FB2B: Maximizing Your Facebook Ad Efficiency

by Christina Hooper on March 7, 2020
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You use it.  Your grandma uses it.  There are even numerous pages dedicated strictly to cats.  Regardless of content, Facebook reigns as one of the largest platforms in the world, and any business - regardless of size - cannot resist the temptation to put their product in front of Facebook’s two billion strong user base.  That’s approximately one-and-a-half China’s population, for crying out loud!  Nearly seven times as many people as are in the United States!

To take advantage of this massive amount of potential, businesses go straight for Facebook’s ad services.  Few people take full advantage of its capabilities, though.  What follows are ways to understand what’s at your disposal and how to make them get more than just ‘likes’.

First, we need to look at what puts Facebook above the others.  Compared to other services like Twitter or YouTube, Facebook is far better at maintaining a steady experience for the user.  They accomplish this by featuring different styles of ads that work with different sections of the site itself.  While this may initially seem counter-intuitive, this allows customers to relax while surfing, which makes them more apt to stop and look at your company’s name when it appears on their feed.  Combine a personable communication via news posts and replies with the types of ads (which we’ll discuss momentarily) and you can create an extremely easy user experience for your customers, which in turn can improve their loyalty to you.

FB2B:  Maximizing Your Facebook Ad Efficiency

Alongside its intelligent use of layout ergonomics, Facebook smartly provides a variety of ad types along with a powerful editor to make them work how you see fit.  Most businesses start with Marketplace Ads, which are the ads you see on the right side of the layout, typically underneath the ‘Trending’ articles.  These ads allow you to combine the brief description of a Twitter ad with the power of targeting them to certain demographics, locations, or interests.  Unlike other types of ads, however, Marketplace Ads are more persistent, staying on the screen for a while as customers scroll through their feed.  If you feel as if you have a captivating image for your business (which can be a huge help!), these are a fantastic way to get a new customer’s attention.

What if you want to be part of that News Feed, though?  Page Post Ads can show up just like normal stories in a feed, but oftentimes businesses make the mistake of having a large image or overly-long description tied to these, which can turn off some users.  Promoted Posts can put your business right there in front of all of your existing customers and their friends, but we can do one better by showing you how to also benefit from taking further advantage of those connections.  Effective because it showcases friends who have utilized your business recently, Sponsored Stories also benefits by not being overly large or intrusive.

These are among the most popular forms of ads on Facebook currently because they don’t break up the overall experience a user has while showing them how their friends have benefitted from your service.

What if we look towards individual users specifically, though?  Perhaps you want to take advantage of information Facebook has on a customer’s purchase or viewing history?  This is where Facebook’s Dynamic Ads truly shine, mainly due to the Power Editor associated with them.  The Editor allows you to target several types of audiences -- maybe they looked at a product but left it in their cart?   Perhaps you’re looking to entice a returning customers because, after all, existing customers are more likely to not only return for future business, but also spend more!  These users are what the Dynamic Ads can most effectively target, all while still allowing you to upsell or cross-sell other products based on interests.  If you’re looking for an ad type that is effective and as close to “set it and forget it” as you can get, Dynamic Ads and its Power Editor are great tools for the belt.

Facebook features a plethora of tools that can allow you to get your name out to its gigantic user base.  When you’re ready to get your business in front of those billions of users, contact our Web Ninjas and we’ll help you take full advantage.

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