How Much Does a Website Redesign Cost?

by Christina Hooper on March 4, 2020
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quality vs cost - how much do you need to budget to get the website that you want

Trying to determine the exact cost of a website build can be tricky. If you received a quote from 5 different companies, you would get prices ranging anywhere from just a few thousand dollars all the way up to $60,000 and more for the exact same site.

When it comes to quality web design, most of the time, you are going to get exactly what you pay for. But there's a lot more that factors in.

Before you dive into your next website redesign project, let me share a few essential things that you need to keep in mind so that you can go in prepared.


Quick Take-Away
Building your website yourself will be your cheapest option. Your cost can be as little as $100 and go up to $2,500. If you get a freelance website developer to do it for you, then you can expect anywhere from $500 to $5,000. Finally, if you get an agency to build it, you can expect pricing ranging anywhere from $10,000 all the way up to $40,000+ if your website is larger and more complex.

Important Factors in the Cost of Your Website

  • Is this a brand new website or are you redesigning an existing site?
  • Have you prepared a detailed list of requirements?
  • What is the focus of your website? Are you wanting just a simple online brochure so that people can get more information about you? Or do you want something that functions like an online sales person built to attract people to it and convert them into leads and finally customers?
  • Are there any special features that you're going to need such as eCommerce, advanced SEO, social Integrations, memberships, online payment gateways, or other additional functionality?
  • Are you going to be incorporating any advanced media elements like video, slideshows, or other detailed graphics?
  • Do you have any graphics, style guides, or other brand elements that have already been created for the site?
  • Are you going to be doing any blogging, landing pages, or advanced marketing tactics like inbound marketing with your website?
  • How much content do you already have created? How much content are you going to need someone to help you create?
  • If you have areas of your site that will feature past projects, case studies, or other success stories, do you have photos, descriptions, and other elements for the ones that you want to be included in the new site?
  • Are you going to feature your staff on your website? If so, do you have photos, bios, quotes, and anything else that you would like to include already prepared?

You can't even begin to get an actual price if you do not have the answers to those questions. Without them, nobody can accurately estimate the amount of time that's going to take to build your site. Your developer will need to know what they are getting into to be able to price it accurately.

Option #3
Choose an Agency for Your Redesign

If your focus is on having a high-performing website that will grow your traffic and convert your visitors, then selecting an agency is going to be your best bet.

Unlike a freelancer, an agency is going to have multiple employees that specialize in all the areas of website development that you need to ensure the success of your site. They also typically have more robust processes for helping you get the information together that you're going to need for your site.

This means that you won't be the one having to drive the process by yourself. You will have a team of experts right there with you to help guide you along through every stop.

That will make a huge difference and the finished product.

Also when the website is done, they can continue to help you market it to increase traffic and make adjustments to it to improve conversions.

Think of this process like hiring a salesperson, putting them to work 24/7, and then having someone available to help that salesperson get better and better at doing their job.

The Typical Process You Should Go Through

I want to make a real quick detour here to make sure that you understand the process that you need to go through. Whether you're building it yourself, hiring a freelancer, or hiring an agency, it's important that you go through the steps to make sure that your website is going to be built correctly and perform as expected.

You will want to start with a strong focus on the website's content. A well-planned out website design will support the content. The design is outstanding and does have an impact on somebody's first impression, but it is the content that will ultimately help someone decide if they should keep reading and eventually contact you.

Once you have the content planned out, then you'll want to start taking a look at any functionality that you need to have or any Integrations with other platforms. Doing this stuff early in the process avoids any potential reworks down the line due to conflicting strategies or tools.

Now you want to start examining the customer's journey through your website. The stage is usually done with wireframe concepts. You will lay out basic elements of the site and how does it be arranged. You will look at how the navigation needs to be structured to make it easy and intuitive for someone to navigate their way around the site.

Finally, you will start working on the design. This is when you'll bring in any of your brand elements such as color, fonts, or other graphics.

The final stage is to bring together the wireframes, design, and content into the final functioning site.

It's vital that your website goes through these steps to ensure that it has the right focus.

Understanding the Cost

I know it can seem like a website is a costly investment. That's because it is.

Your website has the potential to be the best salesperson that you've ever hired. It can handle an almost unlimited number of potential customers all day every day without sleep or getting stressed and feeling overworked. It doesn't need a vacation. It doesn't need a raise. It won't get sick. It doesn't care about benefits. It doesn't work on commission. It doesn't draw a salary.

All it needs is for you to have someone available to supervise it and provide it with additional training or resources, and it will continue working for you and getting better each day, after day, after day.

When you think about it like that, the cost of a good website in providing it with the proper support is well worth the investment.

Getting Started

Now that you have a better grasp over what the website redesign process looks like, what your options are, and what your investment is, I hope that you'll be better informed to make the right decision for you.

If you think that the right decision is to hire an agency, then obviously I would love to talk with you. Here at Sparkitive, we understand how important your website is to your overall online marketing strategy. We have the resources, talent, training, and experience to make your site a success.

Give me a shout and let's talk about redesigning your website!

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Choices for Who is Going to Build It

When it comes to rebuilding your website, there are three main avenues that you can go down. You can try and build it yourself so that you can save money. You can hire a freelance web developer as a good middle-of-the-road option. Or, if you are serious about building a site that is a solid piece of your overall marketing strategy, then you will want to look at hiring an agency.

Option #1
Build it Yourself

Over the past several years it has gotten significantly more simple to build a website yourself. There's been considerable growth in the number of do-it-yourself software options as well as a wide variety of themes for most of the popular Content Management Systems like WordPress and HubSpot.

WordPress is one of the most popular ways to design a website. You can easily purchase a theme that cost anywhere from $60 to $80 from a site like Theme Forest. For a few dollars more you can even have them install it on your website.

And many sites, including Theme Forest, provide services for managed hosting of the WordPress software. This just means that they will make sure that your software stays up-to-date and stays secure.


  • The most substantial advantage will be the decreased cost as this is going to be the cheapest option.
  • If you know what you're doing and have the time to invest in doing it, then you can quickly put together a nice-looking website in just a couple of days.
  • You'll be able to quickly customize your site to your needs and choose a design that you like without having to go back and forth with a design team to reach a good design.


  • From a technical standpoint, building a website doesn't have to be complicated. The real complexity lies in the strategy for building out the pages and organizing the content in a way that's going to allow users to navigate the site easily and eventually converted to leads.
  • Also, because web design isn't your main job, it's very likely that you're not up-to-date on all of the latest design trends. So when you're done with your website, you could end up with something that looks unprofessional and very dated even though it's brand new.
  • Then if you need anything more advanced such as payment gateways or memberships, those advanced pieces of functionality can be very time-consuming to build and immensely frustrating while you're trying to get them set up correctly.

Option #2
Hire a Freelancer

Finding the right freelancer nowadays is not as hard as you might think it is. There are so many websites that you can use to find a freelancer. For example, sites like Upwork are full of quality freelancers that have taken an assessment test to prove that they are knowledgeable. You are able to view their scores on those tests as well as any reviews of they've received on similar projects.

Getting a website designed by a professional, high-quality freelancer, can start for as little as a couple hundred dollars and go up to about two to three thousand for most basic websites. The exception to this will be if you need advanced functionality or if you have a lot of content on a lot of pages. Then your price may increase.

You can typically interview and hire someone in a matter of just a few days. Just be sure that you don't skip that interview process to try and speed it along. It's vital that you have a phone or video call with the person that you want to work with so that you can make sure that you communicate well and that they understand your vision.


  • This is generally going to be a pretty affordable option if you don't have the time or skills to create the website yourself.
  • You still retain control over what the website is going to look like.
  • Typically the turnaround time is going to be reasonably quick because they want to retain their status on the platform so that they stay eligible for future projects.
  • You will be working with a single person one-on-one, so that will give you some flexibility to make sure that the site meets your needs.


  • Most freelancers are going to be focused on just doing the project as described by you. So if your knowledge is limited, you might not receive the highest quality site.
  • They also typically only specialize in website development. Even if they offered to provide search engine optimization and conversion optimization services, it's not going to be something that they are strong in.
  • You also cannot expect them to provide the content for your website. Most will want you to write the content and provide the images that are needed.
  • This means that you will also have to look at hiring different freelancers for design, content, SEO, and conversion optimization for your website
  • It's also essential that you understand what skills and certifications that you need to look for to tell if you're hiring a qualified individual.
  • If language is a concern, then you're available freelancers will look a little different. You will typically be paying a higher cost for a US or UK based freelancer that has good control of the English language.


  • Agencies will typically have access to some of the most up-to-date technology to use on your site. This means that you can be sure your site is going to look well on a variety of devices, a variety of browsers, and provide an optimal user experience.
  • Because it's what they do all day every day for all of their customers, they will also usually know about the latest SEO tools and trends to help your website rank well in search engines.
  • They also understand the power of having a website that's built to convert. They will have the tools, knowledge, training, and experience to help make sure that you get the best possible results.
  • They will know how to integrate it into various marketing tools such as analytics and tracking tools, marketing automation tools like HubSpot, visitor engagement tools, and so much more.
  • Once it's complete, they'll be able to dive in and start doing social media management, email marketing, inbound marketing, content creation, and growth driven design processes to help improve the performance of your website over time.
  • Because they are using growth-driven design techniques, you should not have to do another website rebuild. Instead, you'll be making gradual changes. So once you go through this process once to rebuild your site the right way, you shouldn't have to do it again.
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  • Even though you have this powerhouse team of people to help you, you will still need to invest time and work with them to provide the information that they need so that they can do the best job possible. You won't be able to just hire them then walk away and still get a quality product.
  • If you have a limited budget or limited need for a website, then an agency might be more expensive than what your budget can afford.
  • If you need a basic website for a particular purpose then doing it yourself or hiring a freelancer may be a more cost-effective option for you. 
  • If you have the time, knowledge, and skills, to be able to build a website yourself then hiring an agency for the actual development might not be in your best interest. You could still consider hiring one on a consultative basis to help you with the strategy if that's something you're not strong in.
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