Christina Hooper

COO & Web Ninja at Sparkitive

Christina is an anime fan who does inbound marketing... in that order. She also thinks that consumer-centric marketing combined with bad-ass automation software like HubSpot and a staff of Web Ninjas to put it all together is the only way to market online successfully.

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25 Quartermaster Circle

Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742


Social Media Certified

Inbound Certified

Inbound Marketing Certified

Growth-Driven Design Certified

HubSpot Marketing Software

Sales Enablement Certified

Client Management Certified

Selling Sales Services Certified

Delivering Sales Services Certified

Inbound Sales Certified

Email Marketing Certified

Content Marketing Certified

Developing a Sales Plan Certified

Delivering Client Success Certified

HubSpot Sales Software Certified

Contextual Marketing Certified

Growth-Driven Design Agency Certified

HubSpot Agency Partner

Content Marketing Specialist Certified

Analytics & Data Specialist Certified

Optimization & Testing Specialist Certified

Ecommerce Marketing Specialist Certified

Search Marketing Specialist Certified

Email Marketing Specialist Certified

Customer Acquisition Specialist Certified

Customer Value Optimization Specialist Certified

Social & Community Manager Certified

Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist Certified

Community Management Specialist Certified