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T&C 2020: Sell or Scale: The Ultimate Agency Crossroads

by Christina Hooper.
Last Updated on May 8, 2022

This article is part of a series breaking down the top takeaways from the key speakers at T&C 2020.

What Was This Session All About?

Marcus Murphy interviews Jackie Hermes in this video on exit strategies. If you’re a business looking to scale, or maybe you just want to be prepared, Jackie offers some helpful advice on what you need to do.

Like many people, Jackie’s business got hit by the pandemic. Her business survived by helping business leaders. Keep reading to learn more about what Jackie recommends.

Who is Marcus Murphy?

  • Head of Business Partnerships and DigitalMarketer
  • CEO and Co-Founder of The Five Percent

Who is Jackie Hermes?

  • CEO of Accelity, an 8-year old business.
  • She lost a lot of business during the pandemic, but they managed to recover.
  • She is working on expanding Accelity.
  • She just finished running the 62nd event for Accelity
  • Co-Founder of Women’s Entrepreneurship Week Milwaukee 
  • Contact “The Jackie Hermes” on LinkedIn

What We Learned

Marcus interviews Jackie on several questions about her business, recovering from the pandemic, and other helpful information.

Recovering from the Pandemic

At the beginning of the pandemic, Accelity lost about 40% of its business from March to May. So, Jackie and her team worked on how to change things. They looked at recruiting people who wanted to work. They evaluated all their clients, looked for clients that had realistic budgets for them. In the long run, they ended up expanding again. 

Exit Strategies

Accelity works with companies looking for exit strategies and helps guide them through it. Business leaders need to have a passion for their business to put in the time and the work. Companies will come to the crossroads of whether or not to scale their business or not at one point. But not everyone wants to. Some people aren’t passionate and want to sell the business and move on. 

Need to Scale vs. Want to Scale

Sometimes the work comes faster than the team in place. So then, people have more of a necessity to scale. Sometimes people have the desire to scale but don’t have the resources. 

You have to make decisions too quickly because the longer you take to make decisions will create more issues. 

Jackie sees some clients who want to scale and some who don’t. The back end of things gets messy, and the decisions are hard to make. So if you’re thinking about exiting, you need to make sure all your financial assets and everything is in order.

Everyone Should Have One

Jackie thinks everyone should have an exit strategy, just in case. 


Sometimes partnerships work for business leaders who don’t have the information and resources to form their exit strategy. Jackie recommends having many resources for various levels of details for scaling and people who help keep you accountable. 

What’s Next for Jackie

Jackie started thinking about exit strategies and began her research before the company began expanding. She decided she should be working on this and wants to continue to grow their company in helping businesses. She’s open to people contacting her. 

What Do You Think?

If you watched this presentation at T&C or you’re familiar with their work, I want to know what you think.

Leave a comment below and share your story of using their techniques to grow your business.

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