The Simple Trick That Can Help You Get Booked More As A Guest Speaker

by Christina Hooper.
Last Updated on July 13, 2022

You're being a guest on podcasts and looking for more public speaking opportunities because you want to get your name out there and increase sales. And there's one simple trick that can help you get booked more...

Make it easy on the event managers to book you.

When you make their life easier, you create gratitude and a feeling of reciprocity with the people that can get you more opportunities. This means they will be more willing to bring you back for other events as well as refer you to other people they know that are looking for speakers and presenters.

Let me show you a few ways you can make it easier for someone to book and promote you.

7 Ways You Can Make It Easier for Someone to Book You As a Guest Speaker

Whether you're being booked for something simple like a podcast or on a big stage as a keynote speaker, there are a few things you can do to stand out and help the event manager.

#1. Make Your Availability, Rates, and Info Easy to Find

This should be an easy one, but you'll be surprised how many people make it difficult for someone to find out if they're available to speak or what their rates are. If you want to get booked more, make sure this information is easily accessible on your website.

If you're not sure what to include, here's a quick list:

  • Your name
  • Your headshot (or other photo)
  • Your bio
  • Your social media links
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • Your rates (or a range if you're flexible)
  • The types of events you're available for
  • A calendar or contact form to book you

Putting this information on one page makes it easy for event managers to find everything they need to know about you. And it helps you look more professional and organized, which makes booking you even easier.

#2. Offer a Free Introductory Call

Event managers are busy people and they often have to pitch multiple speakers to their clients. An introductory call helps them get to know you better and see if you're a good fit for their event.

It also shows that you're invested in the opportunity and willing to put in the time to get to know them and their needs. This can go a long way in getting you booked.

To make the most of your call, come prepared with questions about the event, the audience, and what they're looking for in a speaker. This will show that you're interested in tailoring your talk to their needs and making sure it's a valuable experience for everyone involved.

#3. Provide a Press Kit

A press kit is a great way to show event managers that you're prepared and professional. It's a collection of materials that they can use to promote your appearance at their event.

Your press kit should include:

  • An up-to-date and high resolution headshot
  • A copy of your bio — ideally in multiple lengths (short, medium, and long)
  • A list of previous speaking engagements
  • Press coverage or media mentions
  • Testimonials from past clients or past event attendees
  • A link to a video of you speaking (if available)
  • An overview of your talk (or a few different talks)
  • A selection of topics you can speak on with catchy titles
  • A media kit with your logo and brand colors

Having all of this information in one place makes it easy for event managers to promote you and your appearance. It also shows that you're prepared and willing to help them out.

#4. Be Responsive and Professional

Once you've been booked for an event, it's important to be responsive and professional. This means keeping in touch with the event manager and being available to answer any questions they have.

It also means showing up on time (or early) for your talk, being well-prepared, and dressing appropriately. This shows that you're taking the opportunity seriously and that you're respectful of their time and effort.

Event managers are looking for speakers who will represent their brand well. If you can show them that you're a professional, it will be easier to get booked for future events.

#5. Send a Thank You Note

After your talk, be sure to thank the event manager for the opportunity. This shows that you appreciate their time and effort in booking you.

A good thank you note should include:

  • A sincere thank you for the opportunity
  • A mention of any highlights or special moments
  • An offer to help with future events
  • A thanks for any introductions they made or promotion they did for you

Sending a thank-you note is a small gesture that can go a long way in getting you booked for future events. It shows that you're grateful for the opportunity and that you're willing to build a relationship with the event manager.

#6. Offer to Help Promote the Event

Once you've been booked for an event, offer to help promote it. This can be as simple as sharing the event on your social media channels or sending out an email to your list.

You don't have to wait on them to provide you with materials either.

For example, as a podcast guest, you can do something as simple as taking a screenshot before you hit record. You can post that on your social media when the show is over, tag the host, and thank them for having you on.

#7. Offer to Help with Future Events

Once you've had a positive experience with an event manager, offer to help with future events. This can be as simple as providing a list of potential speakers or topics.

You can also offer to be a point of contact for other speakers that are looking for tips or advice on how to be a good speaker for their events.

Making life easier for event managers is a simple way to get booked more often as a guest speaker. By following these tips, you can make it easy for them to work with you and increase your chances of getting repeat bookings.

Do You Have a Favorite Tip for Getting Booked as a Guest Speaker?

Drop a comment below and let me know what has worked well for you in the past. I'd love to hear from you!

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