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If your business is new, or just new to marketing online, then this is the perfect place for to you start.

Our Web Ninjas work with you to build and execute a plan that will drive traffic at your website and social media pages.  We help make sure that your ideal customers know who you are and help build your following or raving fans that can become future customers and referral sources.

How we help you drive traffic and awareness

We utilize two main types of traffic sources - organic and paid traffic - to help get more people aware of your business.  We measure awareness by measuring traffic increases to your website and social pages.  More clicks and views means more people are aware that you exist and know what you offer.

Organic Traffic 

Organic simply means traffic that you didn't pay for - like when someone searches for you on Google and you show in the results and they click over to visit your site.  This is the best type of traffic for long-term success.

We use a variety of tactics to increase traffic, including writing blog articles, performing SEO, posting on social media, and using email marketing.

Paid Traffic 

Paid traffic is exactly what it sounds like - we pay ad platforms to send traffic sent to your site. We are using various advertising platforms to promote your services and the organic content that we're creating. 

The main ad platforms that we utilize are Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and LinkedIn Ads.

How we help build engagement

Traffic is good - but we want to make sure it's the right kind of traffic.  This is why we also focus on increasing engagement with your brand.  Engagement is also measured by Google, Facebook, and other traffic sources as a way for them to tell if people actual enjoy your content, website, and social posts.  Higher engagement means they are more likely to send you more qualified traffic.  It also means that we're more likely to be attracting people that will be a good fit to become customers when they are ready to buy.

Website Engagement

One your website, we have a few ways to tell if someone is engaging with your content and enjoying it.

  • 1
    We let people comment on the blog articles that we publish to your site.  This lets them ask questions and leave feedback.  If they are commenting, they are engaged.
  • 2
    We give them an option to subscribe to your email newsletter.  If they subscribe, it's because they enjoy what they see and want to make sure they don't miss new things.
  • 3
    We monitor the length of time they spend on each page since more time means they are likely reading the content.  We also monitor the number of pages viewed since more pages means they are more engaged with the content and want to read more.

Social Engagement

Social media channels use engagement as a signal that people are enjoying what you post.  By working to improve your engagement numbers, we help get you seen by more people.  This is measured by the number of

  • 1
    Comments on your posts
  • 2
    Clicks on your posts over to your website
  • 3
    Likes, Reactions, and Shares on your posts

Reputation Management

Reviews matter more and more online.  People use those little 5-star ratings to determine if they are going to hire you or not.  We help you stay on top of your reviews and respond appropriately.

  • 1
    Google Reviews
  • 2
    Social Reviews
  • 3
    Industry Review Sites
-- through every step of the way --

We Grow With You

We are very picky about the clients that we work with. Our team focuses on building lasting relationships with clients that want to grow their businesses. That's why our packages evolve with you over time.

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Getting Traffic?

If your website is new or isn't performing like you'd like it to, then let's take a look at an organic content strategy that will help increase your search engine ranking and grow your organic traffic on your site.

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Getting Found?

If you want more than just traffic - you want the right kind of traffic - and you want to build a community around your company, your product, or your brand, then we focus on boosting your traffic + engagement.

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Getting Leads?

When you have a website that has the right traffic and the right engagement levels, then it's time to kick it up a notch and focus on turning that qualified traffic into leads for your business.

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Getting Customers?

Now that you have the traffic, the engagement, and the leads coming in on your website, it's time to level it up. We will work with you to build sales processes, use your CRM, and nurture your leads.

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