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As a professional services provider, your billable time is valuable. You don't want to waste it on bad marketing tactics that won't yield the results you're looking for.

In 5 Simple Steps, we'll show you how to build a comprehensive plan that will move the needle for you.


What They Say about the Book

“Consulting is a competitive field and I needed an easy-to-follow strategy to help me cut through the noise.”

"I wanted to get a plan together instead of just executing on random tactics. This book helped me do that in a matter of hours, not days."


What’s Inside the Book?

The 3 Functions of Marketing

Build Your Audience

Learn which tactics are the most effective at helping you reach the right people and craft the message that will get their attention.

Engage Your Audience

Once you have their attention, learn how to keep it. See which tactics work for subscribers, downloaders, and customers.

Generate Revenue

Learn how to leverage your engaged audience of leads and customers and generate revenue for your business.

The Requirements for Success

Build Your Strategy

Now that you understand all the core essentials of marketing, it's time to assemble them into a cohesive strategy that you can implement and track. Know how you're going to build, engage, and profit.

Find an Execution Partner

Your time is money and you need to spend both wisely. Learning to market effectively is time-consuming and you need an execution partner for some tactics if you want to be able to scale up your efforts.

About the Author

Christina Hooper

Christina has been a marketer and brand developer for over 14 years. She's owned and grown her own successful professional services firm and helped hundreds of other B2B service providers build their brands and reach their revenue goals. She knows the value of time and how to streamline strategy while maximizing results.

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