What Are Landing Pages & How Do They Convert Leads?

by Christina Hooper on March 4, 2020
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Landing Pages are often misunderstood by the people that want them, and the people that create them.  There are a lot of definitions floating around out on the web... the simplest one is that a landing page is any page on a site that a visitor might "land" on.

The problem with that definition is that it's too broad (by that definition the page you're on right now would be a landing page.) And that definition doesn't really help you to create one that works.

So, let's look at a practical definition of what a landing page is and how you can use them.

The Practical Definition

A Landing Page is a page on your website that has a single, very specific, proposition for your visitor and that contains a form that captures their information to help you generate a lead.

Here's an example of a real landing page:

There are a few things that make this a good landing page:

  • The main website navigation has been removed, so the visitor can focus on the action that we want them to perform (in this case, downloading the ebook)
  • It's very clear what the visitor is getting.  The text explains very clearly, using bullets and bold text, what the eBook is about, and why it's valuable to the visitor
  • The action that we want them to perform is very obvious... fill out the form and get your book
  • The information we're asking for is proportional to the offer we're giving them... you can ask for more information if your offer has a higher value to the visitor.

Once the visitor fills out the form on this page, they'll be redirected to another type of Landing Page, called a Thank You Page.

Thank you pages have a very simple goal as well... to provide the offer we promised they'd get by filling out that form.  Here's what that looks like:

What makes this page work is:

  • It makes it very obvious how to get their promised offer.
  • It makes it very obvious how to get their promised offer.
  • We’ve also brought the navigation back on this page (not shown in this screen shot) so that they can continue around the site.

Landing pages can be a very powerful tool in your online marketing. They help you bring visitors to your site, and then convert those visitors to leads by exchanging their information for an offer that they would find valuable.

The best landing pages and offers are designed for your target persona (your target buyer). So before you put the time and money into having one built for you, take a few minutes and get to know your ideal customer better.

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