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Superpowers Into Sales Accelerator

Cristina Samoila helps you build processes so strong that your success is inevitable — and now the rest of the world can see how awesome she is!

Social Makeover

We rebranded her social media with all new messaging and graphics as well as getting new platforms set up and ready for big campaigns that are coming.

Website Makeover

Customers served! 50 % Increase in Website Traffic in the First 30 Days!

Her website now positions her as the Bad-Ass Process Queen that she is and makes it easy for someone to see how she can help.



In Progress

Physical Book

$100M Companies

How to create processes so strong that your success is inevitable.

This is a fun play on Alex Hormozi's $100M Offers because having a good offer doesn't mean anything if you don't have the processes to deliver on it at a high level of customer service.

In Progress

Quiz Funnel

"What's the #1 Thing Preventing You From Being a $100M Company?"

Answer a few quick questions and discover how to remove the barriers preventing you from scaling.

This funnel follows Ryan Levesque's method for creating quiz funnels. It has a great hook, immense value, and clear call-to-action that is so good it's a no-brainer.

It's also a GREAT offer to present when she's a guest on a podcast, on blog articles, or even from her book.

  1. 1
    Take the Quiz: Someone signs up to take the quiz and answers a series of questions. Those questions are based on Cristina's real experiences with clients and the software has been programmed to use that information to make a diagnosis.
  2. 2
    Get Your Results: After they've answered all the questions, they are presented with an option to enter their email to have a copy of their results sent to their inbox and then are sent to a detailed results page that provides insights and recommendations directly from Cristina's genius brain.
  3. 3
    Join the Membership: Armed with new insights and a to-do list of things to do help create a more scalable business, the quiz-taker is presented with an offer join her membership. This gives them both support via a Slack Community and her massively valueable toolbox of SOPs and other resources to help them get things done.

Press Release

We do a press release for two main reasons.

  1. To get over 200 backlinks from high-authority websites and build trust in her website for search engines.
  2. To be able to ramp up her authority with "As Seen On" or "Featured In" logos from recognizable sources on her site and other materials.

As Seen on:

Content Plan + Blogs

We mapped out a whole content plan around her superpower and the types of clients she wants to target. We plugged in existing content where it fit best and planned for new content where needed.

This allowed us to identify at least 10 articles that we could write for her now plus 3 social posts, an email blast, and a video script per article so she can really ramp up her online presence.

In Progress

Speaker Sheet

One thing every good expert needs to do more of is public speaking — hosting workshops for themselves, co-hosting workshops with other people, getting on more stages as a keynote speaker, etc. This means you need an easy way to let people know how you can deliver an awesome experience.

Social Media Hype Campaign

When you're relaunching your business and making a splash as an expert, you need to tell everyone about it.

Superpowers Into Sales Accelerator

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