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T&C 2020: How to Repurpose Your Existing Content Into Subscription Revenue

by Christina Hooper.
Last Updated on May 8, 2022

This article is part of a series breaking down the top takeaways from the key speakers at T&C 2020.

What Was This Session All About?

Are you a content creator who would like to generate revenue? Maybe you have a podcast, a blog, or a YouTube channel. 

Joe Fier and Matt Wolfe wanted to do just that. So, they figured out ways to turn the content they had into a product without creating anything new. They took their podcast and began a new business model that helped them get to where they are. 

During their T&C presentation, they walked us through that business model. So, keep reading to learn all about it.

Who is Joe Fier?

Who is Matt Wolfe?

  • Co-Host of Hustle and Flowchart Podcast
  • Marketer
  • Podcaster
  • Affiliate
  • Connector

What We Learned

What Does Your Journey Look Like?

What is a piece of content you are creating consistently with your business? With Joe and Matt, it’s their podcast. But for you, it could be emails, blog posts, social media posts, and much more. 

Four Strategies

Strategy #1: Turning Existing Free Content into Money

Matt and Joe start with a podcast, they interview tons of people, and they have someone take notes of all the podcasts. This strategy helps them create an email list and thus create a subscription. 

So, they create subscriptions/memberships. They offer digital and physical memberships, with the digital membership being the largest one. 

The one who takes notes sends them to an editor, and then it splits into the memberships. They send the notes to the fulfillment house, and then they create a  newsletter. All of the content in the newsletter is repurposed content from the podcast. 

People are subscribing to digest all of the information from the podcasts at once instead of spending all the time listening to the podcast. 

Takeaway: How can you take the content you're already creating and re-create it in a different medium you can sell?

For example, you can take videos and turn them into audios. You can turn blog posts and sell videos on the content. You can also take those blog posts and turn them into a paid newsletter. 

Strategy #2: Connect Content to Offers

You can make partnerships, or link offers to another business. Get affiliates that you can link to. Offer them a reward for completing tasks, such as listening to the whole podcast, in the show notes, newsletter, or other product. 

This product doesn’t have to be mentioned in the content. 

Takeaway: What content do you already have to add links to point people to recurring offers related to the content? Where can you plug in complimentary links that you can earn commissions from?

Strategy #3: Content + Ads to Offers

Retarget viewers of your content on Facebook to others relate3d to the content they consumed. If you’ve got content that already exists online, there are probably affiliate offers you can plug into it. 

For instance, if you interview someone during your podcast, and they have products. You can plug in offers for their product to people who already have an interest in them. 

Takeaway: Can you think of complementary products to the content you’ve already got out there and retarget people to those offers after reading content on your site? 

For example, a blog post about webinars can link to your favorite webinar tool. 

If you use Google products, such as YouTube, you can create Google Display Network ads to offer and target people who have watched specific videos with GDN ads.

Strategy #4: Trigger Emails from Your Content

Leverage your email list to turn content consumers into product buyers. 

They review a lot of software products for marketers. If someone’s on their list already, and they view one of their reviews, they’ll trigger an email to send that’s related to the product they were just reading about (with their affiliate link)

Takeaway: How can you dynamically trigger emails in the background relevant to content people just consumed on your site?

For instance, if someone is consuming content, they’re raising their hands and showing interest. Send trigger emails that remind them that the offer exists and now is a great time to buy. 

Big Takeaways

  • What does your journey look like? What’s next?
  • Repurpose free content into paid content (a different form). 
  • Add offer URLs to your free content (blogs, videos, audios, books, etc.)
  • Retarget based on the content your audience consumes
  • Use email triggers to represent relevant offers. 

What Do You Think?

If you watched this presentation or are familiar with Joe or Matt’s work, I want to know what you think. Leave a comment or share a story below.

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