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T&C 2020: Engagement Secrets from 25 Six-Figure Online Events Since COVID

by Christina Hooper.
Last Updated on May 8, 2022

This article is part of a series breaking down the top takeaways from the key speakers at T&C 2020.

What Was This Session All About?

This session is for marketers, whether they’re new to the game or just want to know how to make their techniques better. Kane and Alessia Minkus are experienced marketers who train thousands of people all the time.

Kane discusses how to excite the market and get people interested in your brand. Then, he delves into how to get people interested in how to keep them interested.

Let’s begin taking a look at who Kane and Alessia are.

Who are Kane and Alessia Minkus?

There’s a lot to know about Kane and Alessia, but here are some of the top takeaways: 

  • They are entrepreneurs. 
  • They train other entrepreneurs.
  • They founded Industry Rockstar, which is an organization dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs.
  • They have spoken to thousands of people. 
  • They have helped train big names, such as Microsoft
  • In the last nine months, they have averaged six virtual events per month. The events averaged 1000-2000 people per event. They lasted from 2 hours to 7 days, and 25 of them were 6-figure events.

What We Learned

How to Excite the Market

The first goal is learning how to get people to come to you. To do this, Kane has broken down what he calls the 3 A’s. 


The angles you are using to approach your market. They stopped marketing big promises, such as making a lot of money, and focused more on what the audience would do next. 

Market maturity plays a significant role in this. There are five steps to it. They include: 

  • Learn: Some people in the market just want to learn something. Does your market understand certain things, or is it more sophisticated? 
  • Action: How they put what they have learned into action. 
  • Optimizing: How they get results.
  • Automate: Get themselves out there. 
  • Scale: Teach the knowledge to others. 


They focus on having access to their community and engage in international communities. With technology, they have learned they can communicate with places all over the world.

People want to engage with the community. Celebrities and higher profile people help draw in people to the summits because it gives people access to people they like. 


Building experience is significant, but it’s most important to build experience with the right tools. You need to invest your time in what works. The main example of where you can build your experience is in multimedia, and its various tools. 


Kane loves multimedia and has a lot of experience with it. He and Alessia get a lot of feedback that says people enjoy their multimedia experiences. Many colleagues invest in studios and multimedia spaces for this very reason. 

How to Ensure High Show Rates

All the effort means nothing if people don’t show up. To get them to show up, pre-show engagements are very effective. 10-20 hours spent with the client beforehand are proven to be adequate to get to the next step. Texts and videos are also influential, and going live also gets people’s attention and gets them engaged. 

Community building techniques: 

  • Interviews: You can use Facebook Live or Groups to interview someone. 
  • Contests: Engaging with your audience live.
  • Watch parties: They run themselves.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Events: Gets people engaged with people they like
  • Educational sections: People love to learn
  • Entertainment: Tik-Tok and other types of videos and entertainment get people interested. 
  • Q&A: This helps people learn what they want to know about. 
  • Charity Raise: People love them. 
  • Static Videos: Gets more content out there. 
  • Mini-Challenges: When waiting to do a summit, do a mini-challenge beforehand. 
  • Stream a Live Event before the main event. 

How to Engage Them to Stay

  • Story-driven content is significant, as opposed to teaching. 
  • Presenter: Has to be very focused and present
  • Production quality needs to be pristine. 
  • Variety: For long summits have a lot going on. 
  • Giveaways and Surprises: This also keeps people interested and gives them something to anticipate. Use a “wheel of names.” 
  • Bonus Events: People love bonuses and surprises along the way. 

Virtual Summits: Data

Kane and Alessia have gathered some data on what attendees prefer at these events. Here are some of the critical things they have learned people like:

  • Other speakers are desirable
  • Desired Length: 5 Days Max, 5 hours per day, Bonus days have high attendance
  • Well-managed breakout sessions
  • Fewer breaks are better for retention
  • Entertainment works. Bring in a performer if you can. People love to be entertained.

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