Five Fails to Avoid When Hiring Marketing Agencies

Ever notice when a company’s website looks the same on a phone as well as on a large-resolution monitor? Maybe you’ve heard a business owner complaining that they get stuck on hold every time they have a question about their advertisements? If you have, then you’ve come across two common and critical mistakes businesses make when they hire on a marketing agency.

Oftentimes, budget constraints or a harried schedule can lead to small businesses just hiring whoever they can to handle their online marketing…which leads to the aforementioned shouts of anger every time they have to hear that hold music again. Check out these five common mistakes businesses make in regards to their marketing agency, and more importantly, how to avoid falling into those same traps! ……… Read More >>

Three Keys for Unlocking More Online Sales

Business slogans on a road and street signs

The site is done, the ads are out, and the sales are…eep…not good. What gives? Why is it that your lovingly-crafted internet inhabitancy isn’t bringing in the customers by the millions?! The easiest place to start is thinking about aspects of how your business is presented online and in what ways these can make your search ranking (and, ergo, your sales!) skyrocket. Specifically, there are three facets that demand particular study: your leads, content and methods of converting who visits into paying customers. Here are some tips for making these advertising aspects more effective: ……… Read More >>