Be Actionable & You’ll Get More Customers!

by Christina Hooper on March 6, 2020
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So, you've tried to market your company online... you've written posts on Facebook, you shared some quotes on LinkedIn, and you've put out some random stuff on your blog...

... but for some reason...

... It's just not working!

I see this a lot, and most of the time, there's one very simple reason...

OK... I know... what do I mean by that.
I scoured some Facebook pages of Chattanooga businesses and collected some examples... let's take a look:

#1 - How Do I Place An Order?

A week from Sunday is Easter! Be sure and place your orders for your Easter Basket and dessert for your table!

This post IS telling me to place and order, and that I should order because Easter is coming.  However, it's NOT telling me how I can order... and they didn't add an image of what the Basket looks like that, or any text about what it's in it.

They are making me do work... I have to find their number, call and see what's in it, how much it is, etc... so I can get one.  I'm probably not going to do all that in the middle of scrolling through my Facebook feed, and they won't get me as a customer.

So let's make this actionable....

Easter is just a week away, so give us a call at (555) 123-4567 to get one of our Sweet Treat Easter Baskets for your table.  You'll get enough cookies, cupcakes, and chocolate covered pretzels to please the whole family.  (Don't forget to get one for a friend too!)
 [Awesome image of the basket included with the post]

#2 - That's funny... but now what?

This one is from a local veterinary clinic...

Yeah... it's funny and cute.. and it made me smile when I scrolled past it... but I scrolled past it.  Which means that this vet didn't get any return from having me see this post.

So... action-ify it...

Are you looking forward to a few rounds of fetch with your fur-baby and their favorite stick now that the weather is warming up?  Don't forget to come see us and stock back up on flea and tick prevention so you can both enjoy the sun itch-free!  Call (555) 123-4567 to make an appt! [include the same picture with the post]

#3 - I want to come party... but where is it?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Come celebrate this beautiful day with $1 off our special green Bud Light! Also, try this week's special taco, the Philly Cheesesteak!!

This post actually looked pretty good at first... there were lots of pictures of green beer, and people enjoying it that caught my attention.  But they want me to work for it!

I guess they are assuming I knew where they are... but I didn't.  So if I want to go get their green beer, then I have to figure out where they are... when they close, etc.  So I'll probably go to any of the other restaurants posting green beer pics and specials that are doing the same thing, but I know where THEY are.

So... make it actionable...

Come celebrate this beautiful St. Patrick's Day with us and enjoy $1 off our special green Bud Light and a tasty Philly Cheesesteak! We located right off [rd name] in downtown Chattanooga, and we'll be here until 10 tonight - so come on down! [include the same awesome pics green beer and happy people]

So... does that make a little more sense?  With ANY of your marketing - not just online - make sure you spoon feed the audience the action you want them to do, and give them everything they need to do it with.

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