Making the Move to a Virtual Workforce: Why Sparkitive Left the Physical Office Behind

by Christina Hooper.
Last Updated on May 8, 2022

When I built my first websites and designed my first logos decades ago, I worked from home. I had a full-time job and pursued my passion on the side while I grew it.

Fast forward a few years, and I found my soul mate — who just happened to enjoy computers too. Together we were unstoppable and we grew the company until it was big enough for us both to work in it full time.

Back then, having a physical office space made your business legitimate. Future clients would trust you more if they could walk in and shake your hand.

So we made the leap, signed a lease, and hung our shingle in the world. Over the next decade or so as we added more employees and more clients, our space grew and moved and evolved.

However, as we grew, we noticed another shift. Instead of meeting with local clients in our office several times each week, we started meeting clients all around the world through the power of video calls.

Skip ahead to today, and we have clients and employees spread far and wide and we only go into the office each day to plug into a computer and connect.

Our team deserves more — and so do our clients. Let me tell you how this change is going to impact your experience with us.

How You’ll Benefit from Our Virtual Workforce

It might be hard to imagine that scattering our workforce and letting them work from wherever they want would be a good thing — but it is.

1. We Can Grow Our Team with the Best People — No Matter Where They’re Located

When you require your employees to come into the office each day to work, you’re also limiting your pool of available employees to ones within a reasonable commute of your office.

By allowing our team to work from home — or wherever they want to be — that opens us up to make hiring decisions based on talent and experience instead of just proximity to our office.

2. We Spend Less Time Getting to Work and More Time on What Matters.

It may seem like working from home would cause more distractions, but with the right guidelines and dedicated office space — a requirement to work for us — they actually get more time to focus on you and growing your company.

Why? How?

Most people in the U.S. have an average commute to work of 25.4 minutes each way. That means that nearly an hour of each day is gone to simply get to and from work.

That time can now be spent doing almost anything.

  • More time for themselves to hit the gym and stay healthy.
  • More time with their family.
  • More time to invest in learning and education so they grow their skills.

3. We Have Fewer Distractions

Our team members won’t be distracting each other anymore when they have a video call or are working together on a project.

In a normal workspace, unless you have private offices for each member of your team, they will distract each other multiple times throughout the day. Cubicles and open offices both allow you to hear and see your fellow workers as they talk on the phone or wander around and visit each other.

While that doesn’t sound so bad, that means that their train of thought gets interrupted frequently throughout the day. Every time someone moves or sneezes or talks, a focused worker loses another thought.

Now our team members can create a space that’s comfortable for them and allows them to focus when they need to, and relax when they don’t. When they do need to work together, they can slip on a pair of headphones and dive into a video call.

4. We Can Streamline Our Processes & Do More Work in Less Time at a Higher Quality

Working remotely can present challenges in collaboration and communicating around tasks and their specific requirements. We went into this new phase of our business with our eyes wide open and sought advice from seasoned companies like ours that had already conquered these hurdles.

David and I carefully considered what we needed to accomplish in order for our team to be able to work remotely while still allowing us to build a positive culture and ensure the quality delivery of our services.

We devoted time to fine-tuning our processes, establishing a regular staff meeting cadence, and setting up our toolkit to empower us instead of hinder us. This means that our processes for getting work done had to be carefully considered — every little detail.

Now we can operate like a finely-tuned, creative, machine and get your work done and we have the tools that we need to keep improving our processes from there.

Is Our Team Right For You?

Hiring a growth agency to help you market and scale your company is a big decision. Some people choose to hire an agency like ours just because they’re local and they shake hands if they want to.

Just because an agency is in your back yard doesn’t mean that they are the best for you.

Think about your needs. List your goals. Find the agency that will help you get to where you want to go and that makes you feel like you’re going to enjoy the journey to get there.

Contact us today and let’s set up a video call and get to know each other.

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