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T&C 2020: How We 22X’d an eCommerce Business’ Facebook Ad Spend and 6X’d ROAS in Just 9 Months

by Christina Hooper.
Last Updated on May 8, 2022

This article is part of a series breaking down the top takeaways from the key speakers at T&C 2020.

What Was This Session All About?

Are you trying to figure out how to get the most out of Facebook ads, but you’re having trouble getting the results you want? 

Ralph Burns owns a company that specializes in Facebook advertising and getting results. At T&C 2020, he walked the audience through their whole process. 

If you’re interested in learning about his company or learning about doing it yourself, check out the information below.

Who is Ralph Burns?

  • CEO of Tier 11, a premier-level Facebook marketing partner. They also work with other social platforms.
  • His company manages over $100 million in Facebook ad spend
  • Host of the Perpetual Traffic Podcast

What We Learned

You don’t need to know all of this if you use an agency like Tier 11 because they know their stuff, and they’re good at it. However, Facebook is constantly changing, so it’s a lot to keep up with. 

However, if you do want to know how it works, he has a lot to share.

They Installed the eCommerce Ad Amplifier.

They came out with this about ten years ago, after working on it for about a decade. They also modified the Ad Amplifier. It’s based on levels of traffic. 

  1. Cold Traffic: Lookalike audiences. People who don’t know who you are. They use a lot of videos for them. 
  2. Engage and Page Views: People have looked at your pages but haven’t gone any further. 
  3. View Content: People who are looking at your products. They use reminders and other tools. 
  4. Add to Cart: Adds but abandons.
  5. Purchasers: People who complete purchases. Use assets to convince them to make the purchase. 

Tools for Each Level

Level 1:  Teach and pitch, 100% proof, Trojan horse tutorial, Pure pitch, Pure education, Product demo, Teaser, Agitate

Levels 2-5: Testimonials, Aspirational After State, Deals, Promo codes, Objection killers, Big benefit DPAs

Level 3: Reminder DPAs, “Thinking about it?” ads

Level 4: “You” question DPAs, Abandon cart messenger ads, Q&A, 

Level 5: Restock DPAs, Product video, Reorder DPAs, Cross-sell DPAs

Level 1 

This is what Tier 11 does. You don’t have to have the same numbers as they do to be successful. 


  • Objective: Conversion/Catalog Sales
  • Some Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO)
  • Big daily budgets
  • 63% of ad spend 

Ad Sets

  • Optimizing for the purchase event
  • Some demographic stratification
  • Fans +30 Day Exclusions
  • US only
  • Some with minimum daily spend
  • Best “Squished” Audiences
    • Buyer/Product Buyer 1-2% lookalikes $6.8 million
    • Organic foods -$54 million 
    • Vegetarianism -$56 million
    • Juicing -$25million


  • Ad groupings; 10 ads/ad set
  • Ad types
    • Carousels: Series of product pictures, clean pictures, and information
    • Image: Clean, clear images
    • Teach and pitch videos: You start with a question, then teach about it, add a benefit to the product, then give the pitch. 
    • Pure education videos: Start with a motion/product, present a problem they didn’t know about, show credits for information, educate about the product and how it offers a solution, give the pitch, and then end with your Testimonial CTA. 

First Comment: is always “Where do you buy it?” Make it easy for them and include it in the first comment. 

Level 2


  • Objective: Conversion/Catalog Sales
  • All CBO
  • Big daily budgets 
  • 20% of ad spend
  • ROAS: 2.05

Ad Sets

  • Optimizing for the purchase event
  • Fans +30 day purchase exclusions
  • US only
  • Audiences: 
    • 75% Video Views in 7 days
    • 10-second Video View in the last  365/180 day (in the previous 30/60 days)
    • 10-second video views in the previous 30/60days
    • Landing page in the previous seven days 
    • Top 25% Time on-site in the previous 30 days
    • Lead lists 


  • Ad groupings; 10 ads/ad set
  • Ad types: 
    • Teach and pitch videos: See Level 1
    • Pitch and teaching videos: Start with a motion/question, pitch/teach about products (one video for each product), final pitch to follow the link to get product
    • Testimonial Montage videos: Multiple testimonials from product users, then end with CTA.
    • Carousels and images: 
    • Objective Killer Video Ads: Figure out the biggest objections and then create short videos that hit on the objection

Levels 3-4

Combining these levels is very effective. 


  • Objective: Reach/Catalog Sales (Conversion is overkill)
  • All CBO
  • Small daily budgets
  • 1% of ad spend
  • ROAS 4.87

Ad Sets

  • Optimizing for purchase event
  • Seven most significant day purchase exclusion
  • US only
  • Audiences
    • View Content, customers in the last seven days
    • Add to cart/Initiate checkout, customers in the last seven days.


  • Ad groupings; 2-10 ads/ad set
  • Ad types
    • “You” DPAs(Dynamic Product Ads): Asking questions directly, such as “Are you ready to check out? 
    • Big Benefit DPAs: Telling the most significant benefits of the product 
    • Reminder DPAs: Sometimes life gets in the way, but we’re still here
    • Images: Meeting them where they’re at in the customer journey

Level 5


  • Objective: Conversion/Catalog Sales
  • CBO
  • Small daily budgets
  • 0.3% of ad spend
  • ROAS 4.81

Ad Sets

  • Optimizing for purchase event
  • 30-day purchase exclusion
  • Audiences
    • Amazon Buyers
    • Repeat buyers
    • One time buyers
    • All buyers within the last 180 days and 365 days


  • Ad groupings: 10 ads/ad sets
  • Ad types
    • Reorder DPAs: Time to reorder. 
    • Cross-sell DPAs:  We have other products you might like
    • “Haven’t seen you” DPAs: “ I haven’t seen you in awhile.” Friendly, simple. 

What Do You Think?

If you watched the T&C presentation or are familiar with Ralph’s work, I want to know what you think. Leave a comment or a story below.

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