How to Fix the Leaks in Your Online Sales Funnel

by Christina Hooper on March 4, 2020
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Every business has a sales funnel. Literally. (I mean it.) Even if you don’t know what one is, you have one.

A Sales Funnel basically refers to the path that people follow as they go from being random people on the planet to cherished customers that contribute to your business bank account.

A leaky funnel means you have people getting away that would otherwise choose to buy. So how do you stop the leaks and keep them (and their dollars)? Let’s take a look!

First - You Need to Understand How Online Works

Most people are literally speechless when they realize how much possible business falls away on the journey from random people to dollars.

A typical business will have about 5 steps in their funnel. You start with a person out there somewhere that encounters your marketing. In this case, I used a Facebook post, but it could easily be a magazine ad, billboard, radio commercial, tv commercial, etc, etc, etc.

The first drop-off happens there. A lot of people may see the post, but most of them won’t even slow down to actually read it.

Of the ones that actually read it, only a few will actually click on it and go over to your website. Even less will contact you, and only a handful of those that do will even be a good possible client. From there, only a tiny fraction will actually become paying customers.

Starting with 100,000 people, it’s entirely possible that you only get 5 customers. This is just the basic truth to marketing online and it’s why so many people fail. You need a more efficient funnel and enough traffic through it to end with customers.

Know Your Funnel

Many businesses don’t know what their funnel is. They simply have a website because “you’re supposed to have a website.” And they have a Facebook because “you’re supposed to have a Facebook.” They might post occasionally to Facebook, but likely without much strategy behind it.

Essentially, they have a funnel, but it’s more like a labyrinthian maze that they are lucky customers ever find their way down.

So, for starters, take a look at your online assets - your site, your social pages, your directory listings etc - basically Google yourself. Pretend you don’t know anything about your business, and see how hard it is to find you and find out how to hire you.

You may be surprised how many roadblocks you have in the way of someone hiring you, and how many of them can be fixed really easily with simple things like making your phone number more prominent on your site.

Build a Better Mousetrap (Funnel)

While you likely have some simple fixes that make it easier, the better strategy is to figure out ways to make significant improvements.

You want to build a breadcrumb trail that people can follow - I’m talking crazy simple, like a toddler could follow it blindfolded.

If they see a Facebook post, or see an ad in a magazine, what is the next step? Is it easy to understand? Is there anything that would stop them from jumping right to it?

Say you want them to go from your Facebook post to your website… does that leap make sense? You don’t want to send them straight to your homepage because most likely, it’s not setup to be in line with the post they read. Instead, you may need to make a page on your site that lines up better and is designed to collect their contact information.

An Example of a Sales Funnel Online

If you were a pest control company and the weather is getting cold, you might post out how people need to get treated so they can keep the pests away that are coming in for the warmth.

That might get attention, but most people won’t be ready to call you right away, and they aren’t likely to track down your contact info to call you.

To make that better, write an article on your website with 10 tips to keep away unwanted cold-weather intruders. And in that article explain the problems those intruders can cause.

On the page with that article, include a form that people can fill out to contact you for a free, no-obligation quote for pest removal.

Then share a link to that article on your social channels. People that are having a problem with pests (your ideal customers) will see that article and see that it gives advice that helps them solve a problem, so they will click on it.

When they click and read about the problems, they may decide that they want to hire a professional (which is an even better prospect for you). By including the contact form right

there along with the offer for a free quote, they can contact you easy-peasy and are more likely to buy your services.

Tweak and Tweak Some More

Those of us in the industry refer to this process as Iterative Development or Growth-Driven Design.

Successful online marketing is a series of educated guesses and evaluation.

You look at the past and how effective it’s been, combine it with knowledge from other sources, and make a plan of attack.

Then you come back, look at how that works, revise your plan, and do it again. And again. And again. And again.

Each time you do this, you’re sealing a leak in your sales funnel and it’s gets stronger. The goal is to get it where more of the people that go in, stay in and become customers. Once you have a strong funnel, you can focus on attracting more people to it so you end up with more customers overall.

Web Ninjas

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