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T&C 2020: 5 Customer Acquisition Models for the New Normal

by Christina Hooper.
Last Updated on May 8, 2022

This article is part of a series breaking down the top takeaways from the key speakers at T&C 2020.

What Was This Session All About?

The session presents several models that Roland Frasier has used in his companies, and he shows how he used them and the results they generated. He focuses on how the pandemic has changed much of how we do things and what to do about it.

Who is Roland Frasier?

Roland Frasier is a founding partner at Scalable Equity and CEO at All Channels Media.

You can find out more about him on LinkedIn, but here are the top takeaways:

  1. Frasier is a serial entrepreneur for 6 Inc. companies and among the 5000 fastest-growing companies. 
  2. His portfolio consists of 37 companies and will do a little over $4 billion in combined sales this year.
  3. He started his first company in 1980.
  4. His specialties include growing and scaling companies, finding strategic leverage, and doing acquisitions and exits for growth. 

What We Learned

We learned that you should be ready for anything, and one of the ways you can do that is to have a business model that can adapt. He uses a scalable operating system. In March 2020, however, the pandemic caused businesses to struggle and be unable to predict their progress. 

What Usually Works: Scalable Operating System and Sales, Profit and Value Model

  • Predictable Sales: It’s hard to have predictable sales in a pandemic. So, you need a system to do that. 
  • Bankable Profits
  • Transferable Value

What’s Working Now

  • Challenge: Make a promise to people that they will achieve a certain result by the end of the day. It’s a multi-day event that leads into a virtual event. It then leads to upsells. 
  • Quiz Funnel: leads directly into an instant webinar. 
  • Webinar to all opt-in/non-buyers
  • Upgrade to front-end OTOs
  • Phones: Post-Challenge Follow-Up Sales 

Supplemental Scale

  • Beat Ad Fatigue: AdZombies.com- Reinvent your ads all the time, so you don’t create ad fatigue.
  • Creative Design: NoLimitCreatives.com-Doing your creatives, images, etc.
  • Automation Builds: FunnelFixIt.com
  • Funnel Flow/Copy: EmailDrips.com-quiz funnel creations
  • Image Auto-Placement: PlaceIt.net

Model #1: Mini Class

Opt-In Page

  • Opt-In Rate: 25.4%
  • Mini-Class to Elite Sales Page: 50%
  • Elite Sales Page to Application: 5%
  • Application Close Rate: 18%

Cost Per Lead

  • Before: $18-20 to acquire a customer
  • After: $7-11
  • Save: 61-45% less to get the same customer to buy the same product.

Model #2: Round-Up Funnel

Frasier and his colleagues use this in their real estate business.

Opt-In Page

  • Free+Price: $7.95
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) to acquire a book Buyer is $20.95

Round-Up Offer

  • Round up strategy: For 5 cents more ($8), you get three courses plus access to SaaS for seven days. (Software of membership)
  • 65.1% conversion rate on the round-up offer
  • 12% of the people who see the page take the $97 upsell

SaaS Rebill

  • During the seven day trial: Rebill on the SaaS subscription on 55.58% bill successfully for $149 for one month on the SaaS
  • Thirty days later: Successfully rebill 65% of those at $149 for another 30 days. 
  • CAC: For SaaS buyer, $105

Model#3 Challenge

Start with a promise that during the challenge, you will gain something. Make sure the audience can get the result that you promise. 

Opt-In Page

  • Converting 8.8% to cold traffic

1st Conversion 

  • Opt-in to buyer conversion rate to 30.46%
  • $55 Buyer to participate in the EPIC Challenge
  • CAC: $9.70 (Warm Traffic)
  • CAC: $228 (FB Cold Traffic)
  • CAC $331 (YT Cold Traffic)

You get infinite returns after several days. 

2nd Conversion

  • Upgrade offer #1 rate is 23.74%
  • $97 Buyer to upgrade VP for Zoom access plus a bonus day

3rd Conversion

  • Upgrade offer #2 conversion rate to 34.04%
  • $197 buyer to upgrade to a trilogy of books with best-of content from several of our masterminds

Additional Data Across 8 Challenges

  1. Each challenge participant returns $453-$989 within 14 days
  2. Subsequent investments: Coaching, Mastermind, Additional Sales: add up to 40k additional revenue per individual within 90 days
  3. Average monthly spend: $125k with an average of 30-day income of $500k

Model#4 Mini-Webinar

Mini-webinars are good for selling high-ticket items. High-ticket buyers don’t want to watch complete webinars, so they came up with the mini-webinar. 

Mini-Webinar Data

  • 1667 visitors
  • 417 leads
  • 167 applications
  • 83 scheduled calls
  • 54 calls 
  • Five sales
  • $27,083 revenue
  • $5,000 spent on ads

Model #5: Mini-Challenge

Mini Challenge — You have to believe your information you’re selling is valuable. 


  1. Generated between 100-200 additional $55 challenge buyers per challenge over 8 separate challenges since April 
  2. $1017 free referred $55 challenge buyers in total
  3. Average CPC for paid media cold traffic $55 challenge buyer during this time is $279.50
  4. Value of free mini-challenge referrals = $279.50 x $1017 = $284,251.50 
  5. 14.9% of the referred buyers invest in Accelerator (upsell) : 1,017 x 14.9% = 152 referral generated Accelerator buyers
  6. 40% of those buyers invest in a $6,995 program. 40% x 152= 61 buyers x $6995= $426,695
  7. 60% of those buyers invest in $2,995 program. 60% x 152=91 buyers x $2995 = $272,545
  8. Value of free mini-challenge referrals = $284,251.50; Saved CAC+ $426,695 Elite Sales + $272,545 Accelerator sales= $983,491.50

Bonus Model #6: Zero Dollar Traffic (ZDOT)

You buy the assets that already have traffic. You can buy items such as groups, social media accounts and pages, SEO swipes, IP integrations, shows, lists, and other products. 

ZDOT ROI Analysis

When you own these assets, you save money. 

What Do You Think?

If you watched Roland’s session on T&C or are familiar with his work, I want to know what you think. Leave a comment below. 

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