5 Steps to a More Clickable CTA

by Christina Hooper on March 4, 2020
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Every time you’re surfing the web or getting your daily social media fix, you click on things.  Lots of things.  And you hop around from one page to the next page to the next page.  Some of those clicks cause you to give away your contact information or your hard-earned dollars.

So what is a Call-to-Action (or CTA)?

You probably already know, but let’s review it anyway just to make sure.

Those clickable buttons or links or images that caused you to part with info or money are called Calls-to-Action or CTAs. Good CTAs can bring in new revenue for your business. Bad ones let your prospects slip away to other areas of the web.

Where the click takes them can be anywhere. It might be to learn more about you and what you do. It could be to buy a product.

Or it might be asking them to trade their contact info for an awesome eBook you wrote. Just make sure that you take them somewhere that helps your business grow.

So what makes a good CTA?

I’m glad you asked 😀

The simple answer… people click it. Lots of the people that see it end up clicking it. Simple. Right?

Yeah, I wish… my job would be a lot easier if it were that simple…

So let’s looks at what it takes to get them to click it.

#1 Curves & Swerves or Rigid Perfection

The size and shape of your beautifully clickable button can make all the difference. Petite buttons can be overlooked while big and gaudy buttons ooze desperation and get ignored.

Play around with the size and shape until you get one that’s appealing and not obnoxious. You may be a rectangle kind of gal, but your customers might prefer some curvy circles or rounded edges.

While you’re trying to see which one works better, remember to only change one part at a time… shape or size - not both. You want to know which one is better and if you change both you won’t know which one made the difference.

#2 Bold and Beautiful or Naturally Elegant

Whether you go for a bright and vibrant color combo on your button or you keep it with neutral tones, the important thing is find some shades that compliment your branding palette while still drawing the viewer’s attention and not being annoying.

Notice how I keep throwing that in there? You want to get good attention and not just getting them looking at you because they had no choice and you pissed them off.

So don’t use neon or eye-melting colors in your CTAs. Focus on something that provides contrast against the rest of the page and is visually appealing.

#3 To be, or Not to be…

You don’t have to be Shakespeare or an award-winning writer to create good text for your CTA. But you do have a limited amount of space to work with, so you need to make every word count.

Just think about your audience and what they might be going through when they see your button. What gets their attention?

Also, think about the action you want them to take and make your wording clear and actionable. For example: “Download Your Guide”

#4 Lights, Camera… what?!

You can use features like rounded edges, arrows, gradients, and hover effects to make your buttons really pop. Again - don’t over do it! You don’t want a Star Wars level special effects show happening on your button. You just want it to pop a little more so they see it and click it.

#5 A little to the right… a little more…

Placement is everything with CTAs. You could have the sexiest and most clickable button anyone has never seen because you put it in a bad spot on your site.

Think about what else is on the page. On some pages, it might make sense to put them above the fold where they are seen as soon as someone comes to the page. On other pages, it might make sense to integrate them into the content. Or it might make more sense to put them at the end of the content so people can go to somewhere else when they are done reading.

Create, Tweak, Review, Repeat

Nobody will get this right on the first, second, or even third try unless you are some kind of marketing genius savant. So just make some educated decisions, put it out there, and keep on tweaking it until you get something that works well to get new leads rolling in.

But remember, only change one thing at a time so you know which change made the difference from failure to success.

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