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T&C 2020: Captivating Your Prospects from $0 to $500 Million

by Christina Hooper.
Last Updated on May 8, 2022

This article is part of a series breaking down the top takeaways from the key speakers at T&C 2020.

What Was This Session All About?

Are you looking for new ways to increase your profits in your business? Are you curious about what COVID has caused that can benefit your business? Keri Shull has some ideas.

Keri is a lead marketer, and she uses geofencing to expand her business. At her presentation at the Traffic and Conversion Summit of 2020, she walked us through the process of home-buying uses how to implement geofencing into your business. 

If you’re curious how she did, keep reading.

Who is Keri Shull?

  • She is the CEO/Founder of The Keri Shull Team, The #13 Top Brokerage in the country.
  • Her company has 121 employees, 875 YTD, over $500 million in sales volume in 2020, and has thousands of five-star reviews. 
  • She Is a mom of 4. 
  • Her other ventures include work as a developer for 120 condo units. 
  • She also coaches other real estate agents around the country.

What We Learned

COVID-19 Changed A Lot

  • Every business model was impacted.
  • It opened a new door for digital marketing. How? Everyone is at home.
  • What does that mean?

In 2020 and 2021, Consumers are…

  • Online more. 
  • At home more.
  • Answering their phone more.
  • Putting an emphasis on value.

As a result, COVID-19 pushes internet use up 70% and streaming at more than 10%, according to Forbes. 

Keri was able to increase her ROI by 20%, and she thinks you can do it too. 

Nurture and Lead Gen Multiplier, Geofencing

She used geofencing to….

  • Acquire new leads
  • Remarket to current prospects
  • Build a recruiting pipeline
  • Increase her brand recognition
  • And much more. 

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a form of cellular tracking. When people enter a specific area to draw a “fence,” the cell network puts a cookie on their phone. Then you can send ads to anyone who has that cookie and follow them around the internet. 

Geofence Display Marketing

  • Laser precision or larger market area — the choice is yours
  • You  can use it for branding and direct response
  • You already know who is receiving the message; articulate your CTA clearly and concisely. 

Facebook, YouTube, and Google

Policy changes restricted specific targeting demographics. home-buying

Real Estate businesses can no longer target…

  • Your desired neighborhood
  • Condo buildings
  • Income levels
  • Occupations
  • Life Events 
  • And much more

How to Implement Geofencing into Your Business

Define Your Offering

  • What are you hoping to sell? Example: Houses.
  • What unique value do you offer? Guaranteed Sale Program, where Keri guarantees that if she can’t sell a home, she’ll either sell her house for free or she’ll buy it. 

Define Your Prospects

  • Build your customer persona or avatar. Example: Doctors. 
  • How has COVID impacted them? 
  • How has their purchasing behavior evolved? Think about their pain and their mindset.  

You need to figure out how to marry your offer and your prospect. 

You’ve fenced them, now what? Start putting in metrics about the people. 

Getting Your Message Across 

Sequential Multi-Channel Marketing

  • Geofence Display Ads
  • Targeted video ads
  • Direct mail
    • EDDM Broad Market
    • Direct mail-Laser precision
  • Phone Follow-Up
    • Data Analysis
  • Skiptracing for Contact info

How We Target Teardown Listings

They find the worst homes in the best neighborhoods with a high ARV. Keri and her team generated $130,842 in profit from this approach. 

How They Target Their Open Houses

They fence in the specific properties that active home buying prospects are coming to. As a result, they made $163,848 in profit from strategic home buyer targeting. 

Geofencing in Action: Example: Yacht Sales Company 

They would target the clients and where else they were going. The type of homes they buy and the kinds of places they go are some examples. 

Precise Video Placement 

  • Tailor your videos to have a direct CTW while presenting your brand.
  • Be professional but relatable.
  • Pay close attention to duration.
  • Hook Story Offer: Always!
  • Simple to remember CTA
  • Craft your videos with your hook, a story, and an offer. 
  • Create videos for specific audiences. 

Direct Mail

  • Let your video and display ads run to build awareness of the brand. 
  • Then send direct mail now that you know the recipient has context to who you are. 
  • Stay focused! One clear CTA. You should already know who you are speaking to; it’s time to go all-in on one pitch. 

Outbound Phone Calls

  • After your mail drops, your prospect knows you are.
  • Homeowners=Acquire their contact information through a data provider such as IDI Data or M Power using the home address.
  • Renters= Pull a list of names and emails from a source, such as Exact Data, then take the name, then send this list to the above to find their phone. 

COVID has created a 22% increase in answer rates. 

Remarketing, If Steps Achieved 

  • If a prospect does take online action at any stage, display a video, or mail, they are removed from the sequence if booked/become a customer.
  • If they go from your ad to a webpage but do not take action, remarket to them as you typically would. You know the intent is there; get them to act with more frequent and tailored messaging. 
  • Shifting from standard contact forms to simple calendar forms leads to an 80% increase in booked appointments and less work!


  • Calls get a 30% higher conversion rate when properly primed
  • 120% increase in ROI, with consistent, omnichannel placements and follow-up. 
  • 44% lift in overall sales volume

Tracking Your Returns: Things That Will Increase When Geofencing

  • Direct site traffic
  • Organic site traffic
  • Phone calls
  • Word of mouth
  • Brand recall

Get the Blueprint

To see how Keri is using this in her real estate business for various audiences, visit: bit.ly/hfageo

What Do You Think?

If you watched this presentation or are familiar with Keri’s work, I want to know what you think. Leave a comment or share a story below.

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