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At Sparkitive, DRIVEN is our guiding principle. Check out our About Page to learn more. We want to make sure you are DRIVEN to deliver high-quality work while constantly striving for personal and professional improvement. 

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You and your team of developers will be turning out high-quality, high-converting websites and landing pages for our clients. You will work primarily in HubSpot and WordPress and occasionally Shopify.

You should be eager to learn about the latest techniques for creating pages that are optimized for conversions and search engines.

You will be leading a team of other developers, as well as working with our strategists and copywriters — so it's important that you are comfortable working with others.

Your team's code needs to be clean, well-commented, and revisioned. You may be creating pages using drag/drop editors like Thrive Architect or you could be custom-coding templates from scratch in HubSpot. You will be expected to follow standards and client briefs.

Can you handle 


Produce Quality Pages

  • From the branding to the code, we expect the pages your team develops to follow all current industry-standard best practices.
  • We have internal guidelines and best practices that we expect your team to follow.
  • In some cases, our clients will also have their own internal guidelines and those will need to be adhered to as well.


Accuracy & Detail

Our editorial team will provide your team with content. Designers can provide design assets. Strategists will provide guidance on the goal of the pages you're developing, and our account managers will help you get what you need from the client. 

Your responsibility to the team is to take everything that you're given and ensure that your team creates an accurate and detail-oriented finished product.


Able to Hold a Deadline

Our clients expect us to meet an agreed-upon publishing schedule. This means that we need your assignments from you by the due dates outlined. If you are even in danger of missing a deadline, you are responsible for communicating that with your team.


schedule / Publish Pages

You will be responsible for publishing or scheduling pages and launching complete websites. You will ensure that your team follows all best practices for revision history and release schedules of new pages.


Capable of working remotely

We don't maintain a physical office space and instead we allow our employees to work remotely. You will mostly be able to set your own schedule. There will be regular meetings with other members of your team and potentially with clients that you will be expected to attend, but otherwise, the driving force is high-quality work delivered on time, not a time clock.

Are You a GOOD FIT?

You absolutely must be a self-motivated person that enjoys their job and wants to learn more. Our industry is fast-paced, and our clients might be moving even faster. 

You must be DRIVEN to succeed.

You will be encouraged and expected to stay on top of trends in your field.

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