Three Keys for Unlocking More Online Sales

by Christina Hooper on March 31, 2020
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The site is done, the ads are out, and the sales are...eep...not good. What gives? Why is it that your lovingly-crafted internet inhabitancy isn’t bringing in the customers by the millions?! The easiest place to start is thinking about aspects of how your business is presented online and in what ways these can make your search ranking (and, ergo, your sales!) skyrocket. Specifically, there are three facets that demand particular study: your leads, content and methods of converting who visits into paying customers. Here are some tips for making these advertising aspects more effective:

Lead Magnets, How Do They Work?

There are several ways to entice customers to provide information or visit your website and Lead Magnets are great tool. While we’ll touch on specifics of site content a bit later, that content can be used as a means to offer information or a product to customers.  

By offering information (such as blog content) or even freebies such as instructional videos or ebooks, these lead magnets attract customers to your business and can often lead to them providing you data such as their name, demographic or contact information.

Their responses can be vital in learning how to optimize your content, which is another category we will touch on momentarily.

These leads are meant to target and attract the clientele you want, and too often businesses want to put as much information in their lead magnets as possible, causing them to become sprawling and bloated.

Keep things concise and specific! Customers want confidence, specificity and brevity, as these allow them to know what you have as well as what you’re good at all while likely making them act on impulse or curiosity to click on through so they can check our your digital wares.

Don’t Make the Blog a Slog

Part of what can make an effective lead magnet is either a snippet of a blog entry or a title that touches on something the customer is seeking. See, blogging has evolved from far more than LiveJournal entries or ‘this vacation was great’ Facebook posts. Your blog provides content that can ensure future visitors who are seeking answers to something that may be confusing them. Think of your blog entries as ways to converse with your customers, as the lead magnet they click through is their way of asking a question. The content you provide is how you answer those queries and point them towards how they can support you while solving their issue. Lastly, focus on making your blogs informative but not overly long; personable yet not pushy.

Translate Your Conversion Rate

Conversion rate optimization’ is a fancy way of talking about customers who have clicked through your lead magnets, observed your content and decided that you were the perfect place to shop from. These are the people that have visited you and converted to being consumers of your service. Obviously, though, that conversion rate isn’t at 100%...so how can you get it closer to that holy grail? Sometimes it can be as easy as changing the color of a button or simply listening to feedback via social media or e-mail.  More often than not, however, it’s the result of constant testing. Small tweaks to site layouts or color schemes can lead to vast changes in your sales figures, while changes to your lead magnets can cause more visitors to arrive and be potential customers.

It’s important to know what you want to get out of any changes, however.  If you’re wanting to focus on a particular product, then pay attention to see if any site alterations have caused that product to be more attractive.  A classic example is to offer customers the chance to sign up for a newsletter, as it can prove an excellent case study for your website.  If what you’re using for your newsletter is effective, it may prove effective for your entire site.

If your search ranking isn’t what you want it to be or if your site seems to be faltering, it’s time to focus on improving your lead magnets and your site’s content.  Blogs, certain color schemes, even button layouts and positioning can improve your conversion rate, which can, in turn, increase your lead magnets and improve many aspects of your site.  If you’re starting to feel like your lead magnets aren’t attractive or your customers have an aversion to conversion, contact our Web Ninjas for a Business Marketing Scorecard so your internet inhabitancy can become inherently more interesting.

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