7 Simple Content Upgrade Ideas You Can Create for Clients

by Christina Hooper.
Last Updated on July 30, 2020

Creating content upgrades doesn’t have to be so time-consuming and costly. It is possible to create high-converting content upgrades without all the hassle.

We understand you have limited time and resources for creating content. Even if your client expressed their willingness to consider putting more money toward the marketing budget, we know a bigger budget isn’t likely.

But we also understand the importance of content upgrades for generating leads. We don’t want you to rely on generic, low-converting lead magnets. 

We created this list of 7 simple content upgrades you could use to quickly create and repurpose content for all your clients. Keep reading to find out how to get those creative ideas flowing and make sure you download your free Silo Planning Workbook before you go.

7 Simple Content Upgrades

Content Upgrade #1: Internal Worksheets

As an agency owner for Sparkitive, I’m always creating and utilizing worksheets to make my job easier. Our Silo Planning Workbook started as a workbook I used for planning content marketing campaigns for my clients.

Now that I’ve started Content Ninjas, it’s become an excellent content upgrade for articles just like this one. I didn’t spend extra time having to create it — making it a super quick and low-cost content upgrade.

Do your clients have internal worksheets that can be repurposed as content upgrades? If so, you’d be missing a prime opportunity for generating leads if you don’t use them.

Content Upgrade #2: Internal Tools

Do your clients have internal tools they’ve already made? Would those tools make excellent content upgrades? 

With Sparkitive, I needed a new tool to check articles for links that needed to be included (such as links to relevant articles and pillar pages on my clients’ websites). We could quickly turn that tool into a useful content upgrade — and who knows — we just might.

Content Upgrade #3: Webinars

Have your clients hosted and recorded any webinars? Use those recorded webinars as a content upgrade by creating a series of articles that align with the webinar topic. 

Bench Builders offers coaching services to small business owners, and they recently started doing weekly webinars where they interview industry leaders. The most popular webinars have blog articles that have been inspired by the webinar, and they link to it.

Content Upgrade #4: Video Courses

Repurposing videos into gated courses previously emailed in a drip campaign is another quick and easy way content upgrade you can create.

Donald Miller created a mini-series of business coaching videos that he still uses for his lead nurturing campaign. Is this an upgrade that could assist your clients?

Content Upgrade #5: Checklists

Checklists are simple to put together, and they don’t take much time to make. What kinds of checklists could you create as content upgrades for your clients?

HubSpot made a checklist called “Rules to Blog By Checklist” to give you an excellent example of a checklist. In their checklist, you’ll find a list of the best blogging practices. 

Other checklist ideas may include “Things to Include in a Successful Ad Checklist.” The options are limitless and apply to almost every client.

Content Upgrade #5: Checklists

Do your clients have a podcast that they publish with frequent new episodes? Turn that podcast into a content upgrade.

Donald Miller interviews business leaders to provide free business advice and coaching to subscribers. The way he does it is more like a lead magnet, but you could take the same approach Bench Builders did, and align blog articles to the podcast episode topics.

They aren’t the only ones that have done this. Many successful podcasts have corresponding blog posts that include pictures, diagrams, and other visual aids that can help cement the information the podcast is giving.

Content Upgrade #7: Templates

Does your client have templates they’ve created for internal use that can be converted into content upgrades?

HubSpot turned their blog article templates into a content upgrade on their article — How to Write a Blog Post: A Step-by-Step Guide.

Simple templates like this can help boost business by providing future clients with a taste of what you have to offer. Templates can be a simple tool that will boost your numbers by swaying potential clients into long-term clients who will be there for years to come. 

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