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T&C 2020: How To Move From Business Owner To Expert Empire

by Christina Hooper.
Last Updated on May 8, 2022

This article is part of a series breaking down the top takeaways from the key speakers at T&C 2020.

What Was This Session All About?

Do you want to make $100k or more a month from your business? Have you been discouraged by the pandemic and are not sure it’s possible because of it?

Meet Oli. Oli is a business leader who not only survived the pandemic but flourished. Oli tells his story of starting in a small-scale business and how he turned his knowledge into profit. 

If you want to know how he did it, and how you can too, keep reading.

Who is Oli Billson?

  • CEO and Founder of NextLevelBusiness.com
  • In the past 15 years, he’s successfully started, grown, and scaled five separate, seven-figure businesses. 
  • He specializes in Bricks & Mortar, International Franchise, Consulting, Marketing Agency, and Online Education.
  • He has personally spoken with over 10,000 business owners worldwide on the subject of starting, growing, and scaling their businesses online, profitably.

What We Learned

Struggle and Sink or Prosper and Profit

People are either struggling and sinking, or they are prospering and profiting right now. The pandemic has hit businesses hard, but Oli’s business has figured out how to prosper and profit. 

It Doesn’t Have to Be “Crazy” At Work.

An old model of business creates more stress on you, the business owner. But incorporating a new model can help decrease the stress and increase profits on your business. 

Who Is This For?

  • Agencies who want to move to a more scalable model
  • Coaches, consultants, or experts who wish to form One-2-One Delivery to One-2-Many
  • Successful business who wish to create a hyper-profitable business within a company teaching others to do what they do
  • Online Entrepreneurs who want to find a more profitable and leveraged model. 

Do you have...?

  • A success story
  • A successful business model
  • A unique sales model
  • A passion for something you know how to do
  • Authority and credibility in your niche to monetize

If any of these sound like you, you belong in an extraordinary place in the world of online education. 

Oli’s Story: Business Owner to Expert Empire

Oli began in a service-based business. Then, he took his systems, knowledge, and skills and discovered it made more sense for him to sell that in a training and online education business. Later, he took that business and asked what the group of people needed. So, he built a newsletter and built a business inside a company with what he already knew. 

As if that wasn’t enough, Oli created an association to reward people and they created an area-exclusive who wants program (information-based model). From there,  people saw what he was doing, in that he was very successful, and people wanted to know how he did it. He then started offering to coach and consulting around how they can create their own franchise business.

He built a team, went back to services, and then resold assets to other people. 

He found out that not everyone could afford their services. It made sense to repackage the knowledge into monthly memberships that are more affordable. 

The challenge was that running a subscription business can be challenging. So, he looked for a different model. So, he pursued something different. 

There’s always one big thing that can transform your business. 

Over the past 12 years, he has worked with virtually every information-based model that exists. 

False Information You Don’t Have to Use

  • Get your name out there
  • Build a personal brand
  • Write a book
  • Social media
  • Start a podcast
  • Blog content

Three Steps to Move From Business Owner to Expert Empire

How to Select the Right Model 

Select the suitable model so you can create your own Amazon Flywheel.

Anti-Flywheel vs. Flywheel Business Model

Your business will either grow outwards or inwards. Sometimes people build businesses they don’t really want to be in, and we want to avoid this. 

Anti-Flywheel Business Models

  • Services don’t scale well because they have a 1:1 ratio with human hours and effort. 
  • Low-ticket products require a lot of customer support, so there are more refunds, piracy, and less profit. 
  • Increased complexity 

Define Your Program Models

  • $2-3k Online Digital Program
  • $5-$12k Online Leveraged Group Coaching
  • $18k-$50k Mastermind Group 

Have a suite of products, low-ticket to high-ticket. Build the mid-ticket offer first ($6-10k). Provide your clients with world-class training and resources precisely engineered to give them a clear path to success. 

There is an ongoing mentorship that provides weekly access to you and your expertise. 

The Importance of Community

  • Your customers need to be among people that are in the same situation as them.
  • The community gives them the structure where they can share positive results and problems they may be having.
  • They can point out issues or gaps in the program that you can easily patch now or in Version 2.0.
  • This program evolves with the needs of your clients. When you add more people, you get more feedback, and it keeps evolving. 

Making Your Business High Profit and Low Maintenance 

  • You can do the weekly coaching calls
  • You can do the paid media
  • 1x Commission Based (10%) Enrollment Rep
  • 1x Part-Time Community Manager

Don’t create your second program right away. Let the first one go through a few hundred people first. 

Why People Love Masterminds. 

  • Antidote to loneliness
  • Access to highest level of information
  • Power of combined experience
  • Speed of combined experimentation
  • Bundled programs
  • Unique experience

Benefits for You

  • No content to create
  • Make products from recordings
  • High ticket monthly rate
  • Logical ascension path from your existing programs
  • Joint venture opportunities
  • Shared buying power

How do you fill in a mastermind? ($18-$50k)

  • Discovery Day
  • In-person event
  • Sample events
  • “Fly on the wall. ”

Low Ticket Product ($2-$3k)

This product can be targeted to smaller-scale businesses or beginners.

How to Package, Position, Remarket

The best way to package, position, and remarket your program with speed and predictability.

Decide Your Niche and Problem 

Escape from sympathy and arrive at empathy. Recognize what you need to focus your teaching on. You want to think about helping the person during those 6-8 weeks. 

Map Out Your Product

You can use a program or do it yourself. Outline your steps and organize your system. Create modules, each week containing 4-6 modules. 

Launch Your “Charter” Program

  • You want proof you can sell your program
  • Enroll your first 5-10 clients
  • Diagnose fears, frustrations, challenges

You will always fix problems, improve parts of your product, and in helping your clients. 

How to Monetize By Selling High Ticket

The new way to enroll clients between $6k-$36k at a 35%+ close-ratio over the phone. 

Strategy Sessions

  • These are Low-pressure sales calls to determine if prospects are a good fit for your program. They help you figure out how well your product does, gets it out there, and gets people talking about it.
  • You can give your strategy session a cool name. 
  • You or your sales representative follows a sales script for consistency on each of the calls.
  • Scheduling strategy session is the #1 key growth lever for this business model

How Do We Get Them?

The power of 1:1:1. 

  • Traffic Source: Facebook Advertising
  • Educational Video: A case study
  • Sales Mechanism: Discovery Call

Phone-Funnel Framework

  • Traffic: Landing page presents offered. We show them we can solve a problem. We take their first name and email. 
  • Primer Video: 2-3 minutes. It introduces the main event video. Give them a good reason to stick around.
  • Main Event Video: 20-30 minutes. Valuable training. 
  • Scheduler: Schedule an appointment
  • Qualification: Confirm they need the information
  • Show Up: For an appointment
  • Sales Appointment

The Money Maps

These help us outline what we are making and what to expect from customers. It includes everything from ad clicks, expenses, and profits.

What Do You Think?

If you watched his presentation at T&C or you’re familiar with his work,  I want to know what you think.

Leave a comment below and share your story of using his techniques to grow your business.

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