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T&C 2020: Big Ticket Double Dip What Was This Session All About?

by Christina Hooper.
Last Updated on May 8, 2022

This article is part of a series breaking down the top takeaways from the key speakers at T&C 2020.

What Was This Session All About?

Email —  it’s like the cockroach of digital marketing. It just doesn’t want to die, and it’s something everyone has. 

Lead marketer Richard Lindner and his team designed a way to use email to your benefit. They created a dual-voice email campaign that consists of 12 different emails to potential clients. 

His campaign helped his company out a lot, and he shared the campaign at the T&C Summit so it can help your business, too.

 Let’s take a look at who Richard is and what he does.

Who is Richard Lindner?

  • President of DigitalMarketer
  • Co-Founder of Scalable.co
  • Co-Founder of the Traffic and Conversion Summit
  • Co-Founder of Recess.io
  • He has advised Uber, Harper Collins, Entreleadership, Marapost, Ethaid Airlines, and many more.
  • He has worked directly with hundreds of CEOs and entrepreneurs to grow and scale their companies. 
  • He is obsessed with the art of business. 
  • You can follow him on linkedin.com/in/richardlindner.

What We Learned

Session Title

The title for this session is “How to Build a Dual Voice Follow Up Campaign to Drive More Applications, Sales Conversations, and Sales Without Pissing Your Prospects Off and Making Them Hate You.”

The Back Story

At DigitalMarketer, they were doing a 9-day sprint planning at the end of a quarter. They decided they needed to bring people in through their mini-class. The best first experience for someone to join their journey is to take this class.

 They decided they would target 10,000 leads per month. They got about 200 applications. Less than 5% of the people who applied actually converted. 

The Problem

They were on the clock. They wanted to optimize for conversion the way they knew how to do it. They only had so many days after advertising before they forgot about them. They realized they wanted to send emails, but not too many. 

You have to realize when dealing with sales; people are human. They have other things going on. Your prospect eventually stops listening when you are repeating yourself. 

Doubled the Speed

They doubled the number of emails sent to the same person by automating the emails. Next, they needed to set up a predictable lead flow and have a place for people to ask questions and buy the product. 

They decided to add two voices. When receiving many emails from one person, it’s easy to get mad at that person. So, they created a second person to get emails from or a dual voice campaign. 

They grew to over 25% conversion rate. 


  • Day 0, First email: Main person: “Good news (NAME), You’ve been approved.” Rep says: “Nice to meet you (NAME).”
  • Day 1: Main person: “Welcome to the Elite Growth Accelerator.” Rep: “Ryan asked me to reach out.”
  • Day 2: Main person: “All bonuses still available.” Rep: “(NAME), Meet Dave.”
  • Day 3: Main person: “Approval EXPIRING Soon!”
  • Day 4: Rep: “Meeting confirmation.”
  • Day 5: Main person: “Your chance to join is almost gone.” 
  • Day 6:Main person:  “All bonuses still available.” REp: “I can still get you in, (NAME).”
  • Day 7: Main person: “Approval expiring soon!” 
  • Day 8: Rep:” Meeting confirmation.”
  • Day 14: Rep” Was it something I said?”

First Email (Day 0) From the Main person

Most of the time, people are afraid of applying because they don’t want to be rejected. If someone is pre-approved, put it in the subject line. In the email, provide a link for them to confirm their application. 

Recap the offer. Make sure they know the two ways to apply. And let them know they will be getting another email and what to expect inside of it. 

Second Email (Day 1) From  Rep

The second email comes from someone else in this case. He’s reminding them they are approved, opening the door for questions. Provide links to apply again.

Third Email (Day 1) From Main Person

This one goes back to the main person. 

“Welcome. You’re in. Congratulations. All that’s left to do is click to finalize your application.”

Let them know they’re going to get more emails. Let them know the timeline if they respond or respond, such as deleted applications in 7 days when inactive.  And leave the door open for questions. 

Fourth Email (Day 1) From Rep

“Ryan asked me to reach out….” 

They know Ryan because he’s the one who taught the class and has contacted them before. Introduce yourself, let them know you’re reaching out because you’re approved. Let them know the next level is starting soon. Every time you ask someone to do something, give them a benefit as to why. 

Fifth Email (Day 2) From Main Person

At this point, people start to forget why they were interested in the program. You need to acknowledge that and send them reminders about what they are applying to. Remind them why they were excited. Tell them the bonuses that likely got them excited. 

Sixth Email (Day 2) From Rep

“Meet Dave.” 

Dave is the 30-day Kickstart Coach instructor. He explains the program he offers, explains who he is, and his responsibilities. This is just a different way to remind them of what they’re getting in the first 30 days. 

Seventh Email (Day 3) 

This one gets the highest open rates. No one cares if their application expires. But if their approval is expiring soon, all the chemicals in a person’s brain immediately want to open the email. 

Ask, “Is everything ok?” This tells them you’re worried and not mad at them. 

Recap that they applied, they were approved, and remind them of the process so far. 

Eighth Email (Day 4)

“Meeting confirmation for 15-30 minute session.”

They haven’t booked an email yet, but they will in this email. Give them a link to book it or contact information for them to contact you directly. 

Ninth Email (Day 5) From the Main Person

Just use Ryan’s first name.

”Your chance to join is almost gone. Each enrollment group in the class has limited spots, and the spots are almost full. You can still claim your bonuses.”

Tenth Email (Day 6) From the Rep

“I can still get you into the class. It’s ok.” 

Restate the benefits, and remind them what they’re saying no to. 

Eleventh Email (Day 8) From the Rep 

“These are the ways we help businesses grow.”

Step all the way back and remind them what your company does for their students. Make a list and let people decide what would have the most significant impact on their business right now. 

Twelfth Email (Day 14) From Rep

“Was it something I said?”

Tell them you were thinking about them. For example, “I was thinking about it, and maybe I got a little excited….”

Knowing that someone is thinking about you is a powerful connection. 

Tell them why you got excited. Tell the reader, “I know we can do this for you.” Be a little aggressive. 

If they don’t buy after this email, then they’re not going to. It’s just not the right time for them. So give them time, and allow yourself to be the guide. Don’t make it buy or die. 

Download the templates and Sign Up

Download the templates for these emails at digitalmarketer.com/dual-campaign

Check to see if enrollment in the classes is open. digitalmarketer.com/growth

What Do You Think?

If you watched this presentation or are familiar with Richard’s work, I want to know what you think. Leave a comment or share a story below.

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