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T&C 2020: Predictably Convert Conversations into Customers with Live Video, Bots, and The NEW Map to Millions

by Christina Hooper.
Last Updated on May 8, 2022

This article is part of a series breaking down the top takeaways from the key speakers at T&C 2020.

What Was This Session All About?

Do you feel like you’re not getting enough engagement from social media? Are you making regular posts but just not quite getting the retention you would like? Business leader Molly Mahoney takes us into some of her tips and tricks to get some solid retention and turn your videos into profit.

In this presentation, Molly entertains us with her gift of business (and song), allowing us to see inside how she uses bots on social media to help her business grow.

So, if you’re looking for a chance to grow your business with social media, keep reading to learn how she does it.

Who is Molly Mahoney?

  • CEO of The Prepared Performer
  • She started as a “cheesy musical theatre head.” 
  • She loves to use bots
  • Creative Career Coach
  • Author of Performance Power: Clarity, Confidence, & Joy: PERFORMANCE POWER: Clarity, Confidence, & Joy

What We Learned

Predictably Converting Conversations into Customers

  • 70% of buyers say they watch a video before they buy.
  • This year, there has been a 20% drop in the ability to close sales on social media. 
  • 82% of customers say they want to be followed up with right away. 
    • Would you follow up with that many people today? 
    • Most businesses talk at their customers, not with their customers. 

It’s about less talk and more conversations that lead to conversions. Conversations take time. So we want to be building conversations that scale. Mister Rogers, for instance, spoke to his “neighbor.” He talked to one person and solved all of our problems. Talking to one person is an effective tool, no matter what your business. 

When we Repurpose and Repost, our content increases engagement by 6% compared to the first time you posted the video. 

Molly’s business did three videos in October as part of a repurposing challenge. They sold the replay of the video and did $136,000 in sales, and they had invented a new product. 

Why do we need content? 

It brings us leads,  power partners, speaking opportunities, sales, and much more. 

The Client Journey

  • Awareness: Entry point
  • Consideration: Lead capture tool, lead capture opt-in form, opt-in thank you, email nurture sequence, Message/SMS follow-up
  • Purchase: Sales page
  • Retention: Referrals, welcome sequence, sales page thank you

The Social Triangle


You have to actually show up on the platform. 

Your Client

You have to remember to connect with your client. 

The Platform

They want people to stay on the platform longer. If people are watching your Live video in its entirety, commenting and interacting, they are staying on longer. 

Map to Millions

If you’re using messenger bots, you start with a post on your business page asking if people would like to join their conversation. Then, people respond. The bots create automatic responses to comment on some topic-specific content. Specific questions and phrases generate automatic responses. 

Start with Content

  • Build relationships
  • Schedule Live: People respond, and the bot replies to some comments. 
  • Send to the Facebook group to get access to the show notes. 
  • Give a free gift, then start with building relationships again. 

Repurpose Content

  • Take videos and turn them into blog posts, Social Media posts, etc. 

One Live Video a Week turns into...

  • A quote card
  • A blog post
  • A snippet
  • YouTube video

Organic Retargeting

How do you turn them into sales? 


  • Set Your Intention
  • Talk to # people
  • Ask for opportunities
  • Refer and get Referrals
  • Share a value or personal story

Wake Up Your Memories

Go to Don’t share the post. Comment underneath the post, so it puts it back in everyone’s news feeds organically. 

Segment your Friends List

Click on Messenger, and go to Facebook Lists. Divide your lists into the people you want to target. 

Then Set It Up With a Social CRM

  • Start with a food post, like “Brussel Sprouts, yes or no?”
  • Use Group Track CRM as an extension, and add the comments into a separate CRM. You can tag them based on pain points, add snippets, and much more. 
  • Our whole team can get involved in following up with the customers without breaking any privacy rules. 

You have to show up because if you don’t; no one else will. 

How will you put this into action?

  • Decide you’re going to unlock the Social Triangle 
  • Do a Client Journey Audit
  • Add the STARS tasks to your calendar
  • Go Live
  • Talk to humans

What Do You Think?

If you watched her presentation at T&C or you're familiar with her work,  I want to know what you think.

Leave a comment below and share your story of using her techniques to grow your business.

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