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Who Are We?

We are a group of hard-core, problem-solving, status-quo bucking, out-of-the-box thinking, genius digital ninjas breaking out creative solutions with a vengeance and the passion of a thousand suns (covered in Ghost Pepper sauce).

More specifically, we are a digital marketing agency with a special focus on working with other marketing agencies and professional services providers to help them scale their businesses and love what they do every day — and we are the BEST at what we do!

We’re headquartered in Flintstone, Georgia with team members across the globe.

We have a small team of ninjas, all committed to working hard to make sure our clients are successful and our team is loving what they do each day.

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Ready to Apply...

If you're interested, please submit the following:

  • Your resume in PDF format with the following naming convention: [Lastname.Firstname.Client-Hero.pdf]
  • Details of your experience relevant to this position
  • A photo of your designated workspace
  • Your personality type as defined by

    Example: our CEO, Christina Hooper is Defender, ISFJ-T with a Role of Sentinel and Strategy is Constant Improvement
  • Your answer to this question: “If you could change one thing in the world — big or small — what would it be?”
  • Your answer to this question: “What is something that makes you crazy mad and want to throw things?”

Submissions should go to:

I will be looking for people who can format their submission in a way that makes it easy for us to review.

Remember, in client management you want to help make it as easy on the client as possible!

90% of the applicants will not follow the instructions — and none of them will be considered. For those that do follow the instructions, we will create a shortlist and then schedule interviews. I’m happy to answer any questions you may include in your application. Thank you for your consideration and best of luck on your job search!

Are You 
Who We're Looking For?

We need a new Client Hero! This is a remote (work from home) position.

Client Heroes serve a crucial role on our team. They are the ones responsible for proactively working with our clients and our team to deliver on the value that we promise and make sure our clients are happy and successful as they work with us.

We have processes and systems for how we get work done at Sparkitive, but Client Heroes are the ones that are responsible for working with the client to get any information that we need and communicate with them regularly and proactively so they never wonder what we're working on and where we're at on something.

Client managers need to understand enough of what we do to interface with the technical team, answer client questions, help troubleshoot problems, and guide the campaign strategy. They translate performance to the client, and they also translate the clients’ goals to the team who is responsible for making the strategies come to life.

This unique mix of right brain (client relationship building and management) and left brain (campaign strategy and data analysis) skills makes Client Heroes very special people. They are the lifeblood of our organization and we’re looking to find more wonderful team members who can help us grow!

Salary and Growth Opportunities


Client Heroes start at $50,000 USD a year. You'll be trained in the processes and services that we offer as you learn to work with our clients. You’ll be assigned clients slowly as we begin to build your confidence.


You’ll be graded on your client retention and client happiness. We actively promote from within and you are welcome to cross-train into other areas as you learn more about what we do.

Are You Our
Ideal Candidate?

We hire based on company fit and are willing to train you in the skills that you need, but there are some key things that we're hoping to find in the right candidate.


You Like Working With Motivated Clients

The core of your job is relationship building. You need to be a person that cares deeply about helping small businesses succeed. That means managing expectations, being clear in your communication, and being willing to coach clients.

You also need to be comfortable with challenging conversations and have the ability to diffuse tense situations and the foresight to navigate around potential pitfalls.

Because we are are a remote company, you should be comfortable working with clients on video calls and occasionally communicating with them via phone or text.


You Have a Passion for marketing and Sales

Part of your job involves to learning about the client’s business and understanding what they sell, who they sell to, etc. Our focus is to help clients grow their businesses while loving what they do. We assist in a wide variety of marketing, sales, and consulting strategies to help them succeed.

You will be paired with an expert marketing strategist to help create strategies, but it's up to you to work with the client and our team to bring them to life.

It's a huge plus if you have any experience or familiarity with Donald Miller, StoryBrand, DigitalMarketer, Ryan Deiss, Roland Fraiser, The Scalable Company, or HubSpot.


You Understand SEO & Content Marketing

We do a LOT of content marketing here. Pretty much every client we work with involves writing copy — blogs, website pages, email sequences, social media posts, books, checklists, social profiles, etc. So the more familiar you are with content marketing and SEO strategies, the better.

We also really focus on working with clients that either are or want to be thought leaders in their space. If you're someone that loves to read books, stalk thought leaders on social, attend webinars and workshops, etc.. then you'd be a good fit for this role.

What is a Successful Client Hero Personality?

You should be motivated by competition and results. You are likely a skilled, pragmatic enforcer whose focus on achievement and success can help those around you accomplish goals. You speak directly and make decisions quickly.

You like to take charge in a situation and explore worthwhile, effective solutions. Your determination and confidence make you a strong leader. You care about the people that you're responsible for and dig deep to deliver on the promises you've made. You know how to lead a conversation and can handle tense situations calmly and professionally.

You Should...

Have These Personality Traits...

  • Persuasive
  • Assertive
  • Confident
  • Direct

Be Energized By...

  • Conquering challenges
  • Ambitious goals
  • Professional growth
  • Creating success for others

Be Comfortable With...

  • Remote working. This is a remote (work-from-home) position with flexible hours. You will be expected to be a responsible adult and manage your time wisely if you want to fully enjoy the benefit of being in charge of your day while still getting your work done.
  • All job offers start with a 60-day trial to make sure that we’re the right fit for each other. We want to make sure you like working here and that you can do the job at the level that we need to ensure you, our client, and our company are successful.
  • We are a diverse company and don't discriminate for any reason. If you're someone that isn't accepting of different gender roles, races, religions, etc then don't apply.
  • Working with a team. This is a remote position, but we do work closely together as a team and frequently communicate via Slack and other platforms throughout the day. It takes a team of skills professionals to deliver results, and you need to be comfortable working together with others.

Our Core Values

  • Relationships Over Sales
    We aren't focused on making a quick buck. We know that building lasting relationships with clients helps them achieve greater success, makes our team happier, and makes our company more stable and more scalable. We want to provide excellent value, be honest and transparent with our clients, and be a true partner in their success.
  • Work Isn't Everything
    We do value our clients and understand that they are crucial for us to hit our goals as a company, but the real backbone of our ability to deliver immense value to our clients is our team. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels satisfied with their work excited to be part of our team while still having free time and energy for the things that really matter in life outside of work.
  • Mentorship Over Training
    We don't believe that a college degree or stack of certifications means you can do the job. We do provide access to amply educational resources for every job role and function in our company, but there is no better way to learn a skill than to do it while having access to skilled mentors that can provide guidance and answers to questions as you go. While we do like to hire people with experience, we don't believe in throwing you in and hoping you can swim without providing support to help you. We operate from a place of continual improvement so we're always at the top of our field.
  • A Commitment to Truth
    Everything we do requires a commitment to truth as the core principle and foundation of our company. We are a team of data-driven copywriters and marketers, data is truth. If something isn’t working, we tell the client. If we make a mistake, we’re the first to bring it up and we own it. If we don’t know the answer to something, we admit it readily (and then work to figure it out!) If we disagree, we say so. Truth is the first and most important step to solving any problem. We want everyone to have a voice and continually work to make our company better.
  • Responsibility
    How do we do more? How do we give more? How do we help each other? Responsibility requires us to constantly be looking for opportunities to go further. We don’t try to get out of work, we lean into it. You’ll never hear us say, “That’s not my job.” By being proactive with our skillset we place ourselves in a position to influence the world around us in a way that only those who understand true responsibility ever can. We encourage you to expand your knowledge and venture into other areas of the business and find what makes you happy and fulfilled.
  • You Must Have Heart
    It’s not enough to simply do. You also have to care. You have to care about your clients, your teammates, and yourself. You have to work like it matters, like what you’re doing means something. You need to know that you’re making an impact and understand that there are people relying on you to do what’s best for them. In some cases, these people wouldn’t know the difference which makes it even more important. We have been offered a sacred trust in helping people grow their business and so we treat their businesses as our own.