It’s more than just Meta Data

Today it takes more than just updating some meta tags to keep a search engine happy and directing new customers your way.  Keywords matter – but it’s not that simple.

You need long-tail keywords that match what your customers are likely to type into a search that should lead them to you.  You can’t stuff them in the page too many times or you get in trouble and rack up penalties that can get your entire site blocked from Google.  And you need a lot of other things – like heading tags, semantic markup, alt tags, site maps, and content that humans actually like.

It can be easy to get carried away and butcher your text just to please the bots.  Which leaves you with pages and pages of stuff that nobody wants to take the time to read.  And guess what?  Google has ways to see if humans like it too – like how long they stay on your pages and if they read more than one page.  So if you don’t keep people happy and reading, then Google knows!

We take a Humans-First Approach to SEO

All of the big and scary algorithm updates that you hear everyone talking about have one goal… seriously… just one goal.  They aim to help humans find the sites that have the information that they are looking for.  All the other fluff and stuff that you have to do the pages (like meta tags) should be done strictly to help bots think like humans and understand what they are reading.

So if you focus on pleasing people – then bots will just get better and better at loving your site and sending people your way.  And they are already pretty good at it!

So we take the time to learn who your customers are and what they would be likely to search for to find you.  Then we optimize your actual site content to get their attention and match their goals, challenges, and pain points so they will find you and love you when they go looking!

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