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At Sparkitive, DRIVEN is our guiding principle. Check out our About Page to learn more. We want to make sure you are DRIVEN to deliver high-quality work while constantly striving for personal and professional improvement. 

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Can you live up to

When it comes to Strategy, you will be THE main point of contact at our company for our clients. You will coordinate, organize, and wrangle 4 to 16 clients.

​We want someone that loves and breathes data. You should be comfortable working with tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, and HubSpot to get the numbers that show if we're on track towards clients goals or not.

You need to understand what it takes to deliver results and work with clients to set realistic goals. Our success for a clients starts and ends with how well you do your job.

You will work closely with your assigned account manager to develop strategies for our clients that are designed to meet their goals. ​Your account manager will be in the day-to-day trenches to execute the strategies that you create.

You should have strong decision-making, planning, and problem-solving skills as well as experience working collaboratively with others. Your communication skills must be exceptional — both written and verbal. You should be patient and calm under pressure and comfortable working with C-Level executives.

Can you handle 


Work closely with clients

  • You WILL be working directly with clients and should enjoy that. If working with clients scares you, this is not the right fit for you. If picking up the phone to call a client or answer when they call is scary to you, this is not the right fit for you.
  • You will work with the client to uncover goals and discover what will move the needle for them.
  • You will nurture and build relationships with the client — including up-selling services where feasible.
  • You will develop game plans for delivering the work that they client approved.
  • You will make the effort to learn about the client's company, clients, and industry.


Read and Interpret Data

You will balance the dual expectations of the clients and our agency. Our teams want to do work, and our clients want that work to matter and be worth their investment.


Able to Hold a Deadline

Our clients expect us to meet an agreed-upon schedule. If you are even in danger of missing a deadline, you are responsible for communicating that with your team and the client.


Capable of working remotely

We don't maintain a physical office space and instead we allow our employees to work remotely. You will mostly be able to set your own schedule. There will be regular meetings with other members of your team and potentially with clients that you will be expected to attend, but otherwise, the driving force is high-quality work delivered on time, not a time clock.

Are You a GOOD FIT?

You absolutely must be a self-motivated person that enjoys their job and wants to learn more. Our industry is fast-paced, and our clients might be moving even faster. 

You must be DRIVEN to succeed.

You will be encouraged and expected to stay on top of trends in your field.

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