Let's Write Your Entrepreneurial Success Story Together

Are you feeling like you're out of alignment with the direction that your business is going? Working too hard with no clear direction?

It's time to snatch the pen from fate and take control of your business destiny. Let me help you get clarity and design your story in a way that works for you.

We're not going to play by rules that weren't made for us...

As a neuro-spicy female entrepreneur myself, I know what it's like to be fighting against the traditional "bro business models" and trying to design your business using tools that were designed for neurotypical brains.

We write your story... literally. We're going to plan the life you want to live and the version of your business that will help you live it in a way that works for your brain.

  • This is a business plan that's fun to create and follow.
  • We're using storytelling to gamify the experience.
  • It's aligned to work with your fluctuating energy levels.
  • We'll align it to your passion so you stay motivated.

Why are we trying to grow businesses the same way they do?

Our energy flows differently. As women we actually operate on a different cycle than men — literally. Their hormonal cycles are 24 hours where ours are 28 days. This means that our energy, our motivation, and our passion for the things we're doing is different.

When you factor in our neuro-spicy challenges too... why WHY why are we trying to use the same tools and methods they do?

Business plans are boring. 3 year goals... 5 year goals... 10 year goals.... I barely know what I'm doing tomorrow, let alone in 10 years.

Customer journey mapping... avatar worksheets... courses... masterminds... they weren't designed for us.

That's why I use storytelling.

It's much more fun to read the story of your character and the life they could lead... the twists, the turns, the achievements.

Who will you be when you grow up? How are you going to help your customers achieve their dreams? What kind of fun will you be having?

Let me show you...

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How It Works

You're only 2 hours of your time and a $497 investment away from having a plan for your business that you feels right for you.

Step 1

Book your session with me. Have a crazy schedule? Me too. We can work together on nights, weekends, or whatever works for your energy cycles.

Step 2

We'll talk about you.

I'm very intuitive and I'll be asking questions that help me start to uncover your superpowers and see what's going to work best.

Step 3

I'll write your story.

A plan is only as good as your ability to follow it. I'll write your story in a fun way so you actually get excited about creating it..

Step 4

We'll review it together.

We'll book a follow-up call to review your book together, many adjustments if needed, and make sure you're feeling confident.

Rachael Robinson

Sales Coach for Neuro-Spicy Entrepreneurs

This is getting me so excited! This makes so much sense! Hell yeah!!!! This helps me so much!

I would love to do that! I've worked in places that weren't so neuro-spicy friendly and I would love to share things that I learned and did that worked for me as an autistic person with so much experience working in sales.

Building a Business Shouldn't Be Boring!

If you want to make money doing things you hate using frameworks and tools you hate, then go get a dreaded j-o-b. If you want a fun business that supports your lifestyle and energy cycles and lets you have freakin' fun again... let's do this!

Why me? Who else would...

Build a business plan that includes "bed days" and low-energy tactics.

Use stories about dragons and chesire cats to help you plan your business model.

Get you excited to learn how your own story ends and looking forward to building it.

Teach you how to design a quest for your clients instead of building boring funnels.

Plus... I know what I'm doing...

I have literally lost count of the number of certifications, courses, books, etc that I've taken/read/absorbed... I love what I do and I love being able to help you succeed.


years growing a business in neurotypical male world


businesses helped


years of experience as a neuro-spicy superhero


certifications in marketing and business growth


spices in my neuro-spicy brain


Fucks given about the way you're "supposed" to do things

StoryBrand Certified Guide

DigitalMarketer Certified Partner

Scalable Founders Board Member

Pedro Adao's Challenge Model

Ryan Levesque Quiz Funnel Student

BMS Certified Coach

Got Doubts?

No worries. Let's talk about it.

Text Me: (706) 524-8197 - Day or night (literally), if I'm awake, I'll answer. If not, I won't.

Or Book a Call: Click Here

I’m so excited that someone finally created something that my brain can work with without so much tweaking!

Victoria Caldwell Fractional COO


How much is this session & how long is it?

We will be scheduling 2 hours together, but if it goes longer, that's totally fine too. The goal is to get your plan created.

Once we're done with the call, I'll write your storybook business plan and book a follow up session to review it with you.

It's $497 and you pay at the time of booking. If you have to cancel and we don't do the session, I'll refund your payment.

What do I actually get?

I'm writing YOUR storybook. The business you'll build, the life you'll lead, and the exact tactics you'll use to make those happen.

You're getting the benefit of nearly two decades of experience and the intuitive powers of a neuro-spicy women to help you develop a plan for your business that fits you and the life you want to build — yet is flexible enough to give you room to adjust over time.

What does neuro-spicy mean?

Neuro-diverse, or neuro-divergent. This can include ADHD, Autism, OCD, RSD, and a whole host of other acronyms that essentially men that our brains don't work or think like other people's brains.

What if I don't like it?

If you're not happy with it, I'll give you refund. Yes, it's that simple. 

Will you work with men?

Yes, but I have better results with people that were socialized as women growing up most of the time. We're just trained to think differently in a patriarichial society and our challenges,  mindset, needs, and desires are just different than our neurotypical male counterparts.

What if I'm not neuro-spicy?

That's fine too. All of the systems that work for neuro-spicy brains are even easier and just as fun for neurotypicals.


Whoa! Hold onto your hats!

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