Our Response to COVID-19

Sparkitive is committed to helping our customers and employees through these uncertain times.

Free On-Demand Webinar: COVID-19 Q&A

We answered questions related to marketing and lead generation during the pandemic.

  • How are businesses supposed to respond when their employees and customers are quarantined, economically scared, and futures are uncertain?
  • How does messaging need to change?
  • Do you stop traditional marketing efforts?
  • What do you do when events are canceled and salespeople can't travel?
  • and much more!

Let's help each other do more than just survive - let's THRIVE!

companies face two choices...

React or Adapt

Most businesses right now are simply reacting to changes as they happen. We believe that's a great strategy in the short-term, but the impacts of COVID-19 are going to be felt long after the immediate crises ends.

That's why we're choosing a strategy of Adaptation and encouraging our clients to do the same. Instead of simply trying to weather the storm, we're making changes to make our company a stronger resource and ally to our clients so they can emerge stronger too.

How We're Adapting

Expanding Our Services

Our Marketing Department is providing additional support to our clients that are embracing changes and delving into new software like webinars and remote working.

Remote Tech Support

We're empowering our own Tech Support Department to be able to remotely support you as you rely on your technology more and more each day to get work done.

New Helpful Content

You have a lot of changes to consider, and we're here to help. We'll be publishing new content to help you make educated choices as you're making changes.

We're 100% Remote

Some agencies are just now starting to make the switch to a remote workforce, and we can tell you from experience that it's not a quick and seamless shift.

We were fully remote before COVID-19 so we're not going to suffer learning-time delays. We anticipate being able to continue our services at a high level of support during these trying times.