Loom Review: Video Recording and Sharing for Business Coaches

by Christina Hooper.
Last Updated on May 8, 2022

Finding a simple to use video recording software that won’t break the bank just got easier. 

Camtasia and Adobe Captivate have been the go-to's for professionals in the past, but Loom has made those options less desirable with its free Chrome extension and desktop app.

What is Loom?

Loom is a free screen recording software that allows you to quickly and easily record and share videos with your colleagues and clients. For professionals seeking advanced recording and editing features, Loom offers affordable paid versions with all the extra features you need.

“People remember 95% of what they watch, but only 10% of what they read.” [source]

Let us show you how you can use Loom to communicate quickly and efficiently while leaving a longer-lasting impression.

Who Should Use Loom?

Business owners, managers, and team members can all use Loom to speed up and enhance communications with each other and their clients.

What’s the Best Way to Use Loom?

Loom makes it simpler to answer questions from clients and colleagues, to review quotes and contracts, and to give presentations. 

Use Loom to:

  • Record quick videos to answer questions from clients and colleagues.
  • Assign projects or tasks to members of your team.
  • Explain the details of a custom quote or contract virtually without the need for being in a meeting room together.
  • Give virtual presentations.
  • Create eCourses for onboarding and training new hires.
  • Create eCourses to teach your clients.
  • Record videos for webinars.
  • Record videos or eCourses for personal use that you want to rewatch later.
  • Create email campaigns with short video clips instead of long and intimidating walls of text.

These are only a few examples of some of the ways you can use Loom. You can come up with your own ideas as well.

Get Started With Loom

Navigate to Loom’s website and download the Chrome extension or the desktop app to get started.

Chrome Extension vs. Desktop App

Loom’s Chrome extension and desktop app both work the same and have the same features, so why would you want to use one over the other?

For a Chrome user, the Loom Chrome extension is faster and more convenient to access.

For non-Chrome users, you won’t have to download Chrome to make it work. Just use the desktop app.

Creating Your Free Account

Create your account by signing up with Google, Slack, or give Loom your email address. Click “I Agree” to agree to their privacy policy and select the reason you are using Loom from the radio button options (Choose “Work”).

Next, choose the groups of people you plan to send videos to "Customers," "Prospects," your "Team," and/or "Other."

Now tell Loom what the name of your company is and then select the department you work in: leadership, sales, operations, marketing, product, design, support, or other.

Select the number of employees you have working for you, and then you’ll be prompted to download either the desktop app or the chrome extension. 

Download the one you want to use and click “Continue.”

Congratulations! You’re now ready to record your first video with Loom!

How to Record Your First Loom Video

To record your first video, click the extension icon in your Chrome Browser or open the desktop app. 

Choose whether you want to record your screen and webcam, just your screen, or just your webcam. 

When you’re using the Chrome extension, you’ll have the option to record your full desktop or the current tab only. 

The desktop version only allows you to record the full desktop since it’s not operating from the browser.

Chrome Extension

Desktop App

Click “advanced options” in the Chrome extension window to change your microphone source, use a Photo for the screen instead of video, control your menu, and turn the recording countdown timer on and off.

On the desktop app menu, you’ll have the option to select your camera and microphone source without needing to click to get to them.

Chrome Extension

Desktop App

Click “Start Recording” when you’re ready to record your first video. If you left the countdown timer turned on, it’ll countdown from 3 and then start recording.

When you’re finished recording, click the green button with the white checkmark to stop recording and save your video, or if you need to, click the red X to trash your video and start over.

Now that you have recorded your video, update the settings for your video’s privacy, and copy the link to share or click “Invite People” to share your video. 

You can make your video even more secure by requiring the recipient to type in a password to view it.

Pricing for Loom

To see their most up to date pricing information, click here.

Pros and Cons of Loom

Loom is not the best fit for everyone, so let’s take a look at the pros and cons of their video recording software so you can determine if it’s a good fit for your company — or not.


  • It’s easy to use and doesn’t include a steep learning curve
  • Record your screen and webcam, the screen only, or webcam only.
  • Upload a professional profile picture to display when you don’t want to record video of yourself while you’re talking.
  • Record only your current tab by using the Chrome extension.
  • Use the desktop app when you don’t want to use Chrome for your browser.
  • Make your videos private and password protected or share them publicly.
  • Use the embed link to embed your videos on your website.
  • Integrate with your Gmail account to embed videos in emails.
  • Integrate with Trello to embed videos for yourself and your colleagues.
  • Viewers can comment on your videos with questions or feedback.


  • You have to upgrade to one of the paid versions to unlock unlimited videos after the COVID-10 promotion expires.
  • 4k video recording is only available in the paid versions.
  • The drawing tool and mouse emphasis tool for annotating on the screen are limited to paid users.
  • Custom video thumbnails and Call-to-Action buttons aren’t available on the free version.
  • You’ll need to upgrade for analytics and reporting, custom branding, admin controls, and additional customer support.

Quick Recap

That was a lot of information to take in, so let’s recap what you learned.

  • Professional Services Firms looking to speed up and enhance communications with their clients and coworkers can benefit from using Loom.
  • Loom is the perfect low budget solution for recording and sharing videos privately or publicly.
  • Record videos to answer questions, demonstrate complex subject matter, assign projects and tasks, record webinars, and much more.
  • The free version allows you to do almost everything you need, but for additional features, you’ll have to upgrade.
  • The Pro version is affordable even without the current COVID-19 promotion, but you’ll have to contact Loom’s sales team to get a quote for the Team or Company versions. 

Are you still wondering if Loom is a good fit for your unique situation and needs?

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