Superpowers Into Sales Mastermind

We Help Expert Entrepreneurs Build Businesses That Level-Up Their Lifestyle

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This group is designed especially for passion-driven entrepeneurs that want the freedom to choose how they spend their time as they grow their business. 

You could be a good fit if...

  • You want to grow your network of trusted advisors and reliable partners to deliver value to your clients.
  • You are doing at least $1M annually in sales.
  • You are actively seeking to scale your business.
  • You are trying to take on more of a spokesperson role for your brand and "be the face" of the company.
  • You have a specialized expertise at one or more areas that people in your field can benefit from.
  • You are seeking out more opportunities to speak on stages, do more with video, and establish your expertise.

If any of those sound like you, then you might be a good fit for our mastermind.

Apply to Join the Superpowers Into Sales Mastermind

After applying, we will review your application and reach out to schedule a time to meet you.

We will never sell, rent, or do anything shady with your email address. This mastermind is $10k annually.

Any Questions?

If you're not sure if this mastermind is right for you, or if you have any questions at all, then you can contact me and my team at. or text (706) 524-8169

Christina Hooper

I help you turn your Superpowers into Sales so you can build a business that enables your lifestyle instead of taking over your life. I'm also StoryBrand Certified Guide, BMS Certified Coach, and DigitalMarketer Certified Partner.