3 Tools to Amp Up Your Video Marketing Strategy

by Christina Hooper on March 4, 2020
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Businesses that want to build their brand need a video marketing strategy.  If you are reading this article, then this is likely not a new concept to you.  However, it's importance in your campaigns is growing and changing every day.

Video is a medium that builds trust and builds a relationship with potential buyers.  HubSpot found that video was the most memorable content at 43%.  Text content was only 18% and images came in a close second at 36%.

If you're serious about growing your brand with video, then keep reading and I'll show you 3 tools that will help get you going in a positive direction.

#1 Vyond

While video that includes you or your team is ideal, animated videos certainly have their place.  Vyond was made specifically for businesses to use.  Because of this, it includes a big library of scenes, characters, and props that all relate to business use.

You can create short videos that illustrate concepts in a way that is hard to do with text and images alone.  You can even create characters that resemble you or your staff members, add your logo, and record your own voice for the characters to lip-sync to.

This transforms animated videos from simple cartoons to a powerful branding and education tool to power your video strategy.

#2 WeVideo

While animated video can be fun, educational, and easy to produce, nothing is going to beat video with you or your team members on camera.

This gives people the opportunity to get to know you and start building a relationship with you.  It leads to stronger trust and dependence on you as a resource.  This type of video presents a different production challenge from animated ones.  You have to edit out bad parts of the video, fix the lighting, adjust the color, and possibly even overlay text or other effects on the video.

This is where WeVideo comes in as an affordable, easy to use, and powerful tool in a video marketer's toolkit.

It comes complete with over 600 audio files, images, graphics, and videos that you can pick.  It will let you replace a green screen background, overlay text, cut out pieces of the video, and even merge multiple videos together.

Then you can export the video and upload it into your platform of choice to share it with your audience.

#3 Vimeo for Business

After you've created your amazing videos, you'll need a place to store them so they can be easily used wherever you need to.  Vimeo is a great resource for that.  It lets you upload your videos, and then set security options that fit whatever your needs are.

It works as expected for situations where you want your video content available to the general public.  However, it is extremely valuable when you want to gate your video.  It has privacy settings that let you restrict where the video can be viewed from as well as prohibiting someone else from embedding it in their own websites.

This works well for situations where you want to gate or sell the video content and require people to provide either their contact information or a payment before viewing it.

You can also collaborate with your team members on the videos.  Together you can make notes and reviews on your videos until you get a version that you want to use.

It also allows you to track your stats and see how users are interacting with your videos.

All of these features make it a powerful resource for you.

Your next steps...

Now that you know what tools you need to use, it's time to build a solid strategy for what's going into your videos, how you're going to share them, and%; what you want your target customers to do after they've viewed your videos.

If you need help planning that strategy, then contact us and we'll be glad to help you.

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