What’s the Best Way to Use Zoom Meetings?

Zoom Meetings is a cloud-based service that provides businesses with video conferencing software. It allows you to host one-on-one or group meetings. You can utilize it for audio conferencing, or use webcams for video conferencing as well. They have both free and paid options for meetings.

Sales Calls

One great way to use Zoom is for sales calls. You can show a potential customer/client what your product or service can do for them or their business. It gives you the chance to showcase your products and provide examples of scenarios where your product can be most useful.


If you’re sending a quote to a client, why not use Zoom? They can ask questions and talk to you face to face about all of the elements in your quote.

Client Meetings

Zoom allows your clients to talk to you and see you face to face. When you are trying to get a client to take that next step with you, it helps if you can see each other.

Staff Meetings

Keep your staff connected and up to date. Zoom allows you to keep everyone on the same page with important work so you can maintain client satisfaction. You can use Zoom to have meetings with all of your employees or each department to make sure everyone is focused on their target goals and doing their part.

"At Zendesk, we use Zoom for all of our video conferencing. We have offices in London, Dublin, Manilla, and Singapore, and we’re all now on Zoom Rooms. It was easy to get started, easy to get set up, and we did." — Chris Rouge, AV PROJECT ENGINEER [source]

Pricing for Zoom Meetings

Make sure to check the pricing page for up-to-date information, but as of the writing of this article here is what the price plan looks like:

COVID Promotions

As Forbes was the first to report, Zoom removed a 40-minute meeting time limit on its free Basic accounts for students and teachers at K-12 schools in America. Zoom partnered with Clever, a sign-on service widely used by U.S. school districts to enable schools who don’t have access to its service to get it quickly. It also dropped meeting time limits for K-12 schools in a growing list of other countries impacted by COVID-19.

While Zoom is not running any business promotions right now, they are giving you the chance to get extra help if you are not familiar with Zoom. Take a look at the things they are offering.

Pros and Cons of Zoom Meetings


  • Has a basic free option
  • Integrations with Google and HubSpot and others like Microsoft.
  • Zoom Meetings can do registration pages for meetings so you can use it for a low-cost webinar option if you don’t mind some of the limitations. With Meetings, you don't get some of the more advanced features like email reminders, question and answer boxes, and PayPal integration to do paid meetings.
  • However, you do still get some features that you wouldn't expect, like registrations, polls, and in-meeting chat. Meetings also allow you to have all participants on video instead of just the panelists. You can even mute attendees or kick them out if they are disruptive.


  • Prices can be high for small businesses.
  • Zoom has innovative features, such as white-boarding, polling, and remote control, but users report it can be challenging to use.
  • Users report poor, unpredictable video quality, video on Zoom is often blurry and pixelated.
  • Limit of 40-minute meetings on the free plan

Quick Recap

Now that you know all the most essential details about Zoom Meeting let’s recap what you learned so you can determine if it’s a good fit for you.

  • The best ways to use Zoom Meetings: Sales calls, quotes, client meetings, and to keep your staff connected.
  • How much it costs: Free for up to 100 participants with three paid versions costing $14.99/month per host, or $19.99/month per host with a minimum number of hosts per paid plan. Visit their website for the most up to date pricing information: Zoom Meetings Pricing Page.
  • “Is Zoom Meetings right for my business?” The answer to this question depends on the needs of your business and your budget. To find out if Zoom Meetings is the right tool for you, schedule your free phone call with our experts.

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