Translating for Clients: What is Content Marketing? [+Examples]

by Christina Hooper.
Last Updated on July 22, 2020

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is all about flipping the relationship between you and your customer. Instead of you trying to acquire them, you make them want to acquire you. 

When you do content marketing correctly, the customer will reach out to you when they’re ready and happily start a sales conversation. They will be familiar with your company, looking for what you sell, and want to talk to you about taking that next step.

You will enjoy:

  • a shorter sales cycles
  • a steady stream of sales-ready leads
  • having fewer objections to overcome during the sales process 

It’s not going to happen overnight, and it will take some effort, but the result is well worth it.

You will need to publish content that answers questions, addresses fears, and empowers future customers to have confidence in your company and your solutions.

This content will need to be promoted via social media, email, and other methods. It will also need to be optimized for search engines so you can bring in free traffic organically.

Content Marketing can include:

  • Blog articles on your company website
  • Videos on your website and on social media channels
  • Updating your messaging on crucial website pages that impact conversions
  • Content Upgrades like ebooks, whitepapers, case studies, or checklists
  • Testimonials or online reviews

Examples of Content Marketing

Example #1. River Pools and Spas 

Who they are:

River Pools and Spas is a fiberglass pool seller in the Virginia-Maryland area. The recession struck them.

What they did:

They decided to start a blog answering customer’s questions. The questions were based on searches and conversations that they were having with clients. 

What was the result:

River Pools used content (the blog) to become not only the number one seller of fiberglass pools in their area, but the country. They are now not just selling, but manufacturing their own pools.

Example #2: Jyske Bank 

Who they are:

Jyske Bank is the third-largest bank in Denmark. For years, they paid tons of money for sponsorships and didn’t want to do that anymore. 

What they did:

Jyske Bank created its own financial web TV station. They report breaking financial news as it happens, produce customized content for distinct regions of Denmark, and money-saving DIY home-repair videos.

What was the result:

Jyske Bank used content marketing to turn itself into a successful media company.

Example #3. Marriott Hotel

Who they are:

Marriott International is the world's largest hotel brand. 

What they did:

They launched a global content studio to market and promote its 19 brands.

What was the result:

In 2018, Marriott Traveler attracted 3 million unique visitors (up 78 percent from the previous year); as of September 30, visits to the individual hotel landing pages via Traveler were up 80 percent from 2017; and revenue from hotel bookings is up 200 percent compared to last year. 

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