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T&C 2020: Ultimate Sales Video: 3 Steps to Selling On-Camera

by Christina Hooper.
Last Updated on May 8, 2022

This article is part of a series breaking down the top takeaways from the key speakers at T&C 2020.

What Was This Session All About?

In 2016, Emily Lark was just a single mother trying to make money online. She taught herself how to create successful videos by studying how others did. Now, she is a successful entrepreneur. 

She took some time to walk us through her story, and her secrets to making great videos, and how to get people to like, share and interact with the video. It’s not about raw talent. It’s about cultivating skills. 

We took notes on Emily’s presentation, compiled some notes on her secrets and how you can implement them into your business.

Who is Emily Lark?

  • Founder and CEO of Lark Wellness
  • She is a health and fitness expert. 
  • Creator of Back to Life, the top back relief program in the world. 
  • Partnered with Pelvic Floor Strong
  • Partnered with Lean Body Confidential

What We Learned

Having a person on-camera and connecting with the customer is one of the most valuable abilities today. 

Looking Back

In 2016, Emily was a struggling single mom about to lose her home. She wanted to make money online but had no training and no money to pay for training. So, she focused on the one thing she could do for free —  Online VSLs.

A VSL Video Sales Letter.

She studied them, mapped them out, and then created her own VSL. With this, she launched her first product. She paid a voice actress to voice the video for her. She didn’t appear in her video at all. It was very successful. 

Then, cold traffic started reaching out. Eventually, they said they had to quit because it wasn’t converting. So, she studied people who had success with cold traffic. And she discovered the thing they had in common was going on video herself. 

So, she bought a green screen on Amazon. She got two lights and filmed using her smartphone camera. She recorded the first ten minutes and edited it together with herself on camera. The rest of the video was slides. 

After she did this, her conversions doubled. When she added upsell products, she tripled conversions. 

Selling On Camera Benefits

  • Consistent scale on cold traffic for four years and counting
  • Strong relationships with customers=lower refund rates
  • Organic social media growth

3 Steps to Sell on Camera

  1. How to be captivating on camera so the customer will never click away.

Most people think this comes naturally, but it is a skill that you can learn. People believe that the key is to be natural, but it’s not. When we get a camera in our face, we do many weird things with our face. So, the best thing is to adjust and be intentional about how to act on camera. 

When you are with a person, they take up about 10% of your field of vision. But, when looking at them on camera, they have much more of your field of vision. 

Adjusting Our Performance

  • When we get on camera, our eyes tend to widen. This makes us look kind of scared or too intense. So, you need to soften your eyes and bring them back to a more natural level. 
  • Remind yourself to smile. 
  • Before you start the camera, if you bring yourself into a smile, your face will stay there. 
  • Don’t raise your chin. It creates a stiff look. Instead, lower your chin and have the back of your neck long. Don’t bob your head a lot because it can be jarring for the person watching. Bring attention to the nose instead of the head. 
  • People tend to be animated with their hands or very stiff. Hands tend to become “flying saucers” while talking, and it’s very distracting. So, you should be slow with your hand movements and then bring them back down. For example, use one hand, one finger, and then slowly get it back down. 
  • We tend to shift our weight, and it’s distracting. The best way to prevent this is to plant both of your feet firmly on the ground. 
  • Our tone changes. We feel like we need to project, but we need to lower our tone. Microphones work well. We can be enthusiastic, but we don’t want to overdo it. 
  1. How to maximize the delivery of your on-camera pitch

People tend to do one of two things when they get on camera.

  • They ad-lib it. The problem is that people say a lot of awkward words.
  • They use written sales copy. People use a teleprompter, and it leads to a more “dead” performance. 

Memorizing your sales copy is the best method to use.

  • Memorize the first sentence of your sales copy. It is the biggest key to memory. Then spend the same amount of time on the first sentence of the second paragraph (75% of your time). And so on. 
  • Draw pictures on your scripts—highlight words. 
  • Quick tips
    • Break up throughout the day: 15 minutes memorization session
    • Leave copies of your script everywhere
    • Record yourself and listen while commuting or working out. 
    • Memorize HARD. Memorize it so bone-deep that it’s just in you. Then, you won’t have to think about a single word. 
    • Don’t memorize everything. You don’t have to be on camera for your whole sales video. 
    • Record the voiceover parts in the same place as your video. 

Practice. Practice. Practice.

  •  Film it, and then walk through it again. Your performances will get better and better—practice in front of people. Do a Facebook Live. 


  • You can cultivate this skill. It’s not something you’re just born with. 
  1. The exact magic words to make your social media videos go viral. 

The bad news is you have to ask customers to like and share your videos. 

Make It About Them

  • You need the customers to watch the video, so make the headline about them. Many people make the mistake of making the headline about themselves instead of the viewer. Offer them something that will help them. 
  • Give them value in exchange for their comments. Offer to include them in your next video. 
  • Instead of asking them to like, thank them for liking the video. People are more likely to do something when you thank them for it. 
  • To get them to share, give a demonstration that the customer wants to follow along with. First, remind them they want to follow along with you. Then, remind them to share it to save it to your profile, so they don’t have to hunt for the video. 

What Do You Think?

If you watched this presentation or are familiar with Emily’s work, I want to know what you think. Leave a comment or share a story below.

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