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Your first month is completely free. Get the strategic marketing advice you need to level up your business without the agency price tag.


What is a Mastermind Group?

It's a weekly meeting with the experts at Sparkitive and other business owners just like you. We come together to solve your marketing problems and help you grow your business.

It's a unique combination of brainstorming, peer accountability, education, and support.

Christina Hooper - COO & Mastermind Leader

ok, but...

How Does it Work?

We will meet for 2 hours each every week on a video call.

There will be no more than 10 members in a group to give each member adequate screen time to address their questions. 

Each member will be asked to submit issues, challenges, or questions in advance.

During the call, each member will be asked to clarify their issues, and then as a group, we'll dive in to provide actionable advice and guidance.

We'll wrap up each member's turn by defining an accountability plan. 

What Does it Cost?

Your first month is free. After that it's just $99 and 2 hours of your time each week — you can cancel at any time.

Is this group a good fit for you?

Participating in this group requires commitment, confidentiality, and a willingness to both give and receive advice and ideas. You must be willing to support each other with total honesty, compassion, and respect.

Before you can join, you will do a brief 30-minute call with Christina to make sure this group is a good fit for your goals and needs.

one last question...

What will we talk about?

Christina has over 14 years of knowledge and experience in all things marketing — from online to offline methods. But you and your peers will decide the topics. We'll talk about the issues, challenges, and questions that you bring to the table and aim to help you utilize marketing to drive more leads and revenue for your business.

What happens if I miss a meeting?

Nothing "happens" — we'll miss you, and hope you can make it to the next one. If you miss too many meetings, then we'll talk with you to see why and what we can do to help. Our goal is for you to get value out of this, and if you can't do that if you aren't there.

Why should I sign up?

Because you want to grow your business and you aren't afraid to do the leg work it takes to make that happen. You need help figuring out where to put your efforts to maximize the results so you don't waste money or time on things that don't work.

What if I have questions between the meetings?

That's absolutely fine! You can email us and your fellow group members to get answers and advice between the meetings.

What if I want to cancel?

Simple. Let us know. We aren't locking you in to something you don't find value in, can't make time for, or can't afford to continue. If you want out, just say so.

Will other people hear my questions?

Yes — but that's by design. Having access to our experts is a good thing, but your peers can be just as helpful. They can give you advice based on their experiences and you can help them too.

Do I need a camera?

We don't require you to turn a camera on for our calls, but we do highly encourage it. Face time is so crucial for learning and we find that the meetings are more enjoyable when we can see each other.

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