008 — Garrett D’Entremont Helped Build Digital Marketer’s Coaching Program from the Ground Up

In this episode, Christina interviewed Garrett D’Entremont. Garrett is the program manager at Digital Marketer and helped to build it from the ground up.

Let’s look at how he did it.

Questions and Answers

  • 00:30 how did you get here, what do you do
  • 04:54 what was the goal
  • 09:06 what are the changes, what are you doing different
  • 13:25 favorite parts of the program 
  • 18:52 some of the coolest wins
  • 23:30 advice or tips on coaching programs

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[00:00:00] Christina Hooper: Hey, busy business people. I am here today with another entrepreneur taking action, or actually somebody who helps entrepreneurs take action, I guess, would be more accurate. Garrett D'Entremont. He is the program manager for the Digital Marketer Elite Coaching Program, and he helped build it from the ground up.

[00:00:15] And I'm getting the scoop today on how he did it.

[00:00:29] To kick things off, tell us a little bit about what you do, who you are, how did you get to this point in your life, where you are building a coaching program for Digital Marketer?

[00:00:38] Garrett D'Entremont: Yeah, so hello, I'm Garrett D'Entremont. You, I love hearing the French way to pronounce it - D'Entremont.

[00:00:45] Christina Hooper: Two years of high school french, that's how I have to do it. 

[00:00:48] Garrett D'Entremont: Yes. Well, I'm so excited. Down here in Texas, we just say it phonetically, know, don't get to all cracked up about it, but yeah love to hear it nonetheless, but yeah, I am the program manager for the Elite Coaching Program at Digital Marketer. I've been at Digital Marketer for almost five years now, so I know a lot of people listening to this are going to be entrepreneurs.

[00:01:16] I'm more of an intrepreneur here at DM. And there is a lot of opportunities, especially at this company to you know, provide that entrepreneurial spirit that I have within me, you know, within the roles that you know, exist at DM and especially whenever you're starting stuff new. So, so yeah, the Elite Coaching Program started about a year and a half ago.

[00:01:44] Right whenever COVID started coincidentally. I remember one of the things that you know, they said, "Hey, you know, we want you to do this new thing. It's super exciting. Guess what? You're going to get to work from home." Two weeks later that wasn't a benefit anymore. It was a, it was just the reality of life, you know? We all do that now, but but yeah, you know, Ryan who is our CEO of Digital Marketer tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Hey, you know, I think it'd be great to start doing this. You know, Here's kind of what I had in mind." And I said, "okay well, you what all is that going to entail? You know, What is the product deliverable of that." Which is I think where everyone regardless of where you are in your professional career, you need to write down what the heck you're doing. Right. 

[00:02:43] I think it's something that so many people overlook the ability to just take a blank piece of paper and craft your idea right there in, in what I did is just a like, uh, bullet points and and deliverables and just listed them down and went back and forth with it's super simple.

[00:03:06] It's like, it's let me, let me tell you a tip and trick here, open up Google, you know, Google word or what, you know, whatever Google docs you're using, whatever you're using say "this is my product" and write it down in a one pager and keep it super simple, you know, keep it simple, stupid. That's what we use that acronym all the time around Digital Marketer.

[00:03:27] So it keep it simple stupid. Write it down and, and so basically just took this idea that Deiss had and said, "This is how we're how I think we can deliver. It, went through several iterations of that. And then now we have what we have today, and we've seen that progress as every quarter moves on, you know, we try to get better and listen to what our customers are doing and you know, how they're getting value out of the program and leveraging those things more and, you know, get rid of the, all the fluff. 

[00:04:04] Christina Hooper: And I like, you know, you're an intrepreneur versus an entrepreneur, but there are so many people in our audience that they're kind of doing the same thing. Right. But they're having to play both roles that they're playing Ryan's role and your role. They're having big ideas and they've got to go execute.

[00:04:19] And a lot of them are building their own coaching programs. That's kind of like the thing right now, so to speak, like everybody's building their own tribes, they're building their own coaching programs, which is I wanted to pick your brain because you've built a really good one. I think I've been in it almost since the beginning actually, and it was one of the first investments that when it was time to renew after a year, it was a no brainer. Like I thought about it for like 30 seconds and said "no, yeah, we're going to do it." You know, Like it's the first one I think I've ever renewed without having to like, sit on that thought for like a week.

[00:04:50] So I'm still like building this thing, like Ryan came to you, had an idea, like what in the heck was the goal of it? Like, we're just going to build a coaching for what was it supposed to do in the beginning? 

[00:05:01] Garrett D'Entremont: Yeah. So, it depends who you ask this question to, you know, uh, you know, I think for us you know, if you look from the top down and kind of my directive is we needed a high value you know, customer segment, basically we have - what we had - at our disposal was a content library that was huge. Right? And that's how you give the vast majority of our customers, right. Come in through that. Right. They come in you know, a lot of people did a dollar trial, a free trial or a $7 lead magnet. Right. And, And that gets you in the door.

[00:05:46] And then, you know, we use our lists to cultivate and You know, send those customers as, you know, our ascension ladder and they're in our customer value journey. For me, right, I am always thinking about our customer and how we can serve them. Right. So I uh, I saw this content library and I've talked to a bunch of people about it.

[00:06:11] And I said, "man, we have all this content, but I don't always know if I'm doing it right. Or what order I should be doing it in. Or, know, like, basically I need somebody to help me to do all this stuff." you know, you know, Aside from going out there and hiring somebody to do it yourself, which is always an option as well.

[00:06:31] And, And I think that, you know, for some people in certain aspects, you should do that. Right. But for us, we wanted to provide a space where people can ask questions from a qualified - not just some schmuck off the street, you know? But, but actually people who are practitioners and can answer this in a qualified way and give a place for people to meet regularly and ask those questions and ultimately be held accountable for knocking out things that you do.

[00:07:05] You know, You're doing on a weekly, quarterly basis, right? We do quarterly planning but you know, just given that space, given that community and, and having You know, a guide, a Sherpa along the way to, to ask those questions. And it sounds like, you know, at least for you, you said, you know, Hey, we renewed right away.

[00:07:25] I know you've been in it for over a year at this point in time. Yeah. Very humbled to hear that very humbled to hear you know, during last year, like I said, we started right in the middle. I mean, March, you know,

[00:07:39] Christina Hooper: I think that's about when I came back into the Digital Marketer world actually. So like I've toyed in and out of Digital Marketer with the lab stuff.

[00:07:46] Exactly what you're talking about, you know, like I would get into lab and there was so much stuff and I would realize I'm not using it, so I would cancel. And then I would come back and I think I did that off and on for years. And then COVID hit and he goes, did that whole comeback for 14 days for free.

[00:08:01] And I was like, oh, there's a lot of good stuff. I'll go poke at it for 14 days and then ended up in Elite. And it's like, yeah having access to the coaches, you know, I mean, that was, that's the thing. I think so many people don't realize how much like content library. Every business owner, I talked to, they have a content library.

[00:08:18] They might not have organized it the way that Digital Marketer organized theirs, but they all have one. They have blog articles, they have emails, they have sales pitch decks. They have like so much stuff that they use to explain value and teach customers things. And they don't realize that if you just dump that out there on the world.

[00:08:35] You know, They don't know where to start. What do you do? What do you click on? Where do you go? How do you make sure it's working? And I think that's the coolest part about the coaching program, but then you've also got some really unique challenges because like you've got people that have been in it you know, since COVID like me and you got people that are just now coming in, you've got people that are seasoned business owners, making millions, and you've got people that haven't even made their first dollar.

[00:08:59] You've got people that don't know anything about DM and that people that are like drinking every DM sip of Kool-Aid they can get their hands on. Like how on earth are you? Like you had to structure a program that worked for all of that. And I've seen you kind of make changes and stuff as you go, like, what are some challenges?

[00:09:17] What are you having to do differently? Because your people are coming in all over the place. 

[00:09:21] Garrett D'Entremont: You're exactly right. And identifying one of our core challenges that we currently face right now. Right. Because we do have a discrepancy of people from just like you said, that a pre-revenue all the way to multi-million dollar businesses that are with us.

[00:09:38] Right. And so, uh, Everything that we teach is kind of, I mean, I'm an old football player, know, like, you know, stick to the fundamentals. Right. You know, you know, Learn your tackling learn your position learn how you're supposed to be lining up. Right. This goes for everyone. And I think there's so many people that you know, aren't tracking their metrics and if they are, they're not tracking it consistently or tracking ones that are that are actual needle movers.

[00:10:08] Right. I don't care if you are pre-revenue or you're $18 million in revenue. Which, you know, literally I talked to businesses of both sizes this week and it's Tuesday. You know, It doesn't matter, you still have to be tracking this, you know, the, these needle movers in your business, right. And specifically we're looking at marketing, there's all sorts of, I mean, you can hire a Digital Marketer and you can, you know, if you're looking at a whole business, but what we look at specifically is marketing.

[00:10:39] Right. And and so. So stick with those fundamentals do the things that work, no matter your business size, right. You know, The really the three things that we do is one, we track your, you know, how you're actually structuring this whole thing. That's the customer value journey. We're looking at your metrics with your growth scorecard and we're planning quarterly.

[00:11:01] Right. And, And so that. I don't care who you are, what size you are. You're going to be needing to do that consistently to have clear direction in your business and you know, to track results. So, so just doing that has been huge. There's more stuff that that we talk about as a team. That's, you know, I Q4 we had big changes that happened last year.

[00:11:29] I think we're going to have some big ones this year for Q4. I'm super excited about some stuff. Can't drop any uh, too much yet. Cause we're still in the planning phases. But but yeah, it's certainly, it's not something where - we made the conscious decision early on as a team to put people in all shapes and sizes and types inside of coaching groups.

[00:11:53] Right? So you have people that are up here and, you know, they're having to hear the struggles of people that are, you know, down pre-revenue and, you know, sometimes it helps, but sometimes it's not getting value. And so, so we are like, we're not saying, oh, we're stuck in concrete, and this is the only way to do it.

[00:12:13] Right. We're constantly getting uh, you know, information from our users. Right. And and refining the product based on that feedback. 

[00:12:25] Christina Hooper: I know I've seen so many changes just as you guys have been going through. As I said, I've been in it for pretty much the whole time. And I know like you started off, you identified those core fundamentals that you said that everybody needs to do, and you guys had those in that kickstart.

[00:12:38] But we kinda just, initially we jumped straight in with a coach and went running, not everybody did the kickstart. I don't know who that would be. And they just jumped straight in, you know, and didn't really do the fundamentals like they should have. And I noticed like some of the changes you made along the way, just not being afraid to change was, you know, you guys started that where you have that entry thing where they hang out with you and they get the fundamentals down before they can even get a coach.

[00:13:02] And I've seen the people coming in. That are coming through that and it's night and day different. So not being afraid to change, to do that kind of stuff. You guys have changed your whole membership platform. You went from Facebook to Circle, which is a huge move to make that decision with that many people and you implemented action squads, I think you just, haven't been afraid to change if it served your people.

[00:13:22] And I think that is just so powerful. Out of all of that, what are some of your favorite parts of the program? What are the things that you enjoy the most?

[00:13:31] Garrett D'Entremont: Yeah. You mentioned one of the big changes that we made, which is a to our onboarding process. And I think that's any, anyone should be refining their onboarding process.

[00:13:41] If you have you know,- I don't care what your, your product is. You should be constantly saying how how our customers you know, they're buying it. How are they implementing it in their lives? Really creating a part of their routine around it, ultimately. Right. And so, so we found at the very beginning, we had this cool content that was a 30-Day kickstart deal. Anyways we found people were kind of jumping in just like, as you mentioned before, and they're like jumping in the groups and all your questions come around these three documents that, you know, I mentioned before customer value journey, growth scorecard, customer planning canvas .

[00:14:25] Uh, we, We found if we created a space where people could work exclusively on that. And then ultimately they have you know, a sense of accomplishment as they get through this 30-day Kickstart. Like, "oh man, I finished it. I feel good about where I'm at." the, The next phase of our program, which, you know, you're kind of in that accountability, ongoing, you know, question asking a coach, and things like that.

[00:14:52] Your questions become much more meaningful and targeted during that time. And, know, it's it's, we can use the time that we have with a coach. Right. And you know, these coaches are. I said this earlier there they're qualified experts that are running multi-million dollar agencies on their own.

[00:15:12] So, you know, time is of essence and valuable to all of us. Right. But, But really them who, you know, they're spinning all sorts of plates, right? So w we have to take the time that, that they have with us and leverage that to, know, to the most efficient use of that time. So that can happen once you have indoctrinated these people they're speaking to your lingo.

[00:15:36] Right. And you know, you're not having to educate them you know, inside of a more advanced call. Right. So, so that was a very huge change we made also a lot of the automation pieces, I'm a big fan of automation. You know, You mentioned some of the software upgrades that we use. W e use Air Table here in our program. We're the first people at Digital Marketer to bring on that new technology, another uh, another you know, call out to that intrepreneur spirit and like kind of, evaluating new software and saying, "Hey, how can we use this to better the customer experience?"

[00:16:20] We really liked rolling that out. And, And it's something that we've seen grow inside of Digital Marketer as a whole because we started here. Right. So, so creating, you know yeah. Just seeing where people are kind of getting hung up. Cause you can see it. You're going to see it. You're going to see people saying, "Hey, at the end of this 30-Days, I'm feeling lost. Where the heck am I supposed to go?"

[00:16:46] Right. "Okay, cool. You know what I'm going to do, you know, schedule some time with me, you know, after you finish this thing. We're going to make sure everything's kind of outlined you, you have clear direction on where to go next and then, you know, we'll continue to refine and meet on an ongoing basis."

[00:17:03] But but yeah, I mean, just finding, hearing, listening, being empathetic and creating stuff. Cool solutions around it. It's a rewarding experience for sure. 

[00:17:15] Christina Hooper: Well, and I think it's really cool too, that you drew a line in the sand on your onboarding. Like, you know, everybody's kinda like where do you exit onboarding and you go into continuous delivery.

[00:17:24] And being able to draw that line in the sand. Like once you have your three documents, now you can go, now you can move forward. So they have this goalpost they have to meet, they have something they are driving towards. I see a lot of people, especially with programs like this that are ongoing or where it's like a yearly payment instead of a monthly payment.

[00:17:42] It's really easy to think oh, well, onboarding is the whole first year, but it's not. People aren't going to stick with it for more than like, what was it like 30-Days I think max for most people. Or whenever your payment renews, if it's a monthly payment you know, a few days before that next payment or a few days after that's, when they question, is it worth it?

[00:17:59] You know, Most people won't give it more than 30-Days before they question if it was worth it. I've quit programs after the very first meeting in the program, because I was like, "screw it, this isn't for me" and I've exited. So people will jump fast, especially when they're busy. And I like something else you just said too.

[00:18:16] When you're talked about evaluating software - and this is something I see entrepreneurs, I think get it wrong a lot. You said we looked at "how can it benefit the customer experience? Not how can it make my life better? Because I mean, that's good too. Right? You know, When you've got a bunch of things, you're doing a whole bunch of stuff, you need something that makes your life better, but how's it going to make the customer experience better?

[00:18:35] That's powerful. That's a powerful little word there, Garrett, that little sentence, there, that's something that people just don't think about and this to get something you have to constantly question. Now you get to meet almost everybody that goes through this program. If not everybody, I think you actually meet every single person that goes through this program.

[00:18:57] Yeah. So what do people do. I mean, you see them from like very beginning and like, some of us are still here a year and a half later, and you're still - we can talk to you. We can reach out to you. We can hit you up in Circle and have conversations. What are you seeing us do -- what are some cool things?

[00:19:11] Garrett D'Entremont: I'm never very far away, you know, so you can always find me and yeah, I have gotten the opportunity to now You know, have a touch point with everyone that comes in the program. I, I, you until it gets overwhelming and then, you know, maybe we'll hire somebody else, but but no, I enjoy talking with people. So I think that's one of the big that's one of my big strengths. So I'm like, why would I not You know, use my strength, even though it creates a little more work, but it's enjoyable to me. So, so I do that.

[00:19:44] Christina Hooper: A lot more work. There's a lot of people in that program and you were literally talking to every one of us, a lot of work. I don't think anybody else I know talks to that many people in a week as what you do.

[00:19:57] Garrett D'Entremont: I have - I, I enjoy it though. So that's the extrovert part of me is like, you know, yes, I still get to meet with people. So, but you, you asked specifically about success stories and things that make this thing so rewarding to me. And that's something that I'll continue to say. You'll hear rewarding from me because it is, it's like a fulfilling thing to know that people come into this program and their lives and businesses are changed - changed. I mean, you know, and, you know, as it can be, everyone knows there, are there some stories that you're like, ah, wish we could help this person, of course. But it's the people whose businesses, the people who are pre-revenue that go to substantial amount of revenue are my, those are my most fun stories because they took this idea and they, they execute on it.

[00:20:53] Yeah. You know, They're generating revenue. And the next level of that is when they start hiring people, right? So you take people that were solopreneurs, and they start bringing people on that is such a meaningful thing for me, because not only are we creating a livelihood for this entrepreneur, but for their entire team that they're bringing on, there's somebody who started by themselves and has an eight person team now in the past year, they've grown in that size.

[00:21:32] Right. So, so knowing that we're literally putting food on the table for people's families, you know, is uh, eight people at one company that started from one person that is the most rewarding experience for me. 

[00:21:50] Christina Hooper: I know I've gone from two to 35 just since I've been at Digital Marketer, I just meeting people and making connections.

[00:22:01] And I mean, it's been such a great community. Like you guys have created a vibe. I say, you guys it's, you've been doing it all you and the coaches, but you're the one bringing it all together and make it, all of it work, you know? and the community is amazing. You can ask anything and not feel bad. And there is somebody who's been there done that, that will answer it.

[00:22:22] I know I've been reaching out and interviewing other people that have had successes that have hired people. Like I talked to one guy who managed to hire his first account manager, and that is a tough position to hire. You are letting go of customers and letting someone else manage their experience.

[00:22:37] That is a really hard, and he had grew to that point. He did. He offloaded his first couple of customers to his new account manager and let them run them. Those success stories are just like, they touch you right in the feels when you get to see some of that kind of stuff, it's amazing. And like I've even helped, like people ask questions.

[00:22:54] And just the fact that I gave advice that in the tiniest little bit away, help them, you know, do something. And I get to see their success story when they share their wins in Circle or in Facebook. And it's like, Yay. Good for you. That's awesome. And it's just exciting. And you see that all the time. I feel like every week we're hearing those, you know, we get into the action squads, we get into the topical calls, we get into the, and the accountability calls and we see them in the Circle group. And it's like, there are so many wins. Every single week. It's just such a positive group. I love it. 

[00:23:25] Just have to throw that out there. So wrapping it up here. Do you have any advice or tips like people are going out there and like I said, they're building coaching programs, they're creating their own and their little niche of the world, trying to accomplish something and share their expertise and engage their tribe.

[00:23:42] And do you have any tips, any advice that you would share with them as they're going to do that? 

[00:23:46] Garrett D'Entremont: So many. You I will say I, I mentioned it early on keep it simple, stupid, you know, just a uh, acronym that we use around here. Write it down, put it on a piece of paper. If it doesn't make sense to you, it's not going to make sense for a customer.

[00:24:05] So. write this stuff down, make it easy to understand. If you can't explain it an elevator pitch to your you know, to your wife, then, you know, you're, you're in trouble there. So, so do that. Another uh, thing that I will mention I I've worked with a lot of businesses you know, thousands at this point Grow a list and cultivate that list.

[00:24:36] So I think it's something that people overlook all the time which is, you know, actually, 

[00:24:42] Christina Hooper: Especially since they use Facebook groups because they don't own the list sometimes. Like you got them signing up, you asked for their email and the membership questions and don't realize, like, I didn't realize that Facebook just yeets that away once you're approved for the member and it's gone.

[00:24:58] And you don't have that information anymore. And I've seen so many people that have and put so much effort into grow in those groups. They've lost all the emails. 

[00:25:06] Garrett D'Entremont: Yeah, that's a little hack right there. That's a Christina hack that I didn't even know, you know, Facebook will just get rid of that email once they put it in.

[00:25:14] So, you know, copy and paste that and, you know, you know, add, yeah, 

[00:25:18] Christina Hooper: I signed up for something called Group Leads. I think it's like a Chrome extension and it will read it and, you know, shift it over into a Google spreadsheets. I've been using that, but yeah, I lost 120 something entries, 120 something people that I don't have their email address. 'cause, I didn't know that it was doing that. I assumed I set up the membership questions and I will be able to find the answers again somewhere. So they're just gone. So yeah, making sure from the beginning that you have their emails and whatever you're doing, that you have their emails.

[00:25:53] Garrett D'Entremont: Yeah. Yeah. And another, a word of advice here is to. You know, Keep your tech stack simple to start with. I, this is something that you and I talked about earlier, you, your CRM was note cards to start with. And I think you probably still have some on your desk next to you. But the using free tools and Google Sheets and things like that are at your disposal are you know, highly encouraged as you start something.

[00:26:26] Keep, I still have this mentality in my mind, even though we're a pretty high you know, MRR and and, and annual revenue. So there you go. At, At this point in time I try to have the lowest You know, bottom line as I possibly can. You know, So this includes with our tech solutions that we use, we don't try to use anything super expensive you know, even the Air Table, which I mentioned before, not a super expensive solution there.

[00:26:57] Christina Hooper: So, so yeah, 

[00:26:59] Our accountability call spreadsheets or in Google Sheets. 

[00:27:02] Garrett D'Entremont: Yeah. And then my final word of advice is, know, have a - find somebody that you can ask questions to. You know, Have a community, have somebody who who is an expert who has been there, done that, right. That they can say they can quickly say, "Hey, here's how I overcame that."

[00:27:25] Or, you know, even somebody that can say this looks good, go out and execute on it. Right. That. Uh, It's huge. And I guess one final word you know, you talked about the wins before we, we celebrate those in our community take time and and, and, and, you know, celebrate those internally with those people around you as well.

[00:27:47] Because you that attitude of gratitude is something that we try to convey at, at, at DM and and inside of our community. So, just remember to give thanks and you know, just You know, pass those positive vibes on, you know, because we're all working hard. We're all trying to you know, serve the people around us.

[00:28:10] And and yeah, that's hopefully those are some good advice. That's like pretty much my years of experience that I can give everyone that is listening to this. 

[00:28:22] Christina Hooper: Yeah. Well, I mean, those are things I tell people all the time too. I mean, you've got to be willing to pick people's brains. There's always somebody who has walked that path before you.

[00:28:31] And I don't know anybody. Like most entrepreneurs will give you 30 minutes of their time. Book as maybe 30 minute calls with as many people as you can and pick their brains. Like you learn so much and can overcome so many potholes in 30 minutes. And I love the tech advice. I mean, yeah, this is my CRM when I started Content Ninjas, it's literally index cards and I've been a HubSpot partner agency for eight years.

[00:28:52] I help people set up CRMs and automations. I am tech inclined. I love software, but this let me pivot quickly. This, let me figure out very, very quickly what my stages were that my customers were going through without a lot of like pomp and circumstance. It was so fast, so easy, and now it is in software, but I keep this just to illustrate that point.

[00:29:14] But yeah, I mean, it's like, and it lets you do exactly what you were saying earlier. Like how can we use software to improve the experience? So even if you have to do it low tech to start. Go low tech, you know, and then figure out, okay, how can we make this better? So, yeah, I love - great advice all the way around all the way around.

[00:29:35] So if anybody's listening to this and you're not in the DM Elite's program, you need to join because it is amazing. 

[00:29:41] Garrett D'Entremont: Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah, the shameless plug uh, you know, go to DigitalMarketer.com you know, go find our Elite stuff. It'd be great. We'd love to at least talk to you and we can be able to help you.

[00:29:54] I'm sure a lot of the listeners here are already Elite customers. So, you know, if you are, yeah. 

[00:30:01] Christina Hooper: A lot of people in my world are hanging out in the Elite world. That's how I met them. So yeah, because it is such a community.

[00:30:08] Garrett D'Entremont: I wanted to say just one other piece of advice. It takes longer than you think it does.

[00:30:14] Everything takes a little bit longer. So plan for a, you know, if you think you're going to execute something in a week, it might take a month. We

[00:30:24] Christina Hooper: Think I was listening to something with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi over the weekends, and they say that we always overestimate what we can accomplish in a year and underestimate what we can do in five.

[00:30:36] Garrett D'Entremont: Exactly. 

[00:30:37] Christina Hooper: And it was like, that was a little powerful nugget. I think it was Tony Robbins that was saying that. And it's like, yeah. And we do, we really do. We overestimate what we can accomplish in a week or two weeks, but then we look at, you know, what we could accomplish in a year and we pull that line back.

[00:30:53] We don't push, we don't say here's where it can be in a year. And it's like, it's so true. And I love it. 

[00:30:59] Garrett D'Entremont: Yeah. Well, that's a, that's a good one there too. So yeah. Appreciate you, Christina. Absolutely.

[00:31:07] Christina Hooper: Thank you so much for coming on and doing this for sharing this advice. I said, you guys definitely head over to DigitalMarketer.com wherever you were watching this video at somewhere on the interwebs, there will be links to all of that to go check it out.

[00:31:18] I love the Elite program literally changed my life. One of the best coaching programs I have ever seen. So being able to pick your brain and take you away from all the busy things you're doing over there and pull some of those nuggets out, I think is so helpful. And then, you know, guys, entrepreneurs, this is your call to take action and join our community at etatoday.zone and learn how to build a business that enables your lifestyle instead of taking over your life. 

[00:31:40] We're constantly learning from amazing people like Garrett and a lot of other business owners and stuff that are out there doing cool things that are treading those paths before we do and can give us nuggets of advice.

[00:31:50] So thank you again, Garrett, for doing this and all y'all have a great day.

[00:31:59] Garrett D'Entremont: Thank you.
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