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Social Media is about more than just cat videos and what everyone had for lunch – I promise!

For business owners, it’s about connecting with your future, current, and past customers.  You can easily get in front of more people and strike up a conversation that goes both ways instead of traditional marketing where it’s just you talking at them.

And if you’re used to growing your company through word-of-mouth marketing, then it’s very likely that you will do well with social media since referrals happen faster and with a bigger audience online.

Our Team Can Help!

The world of social media moves fast!  That’s why our team is constantly retraining on the latest tactics to keep your social media kicking butt.

We are Trained, Certified, and Experienced in running social media campaigns and day-to-day management for all of the major social channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, and several more.  We can create graphics, write posts, create & manage social ads, and much more.

Even More Awesome with Our Agile Plan!

Our Agile Evolution Plan is the ideal way to hire us to manage your social media marketing.  We created that plan to eliminate the risks and problems with the traditional social media services.

With the old way, you would hire someone, and they would just post a TON of random stuff and links to other people’s websites.  Instead, we focus on driving traffic back to your website where we can convert your audience into actual leads.

We keep it affordable by letting you set the budget.  Seriously!  You pick a monthly budget that you can afford and we stay in that.  Then we get to work creating content and overhauling your pages.  AND we let you use that same budget to leverage our other services as well.  So you can have us build your website, design your business cards, help you get ready for an event, write blog articles, manage your email newsletters, and so much more!

Head over to the Agile page to learn more: http://sparkitive.com/services_list/agile-evolution

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