4 Reasons You Should Add Guest Podcasting to Your Marketing Mix

by Christina Hooper.
Last Updated on November 13, 2020

Did you know that 16 million people living in the U.S. are “avid podcast fans?” 

But only 55% of the U.S. population has ever listened to a podcast — meaning there's plenty of room for an increase in avid listeners as podcasting grows in popularity.

In fact, recent projections expect the global podcasting market to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 27.5% between 2020-2027.

With podcast popularity expected to rise steadily in the coming years, you’d be leaving cash on the table by not jumping on the bandwagon of guest podcasting while the iron is still hot.

Still not convinced? Keep reading for four more reasons that you should add guest podcasting to your marketing mix.

Reason #1: Gets You in Front of a New Audience

Marketers and content strategists both know that the goal of any effective marketing campaign is to effectively get your message out to your target audience in a way that they’ll actually listen and follow through on the CTA. 

With guest podcasting, achieving this endgame is much easier to do. Why? Because you can target podcasts, you want to appear on by choosing ones hosted by your ideal customers or someone whose audience comprises your ideal customers.

If the host is an ideal customer for you, simply appearing on their podcast puts you in direct contact with someone who needs your product or service without the tension and guardedness of a sales pitch. 

Instead, you’ll have an informative and insightful discussion during the podcast that’ll naturally lead into a chat about your products or services as a way of solving your customer’s pain points. Then, if the host is intrigued and impressed by you, they’ll ask for a sales pitch and more information on how to start working with you. 

On the other hand, if your ideal customers make up the bulk of the host’s audience, you’ll benefit even more because their audience is already engaged and trusts the host’s advice. And, because their audience already trusts them, that means their audience will trust you too because the host endorsed you by bringing you on their show.

Reason #2: Builds Trust in Your Brand

Not only will the host’s audience trust you more, but your audience will trust you more, too, just for getting featured on a popular podcast. Getting spotlighted in this way establishes your credibility, which builds trust in your brand. 

Just think about it. The host's audience already sees them as a trustworthy expert. And, the number of people tuning into their podcast will only continue to grow with every new episode they produce.

Over time, as more and more people can find and listen to the host’s podcast, the chances of the episode you appeared in getting in front of someone new increases.  Eventually, the more podcasts you appear in, the more your audience will grow. People will begin to seek you out to hear what you have to say and purchase your products and services.

Another way guest podcasting builds trust is by allowing people to peek at the human behind the brand. And, Storytelling is an effective way to reach your audience in a way that captures their attention and makes you memorable. What better way to invite them into a story where they can connect with a human than a podcast?

Listeners will get to know your voice and connect with your personality through listening to you interact with different podcast hosts. As they follow your guest appearances, you can invite them into new stories each time.

Reason #3: It’s Not Time-Consuming to Do

Marketers and content strategists seem to never have enough time in their day for all the tasks that need doing. That means time-consuming strategies aren’t ideal, especially if there is a better and faster alternative.

One of the biggest upsides of guest podcasting for marketers and content strategists is that it’s incredibly effective and not time-consuming to do. At a minimum, you only need a little time to prepare plus the time spent getting interviewed, which doesn’t add up to much time at all.  

What makes it so effective is that one podcast can generate various types of high-quality content that your audience will eagerly consume. The more podcast shows you appear in, the more opportunities you'll have to create new content based on your show appearances.

Suppose the host conducts the interview through video chat and records it. In that case, you'll get a video and a podcast episode from the host, and you can create a blog article, social media blasts, and email newsletters from those without consuming too much more of your time. 

Then, simply create an article on your website with links to both the video and podcast episode, and then spread the word by sharing your blog article out on all your social media channels, as well as your email newsletter.

Evergreen content can get promoted on a schedule by rotating different copies for several social media blasts and as part of an email nurture campaign.

Reason #4: It Generates Backlinks

Videos and podcasts are the most shared content types out there, which means you’ll generate several backlinks to relevant sites by appearing on different shows. 

Shows with a sizable audience of loyal followers eagerly awaiting each new episode will likely share their favorite episodes with anyone who’ll listen. Some of these listeners are also bloggers who will create articles based on the podcast and share it with their audience. 

The more people you have that create content based on the episodes you appear in, the more backlinks that’ll get generated for you. People quoting what you said and linking your name or company name to your website, as well as the link the host adds in the show notes, is what makes these backlinks work for you.

On top of that, when you create articles based on the show and share them on your site, then people linking to your post as a source generates even more backlinks for you too.

How to Get Featured on Someone’s Podcast

Now that you know all the reasons you should add guest podcasting to your marketing mix, let’s do a quick rundown of the steps you’ll need to take to get you and your client featured on the best podcast shows.

Step #1: Make a List of Podcast Shows to Reach Out To

Research podcasts with an audience comprised of your ideal customers. You do this by searching Google for “best podcasts for X” or “most popular podcasts for X.”

For example:

  • Best podcasts for marketing
  • Most popular podcasts for marketing
  • Best podcasts for engineers
  • Most popular podcasts for engineers

Step #2: Clarify the Problem You Solve For Their Audience

What value will you provide to the host’s audience by appearing as a guest on their show? You need extreme clarity in your own mind on this so that you can explain clearly and quickly why the host would want to interview you as a guest before reaching out to the podcasts on your list.

Step #3: Contact the Podcast Hosts on Your List

Email or private message the hosts on your list using the following script:

Hi there! My name is [your name here], and I’m the [job title] of/at [company name]. I would love to discuss the possibility of appearing as a guest on your podcast show. I’m an expert at [topic/skill/industry], and I can help your audience [the value you’ll provide]. If you’re interested, let me know, and we can set up a time to talk that works for you. Thanks so much for your time and consideration! I hope to hear from you soon :-). Take care!

Step #4: Prepare for the Interview

Once you get scheduled for your first guest appearance, you’ll want to take a little time to prepare some key talking points you want to discuss and send them over to the host. Make sure to include all the contact information you want the host to share with their audience so they’ll know how to contact you after listening to the episode.

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