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T&C 2020: Instagram Stories & Monetization: How Rachel Bell Made $1.1M in 4 Months Using Organic Stories Alone

by Christina Hooper.
Last Updated on May 8, 2022

This article is part of a series breaking down the top takeaways from the key speakers at T&C 2020.

What Was This Session All About?

It seems like everyone is on social media these days, and it’s not going to die out anytime soon. Of course, as a business leader, you already know you need to be on Instagram, among other social media platforms. But have you been able to monetize it well?

Entrepreneur and Instagram expert Rachel Bell taught us a few things at last year’s Traffic and Conversion Summit. First, she discussed a step-by-step approach to what you need to be doing on Instagram. And you don’t need a lot of followers, or a lot of money, to do it. 

Before we talk about what Rachel talked about, though. Let’s take a look at who she is and what she’s done.

Who is Rachel Bell?

  • Founder of Online Coach University
  • She is a bootstrappin’ wizard and consciousness explorer.
  • She loves making eye contact with dogs, telling strangers she loves them and helping coaches create 6-figure businesses. 
  • She has built multiple 7-figure brands by the age of 24, with no outside investment.
  • ENFP // Enneagram 7
  • She sells one $5k product.
  • She runs a multi-7-figure education business, teaching coaches how to generate 6-figures from their (itty bitty) audiences using organic social.
  •  Before this, she ran an Instagram Growth and Marketing Agency. It taught her a lot about running successful businesses. 
  • Her boutique organic Instagram agency proliferated to 7-figures (without any paid ads or replacements) because obviously…
  • She has taught seminars about Instagram to 8 and 9 figure entrepreneurs, clients, world-renowned investors, celebrities, screenwriters, her dog, etc. 

What We Learned

There’s a commitment to disconnection that prevents us from being able to achieve what Rachel has. We would instead do something else than get on Instagram. It’s just not something everyone wants to do. If this is you, she loves you, but be warned. 

Visibility: Be willing to show up every day. 

We are in the golden age of digital marketing. 

When you can leverage the effortless convenience of celebrity mystique, coupled with the pristine clarity and strategic leverage of direct response advertising, imagine your favorite celebrity selling their products independently. 

This is one-dimensional. It can work. But what will make it work better? 

Chances are you already know you need to be leveraging Instagram / organic social media more, BUT…


  1. You’re great at paid advertising or other methods, but organic social media is challenging because you don’t want to “show your face” or “waste time” on non-evergreen content. 
  2. You’re a Behind-The-Scenes entrepreneur or “integrator” and don’t believe your personality is interesting enough to magnetize clientele.
  3. You’re not willing to be open about your life, your values, your vibe. Instead, you are protective of your “personal life.” 

The bottom line: Act as your top-performing influencer//affiliate and win big. 

Magnetism and Repulsion

The groundwork for effortless attraction and conversion

Level 1: Polarization Is the New Positioning

  • Value Recognition and Resonance: Whip these out every day and put them in people’s faces. 
  • Embody that which your prospect wishes to become. Why do people buy from you instead of someone else? Humans follow a trail that leads to their own personal idea of success. 
  • Align to leadership behaviors to achieve high-status realities. Get clients begging to work with you, and stop “convincing.”

As a leader, you must blaze a clear pathway from where they are to where they want to be. Map out a timeline from one to another. 

The problem is everyone, and their dog has an online course for that. So, why you? 

Your values display your archetype. You don’t need to be outrageous, either. Successful people speak their core fundamental values on social media. 

But I’m not like “insert person.” Good. You shouldn’t be. You’re an entrepreneur, and you should stay that way. 

Low-Status Behavior

  • Needy for attention
  • Complaining
  • Instant Gratification
  • Volatile/ Easily upset
  • Unprepared
  • Inconsistent
  • Easily destabilized
  • Not fully committed
  • Vulnerable to distractions

High-Status Behavior (Leadership Behavior)

  • Self-amuses
  • Upward spiral: Aliveness and growth.
  • Emotionally solid
  • Has a pan
  • Informed
  • Reliable
  • Unshakable
  • Fully committed 
  • Laser-focused 

The bottom line is your vibe is your coherence. It is a native tongue that immediately bonds prospects to the brand. 

Influential Content Matrix

Rachel’s highest performing story types drive $1m+ in sales in under 30 days organically. 

Level 2: You Are Your Own Influencer // Affiliate.

  • Indoctrination Trifecta: Grow, nurture, convert. Use a mixture of mediums to transform a cold prospect into a brand loyalist. 
  • Habitual Content Pillars: You are a reality show, so show up. Recycle 3-5 core topics and sprinkle in your values every single day.
  • Create Weekly Festivities: Got value? Do a T-shirt cannon style giveaway in exchange for engagement. One free access pass to a course. A free consultation. An audit strategy. Etc. Give value exchange for engagement. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a comprehensive map? 

Influential Content Matrix 

You need to know you have three jobs on social media: each position on your cold, warm and hot leads. You need to talk to them very differently. People often pay for a wave of traffic, and then no one watches you anymore. So you need to learn how to keep them interested. 

For the cold leads, you share your personal story and tag any person and brand involved. This way, it’ll come back to your page. 

For warm leads, you can start with teaching people something about your business or you. Speak to the mindset of your ideal customer avatar. Ask yourself: Am I posting this for me? Or because it’s what my ideal avatar needs to hear? 

For hot leads, you can track what they are doing. You can have fun with this one. Make it look like what happens before and after they invest, and give them their call to action. Show proof of what your clients are doing, provide info on your program, etc. 

Your positioning covers it all. Position yourself as someone unique. Be authentic, aligned, and confident about showing up to your clientele. 

Insta-Conversion Toolkit

Where to repurpose and place your content for maximum leverage

Level 3: Content Placement is King

  • Five seconds to survive the first impression. And that’s if someone’s feeling generous. 
  • Instagram wants you to go viral (again). So to regain loyalty from TikTok addicts, IG will bust out all the kicks to get your content seen.
  • Repurpose and conquer. You only need to recycle 90 days worth of content for your entire Instagram career. Use all the mediums. 

The Most Important 5 Seconds of your Insta Life: Your Bio

  1. Name: Use keywords and SEO
  2. Bio: Social Proof, mission statement, CTA
  3. Link: Go to the top of the funnel. Avoid dispersing. Don’t include too many links. 
  4. Story Highlights: This is an interactive indoctrination sequence. Someone can start from the beginning and learn your story. Rachel’s essential 4-part formula is Story, Results, Offer, and Value. 

Content Placements

  • Feed: Evergreen mini-sales letters or direct response sales letters. (Google it)
  • Stories: A reality show. Play and experiment. 
  • Highlights: indoctrination sequence and your best content (“RB folder” material)
  • Reels: Anything that’s working on TikTok
  • IGTV: Livestream training (weekly), interviews, and long-form video content.

The bottom line is to create a one-stop-shop and sanctuary for your niche. This will keep them coming back. Create something for people who are seeking belonging and purpose from someone relatable. 

Leadership is a devotion to the highest level of consciousness you can reach in this lifetime. 

Take Her Course

Rachel is here to assist you however she can. First, get her IG Story sales course. Go to @rachelbell and hit the link in her bio. 

What Do You Think?

If you watched this presentation or are familiar with Rachel’s work, I want to know what you think. Leave a comment or share a story below.

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