3 Often-Overlooked Essential Components of a Successful Business

by Christina Hooper.
Last Updated on July 10, 2021

Most businesses start with the wrong foundations and they spend years trying to fix it — if they can manage to stay afloat long enough to.

Most businesses start with a service or product they want to offer and then try to build a business around that.

But, this approach is backward.

As business owners, we typically have an ever-growing list of gurus, mentors, and industry experts that we admire. I bet, if you take a look at yours, you'll notice some things that they all have in common.

I know I did.

Every. Single. Guru. had the same 3 essential components — no matter how big they got, or how diversified their services ended up. And these 3 components will help you build a business that can weather any ups and downs in your way.

Essential #1: Get Real Clear on Your "Who"

Let me be really clear with this one... this is more than just filling out an avatar sheet or a persona workup.

This is something you'll feel deep down in your soul.

These are the people that truly make you happy.

You connect with them, you understand what makes them tick, you make them happy when they work with you.

These are the people that you could work with every single day and never get tired of them.

Essential #2: Get Clear on Your "Superpower"

I bet you're familiar with the term "superpowers", but what makes your business stand out is more than just a bunch of cool services that other people want.

It's your unconscious capabilities — your superpowers.

I know, I know... it sounds like business fluff when I say that. But, let me explain.

Your superpower is what helps you make things happen that no one else thinks is possible. You think you can, and because of it, you do (whether other people believe you or not).

These are things that you are just naturally good at.

These are things you enjoy.

It could be a skill set you've honed over time, like building websites or creating operating procedures. Or it could be a natural capability that you have, like being very organized and detail-oriented or being able to quickly understand complex situations.

If you aren't sure what this is, ask friends and family, ask past clients, and think about compliments you've received.

It's ok if it doesn't make sense right away... keep going until it does.

Essential #3: How You Help Them Best

So many people start with the services and products they want to offer, but you'll notice that I'm making that #3 on my list — and that's very intentional.

You might refine your "who" over time as you work with more and more people and learn exactly who you like most, but it's not likely to change drastically.

You might expand your superpower as you learn new ways to leverage your capabilities and bring others in around you that compliment you, but the heart of it won't change much.

BUT, what you do will change regularly — and should.

What you offer to your clients will be a combination of your who and your superpower. Your who is going through changes in their lives and adapting to changing the world around them. And you're constantly growing and evolving too.

Your services and products will adapt with all those changes over time so you can help your who and keep moving yourself and your company forward.

You might even find that you invent new things to solve problems that are happening for them.

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