Superpowers into Sales 12-Week Accelerator Program

Can You Leverage Your Personal Brand to Scale Your Business & Reclaim Your Time?

Let me help you ditch the imposter syndrome, be productive instead of busy, and spend more time helping the people that appreciate what you have to offer them.

Work Less, Make More

Love Your Clients

Find Your Raving Fans

Be More Focused

You Shouldn't Be the World's Best Kept Secret

We watch experts drop knowledge bombs on us and we think
"Maybe someday that will be me..."

We wait. We grind. We hope.

Stop Waiting.

You Only Need 3 Things to Be an Expert

Your Superpower

This is the thing you're just naturally good at. Other people are in awe of it and you don't understand why because it's "so simple."

Your Raving Fans

These are the people that you ENJOY being around and helping. If you only worked with them, life would be ahhh-mazing.

Your Value

This is the magic that happens when you use your superpower to do something that helps your fans do something powerful.

Don't worry — I won't make you figure those out alone... I'll help you :)

Meet My BHAG

My Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Call me crazy, but I want to see 100 "Hidden Experts" own their superpower, find their fans, and scale their business by being recognized as an expert in their space. Are you going to be one of them?

The  POWER  of Transformation

This program will cause a massive shift in your life and business.


Does this Sound Like You?

  • You're spending all day doing outreach and grinding away on sales calls with unqualified prospects
  • You're constantly busy, but rarely productive
  • You're just another face in the crowd most of the time and don't stand out
  • You're scared to put yourself out there to be judged
  • You feel like you're not successful enough to teach other people how to do things
  • You are the world's best-kept secret

Is This Where You Want to Be?

  • Have qualified prospects asking to work with you instead of having to chase down leads
  • Have a winning offer and superpower that is easy to explain and understand
  • Hang out with more people that appreciate you
  • Be successful and have clarity each day
  • Be focused and driven in the right direction
  • You are the well-known and respected industry expert in your space that's helping people every day

I'm Taking the Guesswork Out of Growing Your Business

Look — I'm not reinventing the wheel with a brand new shiny object. My Superpower is to take in a LOT of knowledge and find a way to make it easier, faster, and more foolproof to implement.

I'm using my superpower to help people just like you that are too busy chasing shiny objects and running the day-to-day and it's holding them back.

I'm condensing all of what works into a simple, foundational, strategy and then giving you my team to do all the hard work FOR YOU so it gets done right with less stress for you.

Putting into practice what we know works

Superpowers into Sales

12-Week Accelerator

This is not a course or another program that teaches you to do a bunch of things you really don't want to learn to do and quite frankly don't have the time to do. I'm giving you my time and my team to get everything done while you're in the 12-week program.

Your Kick-off Call

You are going to work with me one-on-one to find your superpower, nail down who your fans are, and decide what the value you can offer them is.

Your 12 Weeks

My team is going to do all the writing, designing, developing, and editing for you while I teach to use the assets we're going to build for you.

Your Next Steps

I'm going to be there co-hosting your first workshop and I'll introduce you to the people that can guide you as you take your best next step.

  • Write and publish your first book on Amazon
  • Create 10 authoritative videos, blogs, and social posts
  • Build your personal website
  • Revamp your social profiles with new graphics and copy
  • Do a press release and get the "As Seen On FOX, NBC, CBS, etc" for your site.
  • Create a Quiz Funnel Using Ryan Levesque's Ask Methodology
  • Create your speaker one-sheet
  • Get you lined up for at least 5 speaking opportunities

Your Investment

Because this a Done-For-You program, this is a true investment in your business and your brand.

You're not paying for just coaching and training — you're investing in having my team build, design, and launch everything for you.

pay in full


20,000 one time

Get a discount if it's feasible for you to pay in full for this program and take advantage of the savings.



7,200 /month

The same great program with flexibility to pay monthly vs up front.

Total investment = $21,600

more time


23,000 financed

We partnered with enstigate™ Financing+ to offer you a unique combo of financing + consulting. 

Who Shouldn't Join?

Let's be real honest for a minute — not everyone is cut out for this kind of thing. 

  • You let fear hold you back from the things you want.
  • Your way is the only way to do anything.
  • You aren't good at anything (very unlikely).
  • Investing in this program takes food off your table.

What Makes This Program Different

If you're like me, you're probably really tired of investing in programs that are basically just a lot of homework without the support you need to do the work right and get the result they promised. You need the expert to step up and help you — and that's what I'm doing.

You Get Me 1:on:1

Look — I'm not knocking the group programs, those are great and I'll use some group stuff and education in this one too, but that's not enough.

You're going to have time to work with me one-on-one to answer all the tough questions.

I will make sure you don't get left behind.

You Get My Team

I'm not making you do a bunch of stuff you don't know how to do —

You'll have my copywriters, my designers, my developers, and my video editors working for you to get this stuff done.

You won't have to learn to do all that technical stuff that is honestly a waste of your time and talents.

You Get My Network

I work with a lot of hidden experts and I spend a lot of time growing my network.

I'm going to introduce you to people that I think can help you grow your business as well as people that I think can help you expand your network.

Having the right group of mentors is invaluable as you scale.

What People Say About Christina & Her Team

What you just did, it felt like magic.

What we just witnessed was freakin' amazing. It was inspiring! This is why we watch sports, because it's fun to watch a person at the pinnacle of something. It's fun to watch someone who's sculpted themselves into a paragon of excellence. What you just did — it felt like magic. That was awesome.

— Kasim Aslam

You're my new favorite expert!

YES! Christina you're my new favorite expert. I've learned so much from you just in the short time that I've been working with you and I've just been absolutely thrilled with everything that we've done together and I hope to continue working with you in the future.

— Kristin Cales

The entire experience was great all around.

Christina did a great job of explaining the content in the challenge — which I was super appreciative of. She gave us a lot of great resources to where we could do homework each day and get feedback. She was super responsive. From my perspective the entire experience was great all around.

— Thomas McMillan

Very valuable expert... really knows her stuff.

10 out of 10 any day of the week — I'm always willing to learn something from Christina. Very valuable expert and she really knows her stuff, especially on the content side. I really appreciate you. Thank you so much and I can't wait to get ready to implement this stuff.

— Louis Newkirk

She gets right to the juicy stuff.

I really love the way that Christina teaches her information. She is a no-fluff type of teacher. She gets right to the juicy stuff. I really enjoyed the trainings and got a lot of out of them and was able to implement them immediately.

— Manny Torres

Frequently asked questions

What if I already have a book, website, etc...?

My team will take a look and suggest any improvements. Typically what I see when someone has pieces of this "expertise puzzle" is that they aren't as optimized as they could be and there's room for some improvement to get everything really aligned.

Are you going to show me what to do with this stuff?

Of course! I'm not going to just hand you a pile of awesomeness and then yeet you out into the world to sink or swim.

I'll be showing you how to leverage your new-found expertise during the 90 days and then when it's over, I have a whole community like-minded entrepreneurs at https://etatoday.zone where you can learn from more people like me that have superpowers in other areas.

Will it take the full 12 weeks?

Probably. We're going to be doing a LOT of work in 12 weeks, and it will probably take the full 12 weeks to get it done.

Can I do some of it myself instead of letting your team do it?

You can, but I caution against it. Your time is better spent in the strategic part of this and not in the nitty gritty of writing copy and building websites. However, if you do have a superpower for doing those things, then I would at the very least let my team take a second look at it when you're done since you have them anyway.

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  2. Make sure that this program is right for you and your goals