5 Proven Ways to Get More Leads Online

by Christina Hooper on March 4, 2020
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You know people shop and check out businesses online. You know you need to be able to get leads online. But everything you try just seems to be a waste of time and money. And worst of all - you aren’t even 100% sure why it’s not working, or what’s not working, or what to do differently.

If that sounds like you, then keep on reading and let’s look at what you can do about it!

Email Newsletters

This one is pretty easy to do. You just create a signup form on your site in a visible - but not annoying - location. People sign up using this form and you send them a newsletter on a regular basis.

Ninja Tips:

  • Provide value to the reader

    You aren’t sending sales pitches. You need to make it valuable to them with knowledge, discounts, or something that makes it worth their time. Think of it like a transaction. You want to buy the time in their day it takes to read it. What would you have to give them to make it worth their while to spend time on it.
  • Send it on a regular schedule.

    This could be daily, weekly, or monthly. Typically you want to avoid yearly or quarterly because this lets too much time pass and they forget who you are. Think back to the value you’re providing - if you’re providing value worth their time daily, then you can do it daily. By sending regularly, you start to build anticipation where they look forward to get it.
  • Tell them the value you’re providing up front

    This helps them decide if it’s worth subscribing. For example: Sign up for our email newsletter to get tips for growing your business delivered to your inbox each week. Or: Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll send you exclusive discounts.
  • Use a mass mailer service like MailChimp to send your newsletters

    These guys have set up all the technical junk you need to avoid getting your domain or email blacklisted (meaning you can’t email anyone from your email again) or ending up in spam folders. Plus they make it super easy to put together a professional email that looks good on desktops or mobile devices.
  • Don’t buy email lists…

    just don’t do it! Only send emails to people that have asked for them. Why would you want to go harass a bunch of strangers anyway - you don’t like it when people do that to you, so why would your future customers like it.

Start Blogging

I know. That sounds scary. You don’t have time. You’re not a writer. You don’t know what to say. …….. Get over it! It’s not that bad… I promise.

Look at what I’m doing right now. Bad grammar, incomplete sentences, etc. People want articles that are human, written for them, and easy to read and understand. So just loosen up and let the words fly out. If you need to, speak it out loud first into a tape recorder and then go back and type it out.

Blogging can include things like infographics - which are basically just an image that presents information in a visual way with charts, graphics, and illustrations. Here’s another article of ours that uses one: https://sparkitive.com/do-this-not-that-on-facebook-infographic

It can also include videos. You can record them, pop them up on YouTube and then stick them on your blog. If you do that, then try to put some text about the video, or even better, put a transcript on the page too. This gives something for Google to read and gives something for readers that don’t like videos.

Why blogging is awesome for generating leads:

  • People have questions - lots of questions - about problems you solve. They don’t call you first. They probably don’t even know you exist. But they know how to Google.
  • Your articles are picked up by Google, so when they dive into a search, if your article answers their question, you might show up in their results.
  • They read your article and it helps them. So they read more, or they contact you for more information.
  • By being helpful, they already trust you more than your competitor. They also see you as an expert in your field because you’re publishing this information out. It’s a win-win for you.
  • Also - you show up for more search terms / keywords. Imagine your basic website without a blog (like you probably have right now). It typically will just have information about what you do, who you are, and how to hire you. If someone doesn’t know you, or know they need you and the services/products you offer, how are they going to learn about you? Each of your articles will answer a question they are looking for, so each article is a new set of search terms that you can be found for. Make sense?
  • Networking Events

    I know this isn’t online - but it’s a major catalyst for generating traffic to your website and social channels so I’m including it in the list.

    If you don’t know what these are, networking events are basically a gathering of business people with the purpose of meeting other business owners in the area so you can refer customers to each other and help grow everyone’s business. They can be as small as a few people meeting for lunch to a hundred people with speakers coming and doing presentations.

    Either way, it’s a great opportunity for new business.

    But, let’s look at what happens during and after the event and you’ll see why online matters.

    You meet someone new and you made a good impression. Then, they decide to look you up to connect with you on social media after the meeting. And they check out your website, or they go to pull up your website so they can send it to a friend or family member.

    What happens next can land you this new customer, or send them packing. If your website and social pages are just as awesome as you were in person, then you can score this client. If they can’t find one or it looks terrible, then you lose this business you worked so hard for.

    eBooks, Whitepapers, Checklists, Goodies

    Remember when we talked about providing value in exchange for someone’s time with emails? Well this is another spin on that.

    Basically what you do is create content, called offers, that people would be willing to pay you for. They won’t pay in dollars, but in contact information. The more valuable the offer is, the more contact information you can ask for in exchange.
    Again - this doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be a simple spin on the same type of information you’d put in a blog article. It’s something that helps a prospect solve a problem or reach a goal.

    If you owned a hotel, you could provide a packing checklist that’s specific to the weather and amenities you have. If you are a caterer, you could do an event planning checklist. If you are a marketing company, you can do a beginner’s guide to online marketing: http://my.sparkitive.ninja/beginner-guide-internet-marketing (see what I did there) 😀

    You don’t need fancy software. You can type it up in Microsoft Word or any text editor that lets you save it as a PDF. Then you can use a service like Unbounce to create the landing page. A landing page is just a page that tells them why they should want the offer and lets them put in their contact information to get it.

    Brain Dead or Excited?!

    Did this article turn your brain to mush and you still don’t get it… or did you understand every word and you’re simply buzzing with excitement to put it all into action?

    Either way - our Web Ninjas are here to help! Schedule a free Strategy Session and we’ll sit down with you, look at what you’re doing now and where you want to go with it, and we’ll make a recommendation on how to get you there. No sales pitches or commitment, just simple, free, professional advice from Ninjas… and let’s face it… who doesn’t need advice from Ninjas?!


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